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Jazz Samples
Jordan's Sample Database

Huge list of Jazz samples

Section 2. Jazz
?: (Fantasy 1970)
* "Music Man"
     DJ Shadow's "In/Flux" (Guitar)

Adderley, Cannonball (Quintet)
Portrait of Cannonball: (Riverside 1958)
* "Blue Funk"
     Tragedy's "Death Row"

Mercy, Mercy, Mercy!: (Capitol 1967)
* "Introduction"
     GangStarr's "The Place Where We Dwell"

Walk Tall: (Capitol 1967)
* "74 Miles Away"
     Naughty by Nature's "Hip Hop Hooray" (Pete Rock Remix)

Country Preacher: (Capitol 1969)
* "Country Preacher"
     Pete Rock & CL Smooth's "Return of the Mecca" (Intro)
* "Hummin"
     3rd Bass's "Green Eggs and Swine"
     Da King & I's "This Is How We Do"
* "Walk Tall" ft Reverend Jesse Jackson
     A Tribe Called Quest's "Footprints"
* "Umbakwen"
     Beatnuts' "World Famous" (Vocals: "It's not really Spanish. . .")
* "Oh Babe"
     Atmosphere's "Guns and Cigarettes"

Black Messiah: (Capitol 1971)
* "The Steam Drill"
     A Tribe Called Quest's "Infamous Date Rape"
* "Untitled"
     A Tribe Called Quest's "1nce Again" (Vocals)
* "Eye of the Cosmos"
     Black Moon's "Enta Da Stage"

The Price You Got to Pay to Be Free: (Capitol 1971)
* "Together"
     Funkdoobiest's "Rock On" (Buckwild Remix)
* "Soul Virgo"
     A Tribe Called Quest's "Bonita Applebaum" (Vocals: "sex, freaks, freaks. . .")

Soul of the Bible: (Capitol 1972)
* "Make Your Own Temple"
     Biz Markie's "Groovin"
     Down South's "Open Sesame"
     Large Professor's "Get off the Bulls--t"
* "Space Spiritual"
     Bulldog Breaks' "Stop and Go Traffic"

Cannonball Adderley Quintet & Orchestra: (Capitol 1972)
* "Experience in E"
     ShowBiz & A.G.'s "All Out"
* "Tensity"
     Beatnuts' "Engineer Talkin' S--t"
     Pete Rock's "A Little Soul"
     Pete Rock's "What You Waiting For"

Soul Zodiac: (Capitol 1972)
* "Aries"
     GZA's "Gold"
* "Aquarius"
     Aceyalone's "The Walls and Windows"
* "Cancer"
     Meat Beat Manifesto's "Cancer"
* "Scorpio"
     Aceyalone's "The March"

Inside Straight: (Fantasy 1973)
* "Inside Straight"
     Hard 2 Obtain's "Local Hero"
     House of Pain's "On Point"
     Pete Nice & Daddy Rich's "Kick the Bobo"
* "Snakin the Grass"
     Alkaholiks' "Soda Pop"
     House of Pain's "All That"

Love, Sex and the Zodiac: (Capitol 1974)
* "Leo"
     A Tribe Called Quest's "Stepping it Up"

Phenix: (Fantasy 1975)
* "Walk Tall"
     Brand Nubian's "Concerto in X Minor"
     Pharcyde's "She Said"
* "Sack o' Woe"
     Organized Konfusion's "Keep it Koming"

Music, You All: (Capitol 1976)
* "Capricorn"
     Common's "WMOE"
     Pete Rock & CL Smooth's "In the House"
* "Cannon Raps"
     Beatnuts' "Superbad" (Vocal)
     Lord Finesse's "Brainstorm" (No Gimmicks Remix Intro speech)
     Zion I's "Critical" (Madlib Remix)

Big Man: (Fantasy 1975)
* "Anybody Need a Big Man?"
     Pharcyde's "Emerald Butterfly"
* "Broomstick"
     Black Sheep's "We Boys"
* "Hundred & One Year/M'Ria"
     Black Sheep's "Gotta Get Up"
* "Poundin"
     Dr. Dre's "Bar One"

Adderley, Nat
The Scavenger: (Milestone 1968)
* "Ride, Sally, Ride"
     Eric B & Rakim's "Juice (Know the Ledge)"

Alexander, Harold
Sunshine Man: (Flying Dutchman 1971)
* "Mama Soul"
     Blackalicious' "Deep in the Jungle" (Flute)

Alexander, Monty
Rass!: (MPS 1974)
* "Love and Happiness"
     Apache's "Gangsta B---h"
     Beatnuts' "Hit Me with That"
     Beatnuts' "Let off a Couple"
     GangStarr's "Aiight Chill" (Nas Message)
     Large Professor's "I Juswannachill" (Intro)
     Ras Kass's ?

This Is Monty Alexander: (Verve 1969)
* "A Time for Love"
     Rakim's "When I'm Flowin'"
* "Love Has a Way"
     Rakim's "The Saga Begins"

Almeida, Laurindo & the Bossa Nova All Stars
?: (? ?)
* "Desafinado"
     Beck's "Readymade"

Almond, Johnny
The Johnny Almond Music Machine: (Deram 1969)
* "Solar Level"
     Black Sheep's "Try Counting Sheep" (Remix)

Alpert, Herb
Sounds Like: (A&M 1967)
* "In a Little Spanish Town"
     Black Sheep's "Flavor of the Month" (Trumpet)
* "Treasure of San Miguel"
     Method Man's "Release Yo' Delf"

The Lonely Bull: (A&M 1965)
* "The Lonely Bull"
     Delinquent Habits' "Tres Delinquints"

Rise: (A&M 1979)
* "Rise"
     Notorious BIG's "Hypnotize"

Keep Your Eye on Me: (A&M 1987)
* "Making Love in the Rain"
     Queen Latifah's "Just Another Day"

Ammons, Gene
Brother Jug!: (Prestige 1970)
* "Jungle Strut"
     Miles Davis's "Duke Booty"

The Black Cat: (Prestige 1971)
* "Jug Eyes"
     Hard 2 Obtain's "Time"

Armstrong, Louis
Hello, Dolly!: (Kapp 1964)
* "St. James Infirmary"
     Lifer's Group's "Rise or Fall"

Arnold, Horacee
Tribe: (CBS 1973)
* "Orchards of Engedi"
     Nuyorican Soul's ?

Ashby, Dorothy
Afro-Harping: (Cadet 1968)
* "Soul Vibrations"
     Aceyalone's "The Energy"
     All Natural's "Cashin' the Checks"

Dorothy's Harp: (Cadet 1969)
* "Windmills of Your Mind"
     Pacewon's "Locked"
     Rahzel's "All I Know"
* "Cause I Need It"
     InI ft Pete Rock's "Fakin' Jax"
     Jay-Z's "A Million and One Questions" (Remix)
* "Canto De Ossanha"
     Phife's "Bend Ova"

Axelrod, David
Songs of Innocence: (Capitol 1968)
* "Song of Innocence"
     Problemz's "Around the Clock"
     Sadat X's "Petty People"
* "Merlin's Prophecy"
     No ID's "Fate or Destiny"
* "The Mental Traveler"
     Eminem's "Any Man"
     Ras Kass's "Soul on Ice" (Diamond D Remix)
* "Holy Thursday"
     Apache's "Tonto"
     Artifacts' "C'mon wit Da Git Down" (Remix)
     Beatnuts' "Hit Me with That"
     Black Sheep's "Without a Doubt" (Remix)
     Fat Joe's "Bronx Keeps Creating It"
     Mix Master Mike's "Black Level Clearance"
     Quasimoto's "Return of the Loop Digga"
     Red Hot Lover Tone's "Bust tha Maneuva"
     UNKLE's "Rabbit in Your Headlights"

* "Smile"
     Lord Finesse's "Actual Facts"
     Pete Rock's "Strange Fruit"
* "Merlin's Prophecy"
     Lootpack's "New Years Resolution"

Songs of Experience: (Capitol 1969)
* "Sick Rose"
     Chino XL's "Ghetto Vampire"
     Ultra's "Industry Is Wack"
* "The School Boy"
     Diamond D ft Cru's "Hiatus" (Remix)
     J-88's "Get it Together" (Madlib Remix)
     No ID's "State to State"
     Nobody's "Green Means"
     Original Flavor's "What's a Bro' to Do"

* "The Human Abstract"
     DJ Shadow's "Midnight in a Perfect World" (Piano)
* "A Divine Image"
     Black Moon's "One-Two"
     Cypress Hill's "16 Men 'till There's No MenLeft" (Violin)
     Godfather Don's "Seeds of Hate"
     Hive and Troublemaker's "NuPlanet"
     Kool G Rap's "Take 'em to War"
     Lord Finesse's "No Gimmicks"
     Wiseguys' "Face the Flames"

Earth Rot: (Capitol 1970)
* "The Warning Pt I"
     Diamond D's "MC Iz My Ambition"
     DJ Krush's "Duality"
     X-Ecutioners' "Word Play"
* "The Warning Pt II"
     Mos Def's "Hip Hop"
* "The Signs pt II"
     Common's "Resurrection" (Large Professor Remix)
     Quasimoto's "The Unseen"

The Auction: (Decca 1972)
* "The Auction"
     Aceyalone's "The Guidelines"

Seriously Deep: (Polydor 1975)
* "1000 Rads"
     Aceyalone's "The Walls and Windows"

Strange Ladies: (MCA 1977)
* "Terri's Tune"
     Black Rob's "Lookin at Us"
     Ghostface Killah's "Stay True"
     Inspectah Deck's "Elevation"
     Mikah 9's "American Nightmare"
     Real Live's "Trilogy of Error"
     ShowBiz & A.G.'s "Check it Out"

* "Aunt Charlotte"
     Peanut Butter Wolf's "Tale of Five Cities" (Drums)
* "Tony Poem"
     Lauryn Hill's "Every Ghetto, Every City"

Ayers, Roy (Ubiquity)
Ubiquity: (Polydor 1970)
* "Painted Desert"
     Beatnuts' "Get Funky"

He's Coming: (Polydor 1972)
* "We Live in Brooklyn Baby" (Drums)
     Black Moon's "Reality"
     Chi-Ali's "Age Ain't Nuttin' but a #"
     Digable Planets' "Borough Check"
     DJ Shadow's "Hindsight"
     Galliano's "Power and Glory"
     Mos Def's "Brooklyn"
     Rasco's "Outro (Shout Outs)"
     RBX's "Our Time Is Now"
     Smif-N-Wessun's "Home Sweethome"
     Tim Dog's "Bronx N---a"

* "Ain't got Time"
     Pete Rock & CL Smooth's "Carmel City" (Intro)
     ShowBiz & A.G.'s "Hard to Kill" (Intro)
* "He's a Superstar"
     Bulldog Breaks' "Drums for the Listeners"
     DJ Shadow's "Hindsight"

Red Black and Green: (Polydor 1973)
* "Red, Black and Green"
     Daddy O's "Flowin' in File"
     X-Clan's "Raise the Flag"

Coffy soundtrack: (Polydor 1973)
* "Escape"
     K-Solo's "Sneakers"
* "Shining Symbol"
     Casual's "Intro"
     Redman's "Creepin'"
* "Coffy is the Colour"
     Foxy Brown's "The Birth of Foxy Brown"
* "Brawling Broads"
     Casual's "Thoughts of the Thoughtful"
* "Vittroni's Theme - King Is Dead"
     Nas ft DMX's "Life Is What You Make It"
* "Making Love"
     Barber Shop Emcee's "Music, Money & Women"

Change up the Groove: (Polydor 1974)
* "Boogie Back"
     Coolio's "County Line" (Drums, Guitar)
     DOC's "Mind Blowin'"
     NWA's "F--k tha Police"
     Ultramagnetic MC's "Funky"
* "Sensitize"
     Black Rob's "Life Story"
     Jeru's "Mental Stamina"
     OC's "Hypocrite"
     Quasimoto's "Come on Feet"
* "Feel Like Making Love"
     A Tribe Called Quest's "Keep it Rollin"
     Quinton's "I'm Not an MC"

Mystic Voyage: (Polydor 1975)
* "Brother Green (The Disco King)"
     Compton's Most Wanted's "I Give up Nuthin"
     Ice Cube's "It's a Man's World"
     Insane Clown Posse ft Esham's "Taste"
     MC Sway & King Tech's "Follow 4 Now"
     Public Enemy's "Brothers Gonna Work it Out"(Drum, Guitar break)
     Schoolly D's "Black Power"
     T La Rock's "Breaking Bells"

* "Mystic Voyage"
     Adrianna Evans's "Seeing Is Believing"
     Coolio's "Mama I'm in Love wit a Gangsta"
     DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince's "Just Kickin' It"
     Kurious's "Uptown S--t"
     X-Clan's "Foreplay"
* "Life Is Just a Moment Pt II"
     Jungle Brothers' "Sunshine"
     Sporty Theives' "Cheapskate"
* "The Black Five"
     Common's "1 2 Many" (Intro)
     Legion's "Legion Groove"

Everybody Loves the Sunshine: (Polydor 1976)
* "Everybody Loves the Sunshine"
     Mary J Blige's "My Life"
     Blunted Dummies ft Runaway Slaves'"Sunshine"
     Brainsick Mob's "Mixmaster"
     Brand Nubian's "Wake Up"
     Common's "Book of Life"
     E-Rule's "Listen Up"
     Esham's "Sunshine"
     Funkdoobiest's "Dedicate"
     Lemon D's "This Is Los Angeles"
     Mad Drama's "Ain't No Room"
     Masta Ace's "Turn it Up"
     Naughty by Nature's "Sunshine"
     Scarface's "Sunshine"
     Trends of Culture's "Valley of the Skinz"
     Tupac ft the Outlawz's "Lost Souls" (VocalInterpolation)
     Wizdom Life & Matt Fingaz's "Fruits of Laborin the Sunshine"

* "The Third Eye"
     Attica Blues' "Contemplating Jazz"
     Pharcyde's "Passin' Me By" (Remix)
* "Lonesome Cowboy"
     Brothers Like Outlaw's "Good Vibrations"
     Leaders of the New School's "Too Much onMy Mind"
     Schoolly D's "Don't Call Me N----r"
     Tim Dog's "Goin Wild in the Penile"
     Wiseguys' "Cowboy 78"

Vibrations: (Polydor 1977)
* "Searchin'"
     Bumble BHE's "Pain"
     Erykah Badu's "Searchin'" (Remake)
     Mary J Blige's "Searchin'"
     Ed OG's "Be a Father to Your Child"
     OC's "Point O Viewz"
     Original Flavor's "Keep On (Searching)"
     Pete Rock & CL Smooth's "Searchin'"

* "The Memory"
     Da King & I's "Krak Da Weazel"
     Down South's "Southern Comfort"
     Spice 1's "Face of a Desperate Man"

Lifeline: (Polydor 1977)
* "Running Away"
     A Tribe Called Quest's "Description of a Fool"
     Big Daddy Kane's "The House That Cee Built"

You Send Me: (Polydor 1978)
* "Everytime I See You"
     Jigmastas' "Iz You Dee" (Vocals)
     Nobody's "Monotone"
* "You Send Me"
     Pharcyde's "The Hustle"

Love Fantasy: (Polydor 1980)
* "Love Fantasy"
     Yaggfu Front's "Frontline"

No Stranger to Love: (Polydor 1980)
* "No Stranger to Love"
     MF Doom's "The Time We Faced Doom (Intro)"
     Jill Scott's "Watching Me"

Feelin' Good: (Polydor 1982)
* "Feeling Good"
     Puff Daddy ft Mase's "Been Around the World" (Remix)

Ayers, Roy and Henderson, Wayne
Step in to Our Life: (Polydor 1978)
* "Step in to Our Life"
     Capone-N-Noreaga's "Capone Bone"
     Top Quality's "Magnum Opus"
* "For Real"
     Krush & Mos Def's "Can You See the Light?"
* "No Deposit, No Return"
     A Tribe Called Quest's "Bonita Applebaum" (UK Remix Piano Intro)

Back Door
The Backdoor: (Warner Bros 1973)
* "Slivadiv"
     Beastie Boys' "Stand Together"

Bama - the Village Poet
Ghettos of the Mind: (Chess 1972)
* "Ghettos of the Mind"
     Pete Rock & CL Smooth's "Ghettos of the Mind" (Intro Vocals)
* "I Got Soul"
     Pete Rock & CL Smooth's "Searchin'" (Outro Vocals)
* "Social Narcotics"
     DJ Shadow's "In/Flux" (Vocals)

Barber, Chris
single: (Pye 1959)
* "Petite Fleur"
     Carl Thomas ft Faith Evans's "So Emotional"
     Firm's "Phone Tap"

Baron, Billy
?: (? ?)
* "Communications Is Where It's At"
     A Tribe Called Quest's "Public Enemy"

Barron, Kenny
Sunset to Dawn: (Muse 1973)
* "Sunset"
     De la Soul's "Stakes is High Remix"

Bartz, Gary
Harlem Bush Music: Uhuru: (Milestone 1970)
* "Celestial Blues"
     Black Sheep's "To Whom it May Concern"
     Casual's "Thoughts of the Thoughtful" (Sax)
     Dereliks' ?
     P.P.M.'s "Food of My De-Rhythm"
     Quasimoto's "Twenty Four Seven"
     Skoolbeats' "Blues"

* "Blue (A Folk Tale)"
     Chi-Ali's "Chi-Ali vs. Vanilla Shake"

I've Known Rivers and Other Bodies: (Prestige 1973)
* "I've Known Rivers"
     3rd Bass's "No Master Plan, No Master Race"

Shadow Do: (Prestige 1975)
* "Gentle Smiles"
     A Tribe Called Quest's "Butter" (U.K. Remix)
     Beatnuts' "Third of the Trio"

Music Is My Sanctuary: (Capitol 1977)
* "Carnival De L'Esprit"
     Bulldog Breaks' "You Should Get with This"

Bascomb, Wilbur 'Bad'
Black Grass Music: (Paramount 1972)
* "Black Grass"
     Doug E Fresh's "Everybody Got 2 Get Some"
     Special Ed's "Hodown"
     Wu-Tang Clan's "It's Yours"

single: (Carnival 1972)
* "Just a Groove in G"
     DJ Shadow's "Entropy"

?: (? ?)
* "Feel Like Dancing"
     Public Enemy's "911 Is a Joke"

Basie, Count
Basie's in the Bag: (MCA ?)
* "Hang on Sloopy"
     Dream Warriors' "Wash Your Face in my Sink"

Baxter, Les
Hell's Belles soundtrack: (Sidewalk 1968)
* "Hogin' Machine"
     ShowBiz & A.G.'s "Never Less Than Ill"

?: (? ?)
* "Prelude C# Minor"
     Beastie Boys' "Intergalactic"

Baxter, Terry & His Orchestra
?: (? ?)
* "Early in the Morning"
     Busta Rhymes's "Extinction Level Event (Song of Salvation)"

Belgrave, Marcus
?: (? ?)
* "Space Odyssey"
     Def Squad's "Y'all N----s Ain't Ready"

Benson, George
The New Boss Guitar of George Benson: (Prestige 1964)
* "Shadow Dancers"
     Souls of Mischief's "Let 'em Know"

Shape of Things to Come: (A&M 1968)
* "Footin' It"
     Diamond D's "Freestyle (Yo, That's That S--t)"
* "Face it Boy, It's Over"
     Abstract Rude's "Switch the Station"
     Brand Nubian's "Stip into Da Cipher"
     Ed OG's "Love Comes and Goes"
     Pete Rock & CL Smooth's "I Get Physical"
     Pete Rock & CL Smooth's "In the Flesh"

* "Shape of Things to Come"
     B Love's "Lucy"
     Da King & I's ?
     Karlito's "T'inquietes"
     Ras Kass's "Soul on Ice"

White Rabbit: (CTI 1971)
* "Theme from Summer '42"
     Heltah Skeltah's "Operation Lockdown" (Guitar)
* "California Dreaming"
     Masta Ace's "Jeep A-s N----h"
     Organized Konfusion's "Intro" (Bass)
     Trina and Tamara's "Joanne"
* "White Rabbit"
     Nice & Smooth's "Do Whatcha Gotta"

Body Talk: (CTI 1973)
* "Top of the World"
     Alkaholiks' "Likwit Ridas" (Guitar)

Bad Benson: (CTI 1974)
* "The Changing World"
     Al Tariq's "Just a Little Joint"
     Citizen Kane's "Soldier Story" (Guitar)
     Common's "I Used to Love H.E.R." (IntroGuitar)
     Fat Joe's "Livin' Fat"
     J-88's "Get it Together"
     Peanut Butter Wolf's "I WIll Always LoveH.E.R." (Outro Guitar)
     Wu-Tang Clan's "A Better Tomorrow"

* "Summer Wishes, Winter Dreams"
     Pharoahe Monch's "The Light"

In Concert - Carnegie Hall: (CTI 1975)
* "Octane"
     McGruff ft Mase & Big L's "Danger Zone"

Breezin': (Warner Bros 1976)
* "Breezin'"
     DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince's "Time to Chill"
     YZ's "Tower with the Power"
* "This Masquerade"
     Afro Jazz's "Intro"
     Fabe's "Ca Fait Partie de Mon passé"
     MC Breed's "She's a Sister, I'm a Brother"
* "Lady"
     Fabe's "Factes-vous la Guerre"

In Flight: (Warner Bros. 1977)
* "The World is a Ghetto"
     Big Punisher ft Fat Joe, & Terror Squad's "Glamor Life"
     Zion I's "Bonus Track"

Weekend in L.A.: (Warner 1978)
* "Lady Blue"
     Bahamadia's "One for Teen"
     Rascalz's "Solitaire"

Give Me the Night: (Warner Bros 1980)
* "Give Me the Night"
     Daddy O's "Kid Capri"
     Heavy D's "Give Me the Night"
     Monte Luv & DJ Rob's "Silk Smooth"
* "Love X Love"
     Zhane's "Vibe"

The George Benson Collection: (Warner Bros 1981)
* "Turn Your Love Around"
     Junior MAFIA ft Aaliyah's "Not Tonight" (Remix)
* "Here Comes the Sun"
     Basement Khemist's "Correct Technique"

Bernstein, Steven
?: (? ?)
* "Trumpet Solo"
     Digable Planets' "Last of the Spiddyocks"

Blackbyrds: (Fantasy 1974)
* "Do it Fluid"
     Stetsasonic's "So Let the Fun Begin"
     Style's "In Tone We Trust"
* "Funky Junkie"
     Ant Banks's "2 the Head" (Interpolation)
* "Reggins"
     Grand Daddy IU's "Pick up the Pace"
     Hard 2 Obtain's "LI Groove" (Remix)
     Kid 'N Play's "Gittin' Funky"
     Ministere Amer's "Au Dessus des Lois"
* "Summer Love"
     B.U.M.S.'s "Let the Music Take Your Mind"
* "Life Styles"
     Salt-N-Pepa's "Solo Power (Let's Get Paid)"
* "Runaway"
     Kid 'N Play's "Gittin' Funky"
     Porn Theatre Ushers' "Me & Him"
* "Flyte Time"
     Public Enemy's "Fear of a Black Planet"

Flying Start: (Fantasy 1974)
* "Blackbyrds' Theme"
     Jungle Brothers' "Tribe Vibes"
     Lord Finesse's "Back to Back Rhyming" (Remix)
     Queen Latifah's "Bad as a Mutha"
* "Spaced Out"
     MC Lyte's "Cappucino"

City Life: (Fantasy 1975)
* "Rock Creek Park"
     Big Daddy Kane's "Raw '91"
     De la Soul's "Ghetto Thang"
     Doo-Wop's Flipsquad All-Stars' "The Things IDo"
     Eric B & Rakim's "The R"
     Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five's "WeWill Rock You"
     Heavy D's "Swingin Wit Da Heavsta"
     Ice Cube's "I Wanna Kill Sam"
     Bobby Konders's "Bad Boy Dance"
     Lords of the Underground's "Keepers of theFunk"
     Massive Attack's "Blue Lines" (Guitar)
     NWA's "Quiet on tha Set"
     ODB ft Coolio's "The Park"
     Professor Griff's "The V Amendment" (Guitar)
     Together Brothers' "Back in the Days"
     UTFO's "Doin' It"
     Ultramagnetic MC's "When I Burn" (Guitar)

* "All I Ask"
     Tupac's "Lord Knows"

Cornbread, Earl & Me soundtrack: (Fantasy 1976)
* "Wilford's Gone"
     Compton's Most Wanted's "Def Wish"
     GangStarr's "Say Your Prayers"
     Hard 2 Obtain's "LI Groove" (Remix)
     RBX's "Sounds of Reality"
     The Roots' "Silent Treatment" (BeatminersRemix)

* "Riot"
     Ghostface Killah's "Black Jesus"

Action: (Fantasy 1977)
* "Mysterious Vibes"
     Almighty RSO's "One in the Chamba"
     Horace Brown's "One for the Money"
     Kurious's "I'm Kurious"
     Paris's "The Days of Old"
* "Dreaming about You"
     Dru Down's "Weak Moves"
     Kool G Rap's "Live and Let Die"
     Lench Mob's "Lord Have Mercy"
     Lighter Shade of Brown's ?

Night Grooves: (Fantasy 1978)
* "Supernatural Feeling"
     Kool Moe Dee's "808 Man"

Blakey, Art (Quintet) (& the Jazz Messengers)
Mosaic: (Blue Note 1961)
* "Crisis"
     US3's "Just Another Brother"

Buhaina: (Prestige 1973)
* "A Chant for Bu"
     A Tribe Called Quest's "Excursions"

Reflections in Blue: (Timeless 1979)
* "Stretching"
     Digable Planets' "Rebirth of Slick (Cool Like Dat)"

A Night in Birdland: (? ?)
* "Split Kick"
     US3's "Cantaloop" (Intro)

?: (? ?)
* "Comments on Ritual"
     US3's "Different Rhythms, Different People" (Vocals)
* "A Night in Birdland"
     Quincy Jones's "Jazz Corner of the World"

Bley, Carla
Dinner Music: (Watt 1977)
* "Song Sung Long"
     Mad Skillz's "Extra Abstract Skillz"

Bobo, Willie
Spanish Grease: (Verve 1965)
* "Spanish Grease"
     Mellow Man Ace's "Mentirosa" (Vocals)

Uno Dos Tres: (Verve 1966)
* "Fried Neck Bones and Home Fries"
     Styles of Beyond's "Survival Tactics"

Branch, James
?: (? ?)
* "Tarishi"
     D-Nice's "Rhymin' Skills"

Brecker Bros.
Brecker Bros.: (Arista 1975)
* "Levitate"
     Chino XL's "Kreep"

Brooks, Billy
Windows of the Mind: (Crossover 1974)
* "Forty Days"
     A Tribe Called Quest's "Luck of Lucien"
     Greyboy's "Funk on the Brain"
     Keith Murray's "High As Hell"
     Liquid Soul's "I Want You to Want Me"
     Skoolbeats' "40 Days"
     Total Devastation's "Many Clouds of Smoke"

Brown, Clifford
Clifford Brown with Strings: (Emarcy 1955)
* "Yesterdays"
     KRS-One's "MC's Act Like They Don't Know"
     Mona Lisa's "Can't Be Wastin' My Time"

Brown, Ray Orchestra
?: (? ?)
* "Insensatez"
     Fun Lovin' Criminals' "King of New York"

Bryant, Ray
Up Above the Rock: (Cadet 1968)
* "Up on the Rock"
     Kool G Rap's "On the Run" (Remix)
* "Quizas, Quizas, Quizas"
     Queen Latifah's "I Can't Understand"

In the Cut: (Cadet ?)
* "Andalusan Nights"
     Aceyalone's "Faces"

?: (? ?)
* "Soulman"
     Jurassic 5's "The Game"

Bryant, Rusty
Soul Liberation: (Prestige 1970)
* "Soul Liberation"
     Da King & I's "Brain 2 U"

Fire Eater: (Prestige 1971)
* "Fire Eater"
     Del's "Don't Forget"
     Jurassic 5's "Swing Set"

Brubeck, Dave
?: (Fontana/Phonogram 1961)
* "Take Five"
     JAMS's "Don't Take Five (Take What You Want)"

?: (? ?)
* "Time Out"
     3rd Bass's "Al'z A-B-Cee'z"

Bull, Sandy
E Pluribus Unum: (Vanguard 1969)
* "Electric Blend"
     2Mex and Nobody's "Ghost Writer"

Burton, Gary (Quartet)
Tennessee Firebird: (RCA 1966)
* "Walter L"
     Nas's "One Time 4 Your Mind"

Duster: (RCA 1967)
* "Sweet Rain"
     Akinyele's "Thug S--t"
* "Sing Me Softly of the Blues"
     Pharcyde's "Bulls--t"

Country Roads and Other Places: (RCA 1969)
* "Country Road"
     O.G.C.'s "Hurricane Starang"

Good Vibes: (Atlantic 1970)
* "Las Vegas Tango"
     Big Punisher ft Prodigy & Deck's InspektahDeck's "Tres Leches"
     Bootcamp Clique's "Headz Ain't Ready"
     Common's "Resurrection Interlude"
     Cypress Hill's "Illusions"
     Mobb Deep's "Can't Get Enough of It"
     Organized Konfusion's "Stress"

* "Leroy the Magician" (Drums)
     Common's "Nothing to Do"
     Latryx's "Burning Hot in Cali on a Saturday Night"

Crystal Silence: (ECM 1972)
* "I'm Your Pal"
     A Tribe Called Quest's "1nce Again"

The New Quartet: (ECM 1973)
* "Olhos de Gato"
     Capone-N-Noreaga's "Black Gangsta"

Butler, Billy
This Is Billy Butler: (Prestige 1969)
* "The Twang Thang"
     Bulldog Breaks' "Twangin'"

?: (? ?)
* "Blow for the Crossing" (Drums)
     Handsome Boy Modeling School's "The Truth"

Melinda soundtrack: (Mercury 1972)
* "Speak Truth to the People"
     Souls of Mischief's "Disseshowedo"
     Zhigge's "Zhigge Man"
* "Melinda"
     Black Sheep's "Hoes We Knows"

Byrd, Charlie
Crystal Silence: (Fantasy 1973)
* "For Big John"
     L Fudge's "Liquid"

Byrd, Donald
Donald Byrd at the Half Note Cafe, Vol 2: (Blue Note 1960)
* "Jeannine"
     US3's "Make Tracks"

Free Form: (Blue Note 1961)
* "French Spice"
     Naughty by Nature's "It's On"

Black Jack: (Blue Note 1967)
* "Beale Street"
     Pharcyde's "Oh S--t"
* "Black Jack"
     Common's "Breaker 1/9" (Remix)
     Dream Warriors ft GangStarr's "I've Lost My Ignorance"
     Third Eye's "Ease Up"

Fancy Free: (Blue Note 1969)
* "Weasil"
     Byrd ft Guru & Jordan's "Time Is Moving On"
     Hardnocks's "Blow to Your Head"
     Lords of the Underground's "Frustrated"

Electric Byrd: (Blue Note 1970)
* "Essence"
     The Grouch's "Over/Evaluation"

Blackbyrd: (Blue Note 1972)
* "Flight Time"
     Nas's "NY State of Mind" (Intro)
* "Where are We Going?"
     3XDope's "Peace Yourself"

Street Lady: (Blue Note 1974)
* "Street Lady"
     Del's "Wacky World of Rapid Transit"
     Del's "Ya Lil' Crumbsnatchers"
     Del's "Money for Sex"
     Miles Davis's "High Speed Chase"
     Jungle Brothers' "Good News Comin'"(Trumpet)
     Outlaw Posse's "Original Dope"

Stepping into Tomorrow: (Blue Note 1975)
* "Think Twice"
     A Tribe Called Quest's "Footprints"
     Armand Van Helden's "Flowerz"
     Chi-Ali's "Road Runner" (Remix)
     De la Soul's "Simply Havin'"
     DJ Krush's "Big City Lover" (Remix)
     Encore ft Peanut Butter Wolf's "Think Twice"
     Lisa Lisa's "Let the Beat Hit 'Em"
     Lone Catalyst's "The Place to Be"
     Main Source's "Looking at the Front Door"
     Peanut Butter Wolf's "Don't Turn Back"
     Professor Griff's "Jail Sale" (Dance Mix)

* "I Love the Girl"
     Saafir's "Can You Feel Me"
* "Stepping into Tomorrow"
     US3's "The Darkside"
* "We're Together"
     J-Live's "Shyste" (Guitar)

Places and Spaces: (Blue Note 1976)
* "Wind Parade"
     Black Eyed Peas ft De la Soul's "Cali to NewYork"
     Black Moon's "Buck 'Em Down"
     Fesu's ?
     Jewell's "It's Not Deep Enough"
     Organized Konfusion's "Stray Bullet"
     Tupac's "Definition of a Thug N---a"

* "Change (Makes You Want to Hustle)"
     DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince's "A Touch of Jazz"
* "Places and Spaces"
     Pete Rock & CL Smooth's "All the Places"
* "(Fallin Like) Dominoes"
     DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince's "Brand New Funk"
     Grand Daddy IU's "Dominoes"
     Ice Cube's "I Wanna Kill Sam"
     Stetsasonic's "Talkin' All That Jazz" (Remix)
* "Night Whistler"
     Black Moon's "Murder MCs" (Intro)

?: (? ?)
* "I Feel Like Loving You Today"
     Group Home's "2000"

Byrd, Donald & Little, Booker
The Third World: (TCB ?)
* "Wee Tina"
     Beatnuts' "Props over Here" (Bass)

Carter, Ron
Uptown Conversation: (Embryo 1970)
* "Little Waltz"
     Aesop Rock's "Breakfast with Blockhead"

Blues Farm: (CTI 1973)
* "Blues Farm"
     Blackalicious' "Attica Black"
* "R2, M1"
     Soon E MC's "Some Monsieur Lution"
* "A Small Ballad"
     Kamal D'houd's "Targets"

Perception: (Muse 1972)
* "Uzuri"
     Bahamadia's "Spontaneity"
     Chubb Rock's "The Mind"
     Fab 5's "Lefleur Leflah Eshkoshka"
     Heltal Skeltah's "Leflaur Leflah Eshoshka"
     Trieflets' "Don't Make Me Try"

Unity: (Muse 1974)
* "Mail Order"
     Organized Konfusion's "Confrontations" (Bass)

Chambers, Joe
Double Exposure: (Muse 1977)
* "Mind Rain"
     Nas's "NY State of Mind"

Chase: (Epic 1971)
* "Open up Wide"
     Black Sheep's "North South East West"
     House of Pain's "House of Pain Anthem"
     House of Pain's "Aphrodite"
* "Reflections"
     Talib Kweli and Rubix's "Millionaires"
* "River"
     Talib Kweli and Rubix's "Millionaires"

Pure Music: (Epic 1974)
* "Twinkles"
     DJ Shadow's "In/Flux"
* "Bochawa"
     Compton's Most Wanted's "Dead Men Tell No Lies"

Cherry, Don
Complete Communion: (Blue Note 1966)
* "Complete Communion"
     Quasimoto's "Microphone Mathematics"

Clarke, Stanley
Stanley Clarke: (Nemperor 1974)
* "Yesterday Princess"
     Abstract Tribe Unique's "Yesterday and Today"
     DJ Mayonnaise's "One Hundred Words"
     LOX's "I Wanna Thank You"
     Mr. Complex's "Big Fronter"
* "Spanish Phases for Strings and Bass"
     DJ Mayonnaise's "DJ's Shouldn't Talk/Ozzy Rules"

Journey to Love: (Nemperor 1975)
* "Concerto for Jazz/Rock Orchestra (Pt II)"
     DJ Shadow's "Best Foot Forward" (Synth)
     Tupac's "When I Get Free II"
     Zion I's "How Many"

I Wanna Play for You: (Epic 1977)
* "I Wanna Play for You"
     Cash Crew's "Play 4 U"

Modern Man: (CBS/Epic 1978)
* "Slow Dance" (Drums)
     Nas's "It Ain't Hard to Tell"
     Too Short's "I Ain't Nothin. . ."

Clausen, Thomas
?: (OGM ?)
* "Bio Rhythm #9"
     Jurassic 5's "W.o.E. Is Me (World of Entertainment)"

Cobham, Billy
Spectrum: (Atlantic 1973)
* "Red Baron"
     Brothers Like Outlaw's "Full Essence"
     Common's "Two Scoops of Raisins"
     Compton's Most Wanted's "Duck Sick"
     Compton's Most Wanted's "Duck Sick 2"
     Ill Al Skratch's "Classic S--t"
     Material's "Words of Advice"
     Ultramagnetic MC's "Bust the Facts"

* "Stratus"
     Cypress Hill's "When the S--t Goes Down" (Diamond D Remix)
     Freestyle Fellowship's "Pure Thought"
     Massive Attack's "Safe from Harm"

Crosswinds: (Atlantic 1974)
* "Heather"
     Souls of Mischief's "93 'Til Infinity"
     Thrust's "Do You Understand" (Remix)
* "Crosswind"
     Artemis's "B3"
     Apathy ft Rise's "Every Emcee"
     GangStarr's "Here Today, Gone Tomorrow"

Magic: (Columbia 1977)
* "Leaward Winds"
     GangStarr's "Street Ministry"

Inner Conflicts: (Atlantic 1978)
* "Arroyo"
     Grouch's "Intro"

Cobham, Billy / Duke, George Band
"Live" on Tour in Europe: (Atlantic 1976)
* "Almustafa the Beloved"
     Diamond D's "Stunts, Blunts and Hip Hop"
     Freestyle Fellowship's "Seventh Seal"

Codona Vol 3: (ECM 1982)
* "Trayra Boia"
     U2's "Last Night on Earth"

Connors, Norman
Slewfoot: (Buddah 1974)
* "Welcome"
     Reflection Eternal's "Love Language" (Interpolation)
     Reflection Eternal's "Love Speakeasy" (Interpolation)

You are My Starship: (Buddah 1976)
* "You are My Starship"
     Adina Howard ft Yo-Yo's "You Can Be My N---a"
     Guru's "Nobody Knows"
     Mobb Deep's "Trife Life"
* "The Creator has a Master Plan (Peace)"
     Blue Black's "Sun up from Sun Down"
     Das EFX's "Real Hip Hop"

Dark of Light: (? ?)
* "Twilight Zone"
     Yaggfu Front's "Black Liquid"

Coryell, Larry
Coryell: (Vanguard/Apostolic 1969)
* "Beautiful Woman"
     Dr. Octagon's "No Awareness" (Intro)

Fairyland: (Flying Dutchman 1971)
* "Stones"
     Presage's "The Secret Society"

Live at the Village Gate: (Vanguard 1971)
* "The Opening"
     Cornershop's "Candyman"

Barefoot Boy: (Vanguard 1971)
* "The Great Escape"
     Jurassic 5's "Great Expectations"

The Restful Mind: (Vanguard 1975)
* "A Song for Jim Webb"
     Aceyalone's "I Neva Knew"

Coleman, Ornette
The Shape of Jazz to Come: (Atlantic 1959)
* "Lonely Woman"
     Aceyalone's "Human Language"

Coltrane, John
Giant Steps: (Atlantic 1960)
* "Syeeda's Song Flute"
     3rd Eye ft Group Home's "Ease Up"
     Fu-Schnickens' "True Fu-Schnick" (Remix)

The Gentle Side of John Coltrane: (GRP 1961)
* "My Little Brown Book"
     DJ Cam's "No Competition"

Ole Coltrane: (Atlantic ?)
* "Ole"
     Aceyalone's "The Hunt"

Africa/Brass: (Impulse 1961)
* "Africa"
     Aceyalone's "The Hunt"

A Love Supreme: (Impulse 1964)
* "Acknowledgement"
     Da Nuthouse's "A Luv Supream"
     Mad Flava's "Spread Tha Butta"
     Patterson's "Freedom Now (Meditation)"

Om: (Impulse 1965)
* "Om-Part One"
     Sixtoo's "Work in Progress"

Afro Blue Impressions: (Pablo 1977)
* "My Favourite Things" (Live)
     Juggaknotz's "Troubleman"

Colombier, Michel
Wings: (Columbia 1971)
* "Pourquois Pas?"
     Black Sheep's "Have U.N.E. Pull?"

Life Is Round: (Columbia 1973)
* "Buzzard Feathers"
     Pete Rock & CL Smooth's "It's Not a Game"
     Ugly Duckling's "Get on This"

Corea, Chick
Leprechaun: (Polydor 1975)
* "Imp's Welcome"
     PM Dawn's "Intro (Of the Heart)"
* "Leprechaun's Dream"
     Private Investigators' "That's What it Is"

Cowell, Stanley
Musa - Ancestral Streams: (Strata East 1974)
* "Travelin' Man"
     Pharcyde's "On the DL"
* "Equipoise"
     Pharcyde's "On the DL"
* "Abscretions"
     Latryx's "Bad Days"

Cox, James
?: (? ?)
* "Nobody Wants You When You're Down and Out"
     EPMD's "Nobody's Safe Chump"

Crane, L.
?: (? ?)
* "Pack it Up"
     Too Short's "It Don't Stop"

Crawford, Hank
Wildflower: (Columbia 1973)
* "Wildflower"
     Tupac's "Shorty Wanna Be a Thug"

1: (Blue Thumb 1970)
* "Mystique Blues"
     Digable Planets' "What Cool Breezes Do"
     Greg Osby's "Mr. Gutterman" (Remix)
     Ice Cube's "The Birth"
     KRS-One's "Squash All Beef"
* "Mud Hole"
     Special Ed's "Ya Not So Hot"
* "Mosadi (Woman)"
     Guru's "Ain't No Time to play"

Pass the Plate: (Blue Thumb 1971)
* "Listen and You'll See"
     Biz Markie's "Road Block"
     Digable Planets' "Examination of What?"

Hollywood: (Motown 1972)
* "Way Back Home"
     Biz Markie's "My Man Rich"

The 2nd Crusade: (Blue Thumb 1973)
* "Journey from Within"
     GangStarr's "Words from the Nutcracker"
* "Message from the Inner City"
     Queen Latifah's "U.N.I.T.Y." (Sax)
* "Do You Remember When?"
     Ahmad's "Ordinary People"
* "A Search for Soul"
     Cali Agent's "Cali Agents: The Anthem"
     Project Blowed's "Narcolepsy"

Unsung Heroes: (Blue Thumb 1973)
* "In the Middle of the River"
     Brothers Like Outlaw's "System Booms"
     GangStarr's "No Shame in My Game"

Southern Comfort: (Blue Thumb 1974)
* "Stomp and Buck Dance"
     Redman's "Let Da Monkey Out"
     Special Ed's "I'm the Magnificent" (Magnificent Remix)
* "Well's Gone Dry"
     Beastie Boys' "Dropping Names"
     Mellow Man Ace's "Funky in the joint"
* "Time Bomb"
     Ahmad's "Only if You Want It"
* "When there's Love Around"
     Saukrates's "Hate Runs Deep"
* "Lilies of the Nile"
     Digable Planets' "Escapism (Gettin' Free)" (Drums)
* "Whispering Pines"
     Alkaholiks ft King T's "Got it Bad Ya'll"
     Jeru's "B---hes"
     Lost Boys' "Legal Drug Money"
     Odd Squad's "Jazz Rendition"
* "A Ballad for Joe (Louis)"
     Aceyalone's "High and Bye"
     Destiny's Child's "Happy Birthday"
     Grand Daddy IU's "Represent"
     Nightmares on Wax's "Stars"
     Redman ft Method Man's "How High"

Chain Reaction: (MCA 1975)
* "Chain Reaction"
     Jeru's "Can't Stop the Prophet"
     Thrust's "MC"
     UMC's "Chorus Line Pt 2"
* "Hallucinate"
     Del's "Thank Youse"
     Masta Ace's "Observations"

Images: (ABC 1978)
* "Marcella's Dream"
     DJ Honda ft Biz Markie's "Biz Freestyle"
     Trends of Culture's "Old Habits"
     Various Blends' "Merry Go Round"
* "Cosmic Reign"
     A Tribe Called Quest's "Lyrics to Go" (Remix)
     Erick Sermon's "Boy Meets World"
* "Merry-Go-Round"
     Organized Konfusion's "Walk into the Sun" (Remix)
     Rampage's "Conquer the World"
* "Snowflakes"
     Heavy D's "Who's in the House?"

Street Life: (MCA 1979)
* "Street Life"
     DJ Honda ft Rawcotiks' "For Every Day That Goes By"
     Masta Ace's "Postin' High"
     Tupac ft Snoop Dogg's "Street Life" (Vocal Interpolation)
     Whitehead Brothers' "Forgot I Was a G" (Vocal Interpolation)
* "My Lady"
     Yaggfu Front's "Slappin' Suckas Silly"

?: (? ?)
* "Jazz!"
     Original Flavor's "Can I Get a Hit"

Cruz, Celia
?: (? ?)
* "Guantanamera"
     Wyclef ft Celia Cruz and Jeni Fujita's "Guantanamera"

Cuba, Joe Sextet
Wanted Dead or Alive: (? ?)
* "Mujer Divina (Tico)"
     Ugly Duckling's "Rock on Top"

Da Costa, Paulinho
Happy People: (Pablo 1979)
* "Love Till the End of Time"
     Black Eyed Peas' "Joints & Jams"

Daly-Wilson Big Band
The Exciting. . .: (Elephant 1975)
* "Dirty Feet"
     Deltron 3030's "Mastermind"
     Wiseguys' "Search's End" (Drums)

Dankworth, John (& his Orchestra)
The 1,000,000 Collection: (Fontana 1967)
* "Two Piece Flower"
     GangStarr's "Above the Clouds"

Davis, Miles
Porgy & Bess: (? 1958)
* "Bess You Is My Woman Now"
     Busta Rhymes's "Everything Remains Raw" (Violin)

Kind of Blue: (Columbia 1959)
* "So What"
     Erykah Badu's "Rimshot (Intro)" (Interpolation)

Sketches of Spain: (Columbia 1960)
* "Will O' the Wisp"
     Jeru's "Wrath of the Math" (Intro)

Big Fun: (Columbia 1969)
* "IFE"
     Brand Nubian's "Foundation"

Live-Evil: (Columbia 1971)
* "Sivad"
     3rd Bass's ?
     X-Ecutioners' "Poetry in Motion"

A Tribute to Jack Johnson: (Columbia 1970)
* "Right Off"
     Main Source's "Peace Is Not the Word to Play" (Guitar)

At Fillmore: (Columbia 1970)
* "Thursday Miles"
     DJ Cam's "Essence Part 5"

Bitches Brew: (Columbia 1974)
* "Bitches Brew"
     Aceyalone's "The Grandfather Clock"
     Anomaly ft Eyedea's "Monster Inside"
     Black Moon's "N---z Talk S--t" (Remix)
     Chi-Ali's "Road Runner"
     DJ Magic Mike's ?
     Fabe's "Aucune Solution"
     Heavy D's "You Can't See What I Can See"
     Lootpack's "Friends vs. Ends"

* "Sanctuary"
     Oddjobs' "Liberal Arts"

Water Babies: (? 1976)
* "Water Babies"
     Loose Ends' "A Little Spice" (GangStarr Mix)
     Notorious BIG's "Party & Bulls--t" (Lord Finess Remix)
     Supreme NTM's "Qu'est-ce qu'on attend"

The Man with the Horn: (CBS 1980)
* "Back Seat Betty"
     Extra Prolific's ? (Intro)

Get up With It: (? ?)
* "He Loved Him Madly"
     Fat Joe's "You Must Be Out of Your F--king Mind"

At Fillmore East: (? ?)
* "Wednesday Miles"
     Fat Joe ft Big Punisher's "Fire Water"

Davis, Nathan
If: (Tomorrow International 1976)
* "Tragic Magic"
     Casual's "Who's it On?"
* "Stick Buddy"
     Grand Puba's "Ya Know How it Goes"
* "New Orleans"
     Cutee B's "Fonky First"

Davis, Steve
Music: (RCA 1970)
* "It's All Because She's Gone"
     GangStarr's "Planet"

De Jesus, Luchi
?: (? ?)
* "Round Midnight"
     KRS-One's "A Friend"

Dee Felice Trio
?: (? ?)
* "There Was a Time"
     Chubb Rock's "Treat 'em Right"
     Ultramagnetic MC's "Give the Drummer Some"
* "Sunny"
     Sunz of Man's "Cold"

Dejohnette's, Jack Direction
Sorcery: (Prestige 1974)
* "Epilog"
     Chi-Ali's "Murder Chi Wrote"

Cosmic Chicken: (Prestige 1975)
* "Stratocruiser"
     Jurassic 5's "Lesson 6"

New Rags: (ECM 1977)
* "Minya's the Mooch"
     A Tribe Called Quest's "Buggin' Out"

Pictures: (ECM 1977)
* "Picture 4"
     Nobody ft Abstract Rude's "Inner Eye"

DeMerle, Les
Spectrum: (United Artists 1968)
* "A Day in the Life"
     OC's "Times Up"

Transfusion: (Dobre 1978)
* "Moondial"
     De la Soul's "Stone Age" (Intro)
     DJ Shadow's "Entropy"
     Greyboy's "Triple X Groove"

Prelude: (CTI 1973)
* "Also Sprach Zarathustra"
     Fun Lovin' Criminals' "King of New York"
     Movement Ex's "Universal Blues"
* "September 13th" (Drums)
     Camp Lo's "Park Joint"
     Cocoa Brovaz's "Won on Won"
     Cyclops 4000's "Macroscope" (RunawayRemix)
     ICE's "Snakepit"
     Pete Rock & CL Smooth's "In the House"(Intro)

* "Prelude to Afternoon of a Faun"
     Siah & Yeshua's "A Day like Any Other"
* "Spirit of Summer"
     Dilated Peoples' "The Ruggedness"
     Nobody's "For Those Who Dream"

Deodato 2: (CTI 1973)
* "Rhapsody in Blue"
     Black Sheep's "Gimme the Finga"
     Del's "Catch a Bad One" (Remix)
* "Nights in White Satin"
     Goods ft Josh MArtinez's "Pathway"

Very Together: (MCA 1976)
* "Univac Loves You"
     Souls of Mischief's "Shooting Stars"

Love Island: (Warner Bros 1978)
* "San Juan Sunset"
     Lord Finesse's "Game Plan"

Dolphy, Eric
Far Cry: (Prestige 1960)
* "Mrs Parker of K.C."
     Del's "Catch a Bad One"

Donaldson, Lou
At His Best: (Cadet 1966)
* "Wig Blues"
     Brand Nubian's "Weed vs. Weaves"

Alligator Bogaloo: (Blue Note 1967)
* "One Cylinder"
     Hard 2 Obtain's "Joker's World" (Next Mix)
     MC Solaar's "Qui Some Le Vent Recolte Le Tempo"

Mr. Shing A Ling: (Blue Note 1968)
* "Ode to Billy Joe" (Drums)
     Alkaholiks' "Likwit"
     Associates' "From the Ground Up"
     A Tribe Called Quest's "Clap Your Hands"
     Beatnuts' "World Famous"
     Beatnuts' "Third of the Trio"
     Black Sheep's "Still in the Ghetto"
     Mary J Blige's "You Don't Have to Worry"(Remix)
     Brand Nubian's "Steal Ya Ho"
     Channel Live's "Homicide Ride"
     Cypress Hill's "Lil' Putos"
     Da Lench Mob's "Who Are You Gonna Shootwith That?"
     Das EFX's "Alright"
     De la Soul's "View"
     Dig! Alliance's "Inner Spaces" (CaffeineCrystal Mix)
     Double XX Posse's "The Pure Thing"
     FU2's "Boomin' in Ya Jeep"
     Gospel Gangstas' "Before Redemption"
     Grand Puba's "Reel to Reel"
     Greyboy's "Dollar Signs"
     Jeru's "Can't Stop the Prophet"
     Justin Warfield's "Live from the Opium Den"
     King T ft tha Alkaholiks' "Got it Bad Y'all"
     Lil' Kim ft Jr. Mafia's "We Don't Need It"
     Lord Finesse's "Stop Sweating the Next Man"
     Lords of the Underground's "Sleep for Dinner"(Remix)
     MadKap's "When it Rains it Pours"
     Mad Skillz's "Unseen World"
     Naked Funk's "Pearls of Compassion"
     Nice & Smooth's "Old to the New"
     Onyx's "Bust Dat Ass"
     Pete Rock & CL Smooth's "On and On"
     The Roots' "Good Music"
     Shadz of Lingo's "Think I Give a F--k"
     ShowBiz & A.G.'s "Catchin' Wreck"
     ShowBiz & A.G.'s "Medicine" (Intro)
     Visionaries' "Blessings"
     Warren G's "This Is the Shack"

* "Peepin'"
     Wiseguys' "The Sound You Hear"

Hot Dog: (Blue Note 1969)
* "Who's Making Love?"
     A Tribe Called Quest's "Hot Sex"
     Mary J Blige's "Everyday it Rains"
     Craig G's "Droppin' Science"
     Craig G's "U R Not tha 1" (Hip Hop remix)
     Das Efx's "Kaught in Da Ak" (Remix)
     De la Soul's "Once again Strong Island"
     MC Lyte's "Why U Wanna Get Fly"
     Notorious BIG's "One More Chance" (Remix)
     Nice & Smooth's "Pump it Up"
     Run-DMC's "Wreck Shop" (Horns)
     Skoolbeats' "Science"

* "Turtle Walk"
     Kool Keith & Percee P's "You're Late"
     Pete Rock & CL Smooth's "All Souled Out"
     Yo-Yo's "You Better Ask Somebody"
* "Hot Dog"
     De la Soul's "3 Days Later"
* "It's Your Thing"
     Brand Nubian's "Punks Jump up to Get BeatDown"
     Casual's "That's How it Is (Pt II)"
     Chocolate Bamboo & Nubian Crackers' "TestDa Rocket Launcher"
     De la Soul's "Bitties in the BK Lounge"
     Funkmaster Flex ft 9DoubleM's "6 MillionWays to Die"
     Lord Finesse's "Stop Sweating the Next Man"
     The LOX's "Get this $"
     Real Live's "Turnaround" ?
     The Roots' "It's Comin'" (Interpolation)
     Skoolbeats' "It's Your Thing"
     Super Cat's "Ghetto Red Hot"
     Tragedy's "Pass the Teck"
     Tragedy's "Funk Mode"

Everything I Play Is Gohn Be Funky: (Blue Note 1970)
* "Everything I Play Is Gohn Be Funky"
     Kurious's "Jorge of the Projects" (Vocals: "Hey man ! Whas dat?")
     US3's "Cantaloop" (Vocals: "Funky.")
* "Donkey Walk"
     Run-DMC's "3 in the Head"
     Shyheim's "Buckwylin'"
* "Hamp's Hump"
     Lords of the Underground's "Frustrated"

Pretty Things: (Blue Note 1970)
* "Pot Belly"
     A Tribe Called Quest's "If the Papes Come"
     Big Daddy Kane's "Let Yourself Go"
     Compton's Most Wanted's "Driveby MissDaisy"
     Da King & I's "Flip Da Scrip"
     Demon Boyz's "Glimity Glamity"
     Divine Styler's "It's a Black Thing"
     DJ CAM's "Gangsta S--t"
     Dr. Dre's "Rat-Tat-Tat-Tat"
     Freestyle Fellowship's "Respect Due"
     Greg Osby's "Intelligent Madness"
     Goats' ?
     Guru ft MC Solaar's "Le Bieu Le Mal"
     Heavy D's "Blue Funk"
     House of Pain's "Jump Around" (Pete RockRemix)
     Ice Cube's "Horny Lil' Devil"
     Intelligent Hoodlum's "At Large"
     Intelligent Hoodlum's "Underground"
     Kid Capri's "Joke's on You Jack"
     King & I's "Flip Da Scrip"
     Leaders of the New School's "The End Is Near"
     Lord Finesse's "Do Your Thing"
     MadKap's "Cheeba 2"
     Main Source's "Just a Friendly Game ofBaseball"
     MC Solaar's "Qui Some Le Vent Recolte LeTempo"
     Minus 8's "Zero G"
     Pharcyde's "4 Better or 4 Worse"
     Tim Dog's "Timberlands"
     Tragedy's "At Large"
     Tragedy's "Underground"
     X-Clan's "Holy Rum Swig"
     Youngstas' "Pass Da Mic" (Remix)
     Youngstas' "Iz U Wit Me"

* "Curtis' Song"
     Tragedy's "Pass the Teck"

Cosmos: (Blue Note 1971)
* "The Caterpillar"
     ISP's "I'm on a Roll"

Sweet Lou: (Blue Note 1974)
* "You're Welcome, Stop on By"
     AZ's "Your World Don't Stop"

?: (? ?)
* "Coo' Blues"
     US3's "It's Like That"

Dorough, Bob
Multiplication Rock: (Blue Note 1972)
* "Three Is a Magic Number"
     De la Soul's "The Magic Number"

Dudziak, Urszula
Future Talk: (Inner City 1979)
* "Quiet Afternoon"
     Dynamic Syncopation ft Mass Influence's ?
* "By Myself"
     Q-Tip's "Breathe and Stop" (Vocals)

Duke, George
Liberated Fantasies: (MPS 1976)
* "Seeing You"
     Large Professor's "Dancing Girl"

Reach for It: (Epic 1977)
* "Reach for It"
     Breeze's "Loungin'"
     Frankie Cutlass's "The Cypher Pt 3"
     Ice Cube's "True to the Game"
     Spice 1's "In My Neighborhood"
     WC & the Maad Circle's "West Up"

Don't Let Go: (Epic 1978)
* "Dukey Stick"
     Paris's "Guerrilla Funk" (Vocal Interpolation)
     Spice 1's "Clip & the Trigga"

Master of the Game: (Epic 1979)
* "I Love You More"
     Daft Punk's "Digital Love"

Earland, Charles
Charles III: (Prestige 1973)
* "Lowdown"
     A Tribe Called Quest's "Award Tour"

The Dynamite Brothers soundtrack: (Prestige 1974)
* "Snake"
     Kool Keith's "Mega Curls"

The Dynamite Bros. soundtrack: (Prestige 1976)
* "Snake"
     Cru's "Bluntz & Bakakeemis"

Odyssey: (Mercury 1976)
* "Intergalactic Love Song"
     DOC's "Portrait of a Masterpiece" (UK Remix)

Eaves, Hubert
Esoteric Funk: (Inner City 1979)
* "Call to Awareness"
     Dr. Octagon's "Wait List"

Eleventh House
Level One: (Arista 1975)
* "Suite"
     Necro's "Bury You With Satan"

Ellis, Don
?: (? ?)
* "Opus 5"
     Whooliganz's "Put Your Handz Up"

Errison, King
LA Bound: (Westbound 1977)
* "Well, Have a Nice Day"
     Roxanne Shante's "Well, Have a Nice Day"

Esposito, Tony
?: (BMG Ariola 1978)
* "L'eroe Di Plastica"
     Freakniks' "Plasmic Head"
     High & Mighty's "Home Field Advantage"

Evans, Bill
Intuition: (Fantasy 1974)
* "All the Things You Are"
     Slum Village's "Jealousy"

Evans, Richard
Dealing with Hard Times: (Atlantic 1972)
* "Patutu"
     Rah Digga's "Tight"

Family of Mann
First Light: (Atlantic 1974)
* "The Turtle and the Frog"
     The Ocular's "Wen Kroy"

Farmer, Art
Gentle Eyes: (Mainstream 1974)
* "Soulsides"
     Kool G Rap's "For Da Brothaz"

Farrell, Joe
Outback: (CTI 1971)
* "November 68th"
     Aceyalone's "The Hunt Prelude"

Moon Germs: (CTI 1973)
* "Great Gorge"
     Kool Keith's "Little Girls"
     Oddjobs's "Reconciliation"
* "Times Lie"
     DJ Krush's "Meiso"

Upon this Rock: (CTI 1974)
* "Upon this Rock" (Drums)
     Artifacts' "What's up Now Mother F--ker"
     A Tribe Called Quest's "Verses from theAbstract"
     Black Sheep's "Butt in the Meantime"
     Black Sheep's "Flavor of the Month"
     DJ P-Lee Fresh and Akbar "Akbar's Groove"
     Mad Flava's "Spread tha Butta"
     Masta Ace's "The Phat Kat Ride"
     Mental Giants' "AK's Groove"
     People Under the Stairs' "Wannabees"
     Pete Rock & CL Smooth's "Searchin'" (Intro)
     Rasco's "The UnA.S.S.I.S.S.T.E.D."
     Redman & Method Man's "Run 4 Cover"
     Walkin' Large's "Reachin' (For My People)"
     Will Smith's "I Loved You"

Canned Funk: (CTI 1975)
* "Canned Funk"
     Kool G Rap's "On the Run"
* "Animal"
     Justin Warfield's "Guavafish Centipede" (Bass)

Goin' Through Changes: (? ?)
* "Goin' Through Changes"
     A Tribe Called Quest's "Busta's Lament"

Ferguson, Maynard
M.F. Horn & M.F. Horn Two: (Columbia 1972)
* "Hey Jude"
     OC's "Creative Control"
* "Spinning Wheel"
     Main Source's "What You Need Is the Source"
* "Chala Nata"
     Runaway Slaves' "Booty Mission"
* "L-Dopa"
     Kool G Rap & DJ Polo's "Money in the Bank"

Primal Scream: (Columbia 1976)
* "Primal Scream"
     Ministere Amer's "Au Dessus des Lois"

Conquistador: (Columbia 1977)
* "Mister Mellow"
     Alkaholiks' "Coast II Coast"
     Ray Keith's "Rare Groove"
     ShowBiz & A.G.'s "Next Level" (Premier's Nytyme Remix)
     UGK's "Ridin' Dirty"

Fields, Richard
Mr. Look So Good: (Boardwalk 1982)
* "If it Ain't One Thing, It's Another"
     Snoop Dogg's "Doggy Dogg World"

Foster, Frank
The Loud Minority: (Mainstream 1971)
* "The Loud Minority"
     Greyboy's "Freestylin'"
     United Future Organization's "Loud Minority"

Foster, Ronnie
Two Headed Freap: (Blue Note 1972)
* "Mystic Brew"
     A Tribe Called Quest's "Electric Relaxation"
     A Tribe Called Quest ft Jay-Z and Faith Evans's "Stressed Out" (Hustle Mix)

Fourth Way, The
Self Titled: (Capitol 1972)
* "Sybil"
     Akinyele's "No Exit" (LP intro)

Franklin, Henry
The Skipper at Home: (Black Jazz 1974)
* "Soft Spirit"
     A Tribe Called Quest's "The Hop"
     L'Roneous' "L-evation"

Franklin, Rodney
You'll Never Know: (Columbia 1980)
* "The Watcher"
     A Tribe Called Quest's "Word Play"

Franks, Michael
The Art of Tea: (Reprise 1975)
* "Mr. Blue"
     Styles of Beyond's "Hollograms"

Sleeping Gypsy: (WB 1977)
* "Lady Wants to Know"
     Artifacts' "Lower the Boom"

Gale, Eric
Ginseng Woman: (Columbia 1977)
* "Ginseng Woman"
     Dilated Peoples' "Strength"
* "Sara Smile"
     Masta Ace's "Terror"

Ganod, Charles
?: (? ?)
* "Funeral March. . ."
     College Boyz's "Interlude: I Gotcha"

Gardner, Billy
?: (? ?)
* "I Got Some"
     GangStarr's "B.Y.S."

Garnett, Carlos
Journey to Enlightenment: (Muse 1974)
* "Let Us Go To (Higher Heights)"
     Jungle Brothers' "Good Lookin Out" (Vocals)

Gentle Rain, The
?: (? ?)
* "Lonely Jelly"
     Originoo Gunn Clappaz's "Da Storm"

Getz, Stan
Jazz Samba Encore!: (Verve 1963)
* "Saudade Vem Correndo"
     Pharcyde's "Runnin'"
     Styles of Beyond's "Pt II (Endangered)"

Another World: (Columbia 1977)
* "Keep Dreamin"
     Pete Rock & CL Smooth's "Tell Me"

Getz, Stan New Quartet ft Astrud Gilberto
Getz Au Go Go: (Verve 196?)
* "Here's that Rainy Day"
     Cella Dwellas' "Worries"

Gillespie, Dizzy
. . . And His Latin Rhythm: Afro: (Verve 1954)
* "Con Alma"
     Amon Tobin's "Fast Eddie"

The Real Thing: (Perception 1970)
* "Matrix"
     Ahmad ft Ras Kass & Saafir's "Come Widdit" (Joe Quixx Mix)
     Akinyele's "30 Days"
     Beatnuts' "World Famous"
     LA Funk Mob's "Suspence"

The Giant: (Prestige 1975)
* "Manteca"
     Beatnuts' "Quality & the Bushmen off the Top"

Souled Out: (GWP ?)
* "Stomped and Wasted"
     Skoolbeats' "Give the Poor Man a Break"

New Faces: (GRP 1984)
* "Tenor Song"
     Freestyle Fellowship's "Hot Potato"

Grant, Earl
Earl Grant's Golden Favorites: (Decca ?)
* "Sunny"
     Pharcyde's "The E.N.D."

Green, Grant
Street of Dreams: (Blue Note 1964)
* "I Wish You Love"
     Lootpack's "Female Request Line" (Intro)

Green Is Beautiful: (Blue Note 1969)
* "Ain't it Funky Now"
     Blacknuss Allstars' "Love No Limit"
     Freestyle Fellowship's "Here I Am"
     Public Enemy's "Do What I Gotta Do"
     Tricky's "Ponderosa (Dobie's Rub Pt 1)" (Drumroll, Organ)
* "The Letter"
     Notorious BIG's "Long Kiss Goodnight"

Alive!: (Blue Note 1970)
* "Down Here on the Ground"
     A Tribe Called Quest's "Vibes and Stuff"
     Cypress Hill's "Stoned Is the Way of the Walk"
     Madonna's "I'd Rather be Your Lover"
     Pete Rock & CL Smooth's "Act Like YouKnow"
     Tung Twista's "Say What?"

* "Sookie Sookie"
     DJ Food's "Nuff Nookie"
     NW1's "And the Band Played the Boogie"
     US3's "Yukka Toots Riddim"

Visions: (UA 1971)
* "Maybe Tomorrow"
     Dr. Dre's "Still D.R.E." (Piano)

Final Comedown soundtrack: (Blue Note 1972)
* "Luannas Theme"
     Digable Planets' "For Corners" (Guitar)

Grossman, Steve
?: (? ?)
* "Relentless Lady"
     DJ Spinna ft Kweli & Apani B. Fly MC's "Time Zone"

Grusin, Dave
Mountain Dance: (GRP 1980)
* "Either Way"
     Notorious BIG's "Everyday Struggle"

. . .One of a kind: (Polydor 1977)
* "Modaji"
     Eminem ft Royce's "Bad Meets Evil"
     Pete Rock's "Soul Survivor"
     Royal Flush's "Rotten Apple"

Goldsher, Alan
?: (? ?)
* "String Bass Blues"
     Digable Planets' "Last of the Spiddyocks"

Golson, Benny
I'm Always Dancin' to the Music: (Columbia 1978)
* "I'm Always Dancin' to the Music"
     Naughty by Nature's "Jamboree"

Guaraldi, Vince
Jazz Impressions of a Boy Named Charlie Brown: (United Media 1964)
* "Fly Me to the Moon"
     Pharcyde's "Splattitorium"

Hamilton, Chico
Drumfusion: (Columbia 1962)
* "A Rose for Booker"
     De la Soul's "4 More"

Gamut: (Verve 1968)
* "MSP"
     David Holmes's "Rodney Yates"

Peregrinations: (Blue Note 1975)
* "Abdullah & Abraham"
     Brand Nubian's "Sweatin Bullets"

Hamilton, Dave
?: (? ?)
* "Marriage is a State of Vibes"
     All Natural's "Element of Style"

Hammond, John (Smith, John Robert)
Rock Steady: (Kudu 1971)
* "Wild Horses"
     Aceyalone's "Think"

Breakout: (Kudu 1971)
* "Never Can Say Goodbye"
     B.U.M.S.'s "Take a Look Around"
* "Breakout"
     Eric B & Rakim's "Casualties of War"

What's Going On: (Prestige 1971)
* "I'll Be There"
     Notorious BIG's "Party & Bulls--t"

The Prophet: (Kudu 1972)
* "The Prophet"
     Art of Origin's "No Slow Rolling"

Higher Ground: (Kudu 1974)
* "Big Sur Suite"
     Beastie Boys' "Pass the Mic"
     Black Sheep's "The Choice Is Yours"
     Casual's "Me-O-Mi-O"
     DJ Krush's "Edge of Blue"
     Dr. Dre's "High Powered"
     Dr. Dre's "N---a Wit a Gun"
     GangStarr's "24-7-365"
     Insane Clown Posse's "Never Had it Made"
     Mix Master Mike's "Gang Tackle" (Horns)
     MC Eiht's "We Come Strapped"
     Natas's "Get My Head Together"

* "Summertime / The Ghetto"
     idéal J's "Si j'rappe ici"

Gears: (Fantasy 1975)
* "Can't We Smile"
     Erykah Badu's "Penitentiary Philosophy" (Interpolation)
* "Fantasy"
     Jungle Brothers' "Sunshine"
* "Shifting Gears"
     C.E.B.'s "M.D."
     DMX's "F--kin' Wit' D"
     Fam-Lee's "Runs in the Fam-Lee"
     Hieroglyphics' "See Delight"
     Jungle Brothers' "Sunshine"
     Stetsasonic's "In Full Gear"

* "Tell Me What to Do"
     Fabe's "Comme un Rat dans le Coin" (Remix)
     Shabaam Sahdeeq's "Side 2 Side"

Hancock, Herbie
Empyrean Isles: (Blue Note 1964)
* "Oliloquy Valley"
     Eric B & Rakim's "Untouchables"
     Simple E's "Play My Funk"
* "Cantaloupe Island"
     US3's "Cantaloop"
* "The Egg"
     Aceyalone's "Forward"

Blowup soundtrack: (MGM 1967)
* "Bring down the Birds"
     Deee-Lite's "Groove Is in the Heart"

Mwandishi: (Warner Bros 1970)
* "Ostinato"
     Atmosphere's ?
* "You'll Know When You Get There"
     Slum Village's "Fantastic" (Original Mix)

Fat Albert Rotunda: (Warner Bros 1970)
* "Fat Mama"
     Chi-Ali's "Step Up"
     Tupac's "If My Homey Calls"
     Mad Flava's "Bump Ya Head"
     Mellow Man Ace's "Babulu Bad Boy"
     Skoolbeats' "Fat Mama"

* "Oh! Oh! Here He Comes"
     Del's "No More Worries"
* "Wiggle Waggle"
     King Bee's "Back by Dope Demand"

Crossings: (Warner Bros 1972)
* "Quasar"
     The Mighty Bop ft EJM's "Freestyle Linguistique"

Headhunters: (CBS 1973)
* "Chameleon"
     Ballistic Brothers' "Blacker"
     Coolio ft WC, Leek Ratt, PS, Malika, Shorty &Ras Kass's "Get up Get Down"
     DJ Quik's "8 Ball"
     Digital Underground's "Underwater Rimes"
     Hell Razor's "No More James"
     Kool G Rap's "Money on My Brain"
     Organized Konfusion's "Open Your Eyes"
     Schoolly D's "We Don't Rock, We Rap"
     Tupac's "If My Homey Calls"

* "Watermelon Man"
     Born Jamericans' "State of Shock IV"
     Breeze's "Steady Tryin to Flow. . ."
     Diamond Shell's "Captain Speakin'"
     Digable Planets' "Escapism (Gettin' Free)"
     Funky Aztec's "Don Quixote"
     Kings of Swing's "2 Minutes of Funk"
     LL Cool J's "1-900-LL-Cool-J"
     Organized Konfusion's "Open Your Eyes"
     Original Flavor's "Gumdrops"
     Out of Eden's "Lovely Day" (Interlude)
     Rascalz's "Really Livin'"
     Shaq's "I Hate to Brag"
     Style's "Pray for Death"
     Schoolly D's "Here we Go Again"
     Schoolly D's "Smoke Some Kill"
     Super Cat's "Dolly My Baby" (Remix)
     Ultramagnetic MC's "You got to Feel It"
     US3's "Eleven Long Years"
     Young Black Teenagers' "Looney Toonz"

* "Sly"
     DJ Krush's "Blink"

Sextant: (Columbia 1973)
* "Rain Dance"
     Cut Chemist's "Lesson 4"
     Digable Planets' "It's Good to Be Here"
     DJ Krush's ?
     Organized Konfusion's "The Extinction Agenda"
     People Under the Stairs' "4 Everybody"
* "Hidden Shadows"
     Mr. Dibbs's "231 Ways to Fry an Egg"

Death Wish soundtrack: (Columbia 1974)
* "Suite Revenge"
     Automator's "A Better Tomorrow"
     Money Boss Players' "Games"
* "Party People"
     Cinematic Orchestra's "Durian"
* "Joanna's Theme"
     Slug's "Heart"
* ?
     Peanut Butter Wolf's "Phonies" (Sound Effects)

Man-Child: (Columbia 1975)
* "Hang up Your Hang Ups"
     Lords of the Underground's "Sleep for Dinner"
* "The Trailor"
     Fabe's "Aucune Solution"
* "Steppin' in It"
     Eclipse 427 & King Concept's "Yes, Yes"

Secrets: (Columbia 1976)
* "People Music"
     Oddjobs's "Head in the Clouds"
     Pete Rock's "Tru Master"

V.S.O.P.: (Columbia 1977)
* "Toys"
     Beatnuts' "Yeah You Get Props"
     KRS-One's "Rappaz R N Danja"

Sunlight: (Columbia 1978)
* "I Thought it was You"
     Slum Village's "Forth and Back" (Vocals)
* "Come Running to Me"
     Myron's "Destiny"
     Slum Village's "Get Dis Money"

Future Shock: (CBS 1983)
* "Rockit"
     CPO's "Somethin' Like Dis"
     Double D & Steinski's "Lesson 1"

?: (? ?)
* "Come Running to Me"
     Slum Village's "Get Dis Money"
* "Toy"
     KRS-One's "Rappaz R N Danja"

Handy, John
Carnival: (Impulse 1977)
* "Alvina"
     Diamond D's "F--k Whatcha Heard"
     Justin Warfield's "Thoughts in the Buttermilk"

Harris, Eddie
The Soul of Eddie Harris: (Up Front 1961)
* "Gone Home"
     Gravediggaz's "Freak the Sorceress"

Plug Me In: (Atlantic 1968)
* "It's Crazy"
     Del's "Ahonetwo, Ahonetwo"
     GangStarr's "Credit Is Due"
* "Lovely Is Today"
     GangStarr's "2 Deep"
     Shadz of Lingo's "Think I Give a F--k"
* "Live by Death"
     Macy Gray's "I've Comitted Murder"

Silver Cycles: (Atlantic 1969)
* "Silver Cycles"
     Kunga219's "Blue and Orange"

Live at Newport: (Atlantic 1970)
* "Carry on Brother"
     Black Sheep's "Pass the 40"

Instant Death: (Atlantic 1972)
* "Instant Death"
     Brand Nubian's "The Godz Must Be Crazy"
* "Superfluous"
     Brand Nubian's "Pass the Gat"
     Digable Planets' "What Cool Breezes Do"
     DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince's "Boom! Shake the Room!" (Remix)

Excursions: (Atlantic 1973)
* "Inapplicable Concord"
     Zhigge's "Toss it Up" (Remix)
* "Turburlence"
     Dr. Octagon's "3000"
     Heavy D's "A Bunch of N----s"
     Pete Rock & CL Smooth's "Wig Out" (Intro)
* "Hey Wado"
     Fat Joe's "I'm a Hit That"

I Need Some Money: (Atlantic 1974)
* "I Need Some Money"
     Lo-Fidelity Allstars' "Lazer Sheep Dip Funk"

Bad Luck Is All I Have: (Atlantic 1975)
* "Get on up and Dance"
     De la Soul's "Buddy" (Remix)
     Digable Planets' "Dial 7 (Axion of Creamy Spies)"

The Reason Why I'm Talking S--t: (Atlantic 1976)
* "The Next Band"
     De la Soul's "I Am I Be"
* "Are There Any Questions" (Vocals)
     Fatboy Slim's "The Sound of Milwaukee"

How Can You Live Like That?: (Atlantic 1977)
* "Get down with It"
     3rd Bass's "Merchant of Grooves"

?: (? ?)
* "The River Nile"
     RBX's "Akebulan"
* "It's Alright Now"
     Ragga Twins' "Freedom Train"

Harris, Eddie & McCann, Les
Swiss Movement: (Atlantic 1968)
* "Cold Duck Time"
     Casual's "You Flunked"
* "Kathleen's Theme"
     Black Sheep's "Autobiographical"
* "The Generation Gap"
     Juggaknotz's "Loosifa"

Second Movement: (Atlantic 1971)
* "Shorty Rides Again"
     Erick Sermon's "Imma Getz Mine" (intro)
     Skoolbeats' "Shorty"
     Tim Dog's "Bronx N---a" (Blue Note Mix)

Harris, Gene (& the Three Sounds)
Elegant Soul: (Blue Note 1968)
* "Look of Slim"
     Blackalicious' "Lyric Fathom"

Gene Harris & the Three Sounds: (Blue Note 1971)
* "Put on Train"
     Beastie Boys' "What Comes Around"

Of the Three Sounds: (Blue Note 1972)
* "Listen Here"
     RBX's "Mom's are Cryin'"

Astralsignal: (Blue Note 1974)
* "Losalamitos Funk Song"
     Compton's Most Wanted's "Music to Driveby"
* "Feeling You, Feeling Me Too"
     MadKap's "Proof Is in Da Puddin'"
     Nextmen ft Ty's "Turn it up a Little"

Hartman, Johnny w/ John Coltrane
John Coltrane and Johnny Hartman: (Impulse 1963)
* "Autumn Serenade"
     Pharcyde's "Pack the Pipe"
     Tribal Jam's "9-5"

Hawes, Hampton
Northern Windows: (Prestige 1974)
* "Go Down Moses"
     Lootpack's "Weeded"
* "Web"
     Heiroglyphics' "Off the Record"

Survival of the Fittest: (Arista 1975)
* "God Made Me Funky" (Drums)
     Alex Cortiz's "Room 505"
     Biz Markie's "Albee Square Mall"
     Common's "Pitchin' Pennies"
     De la Soul's "Take it Off"
     De la Soul's "Pease Porridge"
     Downtown Science's "Down to a Science"
     Dragonfly's "Angeldust"
     Digital Underground's "Underwater Rimes"(Remix)
     Eric B & Rakim's "To the Listeners"
     Eric B & Rakim's "Beats for the Listeners"
     Fugees' "Ready or Not"
     Jungle Brothers' "Braggin' and Boastin'"
     King Sun's "On the Club Tip"
     Low Profile's "No Mercy"
     Marky Mark's "Wildside"
     Mission's "Last Night"
     NWA's "Approach to Danger"
     Quiet Boys' "Never Change"
     R.P.M.'s "Food for the De-Rhythm"
     Slum Village's "Intro"
     Slum Village's "Go Ladies" (Interlude)
     Steady B's "Bring the Beat Back"
     Sway & King Tech's ?
     Tony D's "Check the Elevation"
     UNKLE's "If You Find the Earth Boring"(UNKLE Mix)
     UNKLE's "Sassafras" (Plaid Mix)
     X-Ecutioners' "The Countdown"

* "If You've Got It, You'll Get It"
     Boogie Down Productions' "Ruff Ruff"
     Donald D's "Another Night in the Bronx"
     Professor Griff's "Jail Sale"
     Think Tanks' "A Knife and a Fork"

Straight from the Gate: (Arista 1976)
* "Don't Kill Your Feelings"
     Beyond's "B.L.A.K Culture"
* "I Remember I Made You Cry"
     Mobb Deep's "Drink Away the Pain"

Heath Brothers (Smith, Jimmy)
Marchin' On: (Strata East 1975)
* "Smiling Billy Suite Pt 2"
     Beatnuts' "Ya Don't Stop"
     Jheryl Lockhart ft Dr. Dre's "Do 4 Love"
     Nas's "One Love"
     Redman's "Sooperman Luva Pt 3"

In Motion: (Columbia 1979)
* "The Voice of the Saxophone"
     DJ Shadow's "What Does Your Soul Look Like, Pt 1"

Henderson, Eddie
Sunburst: (Blue Note 1975)
* "Galaxy"
     RBX's "Mom's are Cryin'"

Heritage: (Blue Note 1976)
* "Inside You"
     Jay-Z ft Memphis Bleek's "Coming of Age"
     Souls of Mischief's "Tell Me Who Profits"

Mahal: (Capitol 1978)
* "Mahal"
     Grav & Al Teriq's "City to City"
* "Cyclops"
     Grav's "City to City"

Herman, Woody
Light My Fire: (Cadet 1968)
* "Pontieo"
     Styles of Beyond's "Back it Up"

And All That Jazz: (Columbia 1959)
* "Some Minor Changes"
     Jurassic 5's "The Influence"

Higgins, Monk & the Specialites
Heavyweight: (United Artists 1972)
* "Feeling You Feeling Me"
     Bulldog Breaks' "Bring it on Down"
     Hard 2 Obtain's "Local Hero"
     Souls of Mischief's "That's When Ya Lost"
* "Up on the Hill"
     Beck's "Hotwax"
* "Little Green Apples"
     GangStarr's "Code of the Streets"
* "Big Water Bed"
     Big Daddy Kane's "Ain't No Half Steppin'" (Horns)

Dance to the Disco Sax: (Buddah 1974)
* "One Man Band" (Drums)
     Antoinette's "Unfinished Business"
     Ballistic Brothers' "Perfect Day"
     Big Daddy Kane's "Get Bizzy"
     Biz Markie's "Biz Is Goin' Off"
     Chill Rob G's "Let Me Show You"
     Coolio's "I Remember"
     GangStarr's "Positivity"
     Gravediggaz's "1-800-SUICIDE"
     Masta Ace's "As I Reminisce"
     Masta Ace's "Together"
     Sounds of Blackness's "Optimistic"
     US3's "Different Rhythms, Different People"

Little Mama: (United Artists 1972)
* "Black Fox"
     Hard 2 Obtain's "Heels without Souls"

?: (? ?)
* "A Good Man Is Gone"
     GangStarr's "Next Time"

Hiroshima: (Arista 1979)
* "Shinto"
     GangStarr ft Total's "Discipline"
* "Winds of Change"
     Alchemist's "Reign Supreme"

Hirt, Al
Soul in the Horn: (RCA Victor 1967)
* "Harlem Hindoo"
     De la Soul's "Ego Trippin' (Pt 2)"

Holiday, Billie
?: (? 1941)
* "God Bless the Child"
     Alex Gopher's "The Child"

Holmes, Richard "Groove"
Onsaya Joy: (Flying Dutchman 1975)
* "Onsaya Joy"
     Bush Babees' "Love Song"
* "Song for My Father"
     Blackalicious' "40 Oz. for Breakfast" (Organ)

New Groove: (Groove Merchant ?)
* "You've Got it Bad"
     Shyheim's "Pass it Off" (Remix)

Holt, Isaac "Redd"
Other Side of the Moon: (Paula 1975)
* "I Shot the Sheriff"
     Boogie Down Productions' "Gimme Dat (Woy)"
* "Do it Baby"
     Boogie Down Productions' "Why Is That?"
     Chubb Rock's "The Big Man"
     Paul Nice's "Re-Definition of Nice"

Hopper, Hugh & Gowen, Alan
Two Rainbows Daily: (Red 1980)
* "Morning Order"
     Common's "Nag Champa (Afrodesiac for the World)"

Horn, Paul
Jazz Suite on the Mass Texts: (RCA 1965)
* "Prayer"
     Shapeshifters's "Farmer's Market of the Beast"

Inside: (Epic 1968)
* "Prologue/Inside"
     So-Called Artists's "I Don't Know How to Start This"

Hubbard, Freddie
A Soul Experiment: (Atlantic 1969)
* "Good Humor Man"
     UMC's "One to Grow On"

Red Clay: (CTI 1970)
* "Red Clay"
     A Tribe Called Quest's "Jazz (We've Got)" (Remix)
     Papa Chuk's "Runaway"
* "Suite Sioux"
     Rumpletilskinz's "Is it Alright?"

Straight Life: (Columbia 1970)
* "Mr. Clean"
     Casual's "Get Off It"
     Siah & Yeshua's "The Mystery"
* "Straight Life"
     Casual's "Get Off It"

Sing Me a Song of Songmy: (Atlantic 1971)
* "Threnody for Sharon Tate"
     King T's "3 Strikes Ya Out"

Sky Dive: (CTI 1972)
* "Povo"
     Black Sheep's "Black with N.V."
     Guru's "When You're Near"
* "Skydive"
     Abstract Tribe Unique's "Just Like Akira"
     Souls of Mischief's "A Name I Call Myself"

Keep Your Soul Together: (CTI 1972)
* "Brigitte"
     Oddjobs' "The Distance Song"
* "Destiny's Children"
     Del's "Treats for the Kiddies" (Intro Bass)
* "Keep Your Soul Together"
     Brothers Like Outlaw's "The Real McKoy"
     DJ Mayonnaise's "Wizard Unrobed"
     Mysterme & DJ 20/20's "Call Me Myster"

First Light: (CTI 1972)
* "First Light"
     Souls of Mischief's "Never No More"
* "Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey"
     Beastie Boys' "Professor Booty"

Polar AC: (CTI 1975)
* "People Make the World Go Round"
     Blackalicious' "Swan Lake"
     Justin Warfield's ?
     Pete Rock & CL Smooth's "Mecca and the Soul Brother"

The Love Connection: (Columbia 1979)
* "Little Sunflower" (Intro)
     A Tribe Called Quest's "The Love"
     Critical Point's "Messages"
     Pepe Bradock's "Deep Burnt"
     Zion I's "Inner Light Iceymix"

?: (? ?)
* "Leap Frog"
     Big Daddy Kane's "Stop Shammin'"

Human Arts Ensemble
Whisper of Dharma: (Arista 1977)
* "Whisper of Dharma"
     Sixtoo's "Duration Project"

Humphrey, Bobbi
Dig This!: (Blue Note 1972)
* "Smiling Faces Sometimes"
     Common's "Puppy Chow"

Blacks & Blues: (Blue Note 1973)
* "Jasper Country Man"
     Digable Planets' "Blowing Down"
     Eric B & Rakim's "Keep 'em Eager to Listen"
     Ice T's "New Jack Hustler"
* "Just a Love Child"
     Grand Puba's "A Little Bit of This"
* "Harlem River Drive"
     Common's "Just in the. . ."
     DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince's "A Touch of Jazz"
     Smif-N-Wessun's "Session at da Doghill"
     Young MC's "Back in the Day"
* "Blacks & Blues"
     Digable Planets' "The Art of Easing"
     Eric B & Rakim's "Keep the Beat"
     Fat Joe's "Another Wild N----r from the Bronx"
     KMD's "Peachfuzz"
     KMD's "Plumskinz"
     Justin Warfield's "Cool Like the Blues"
     Nice & Smooth's "Return of the Hip HopFreaks"

Satin Doll: (Blue Note 1974)
* "San Francisco Lights"
     Brand Nubian's "Love Me or Leave Me Alone"
     Kwest's "Disnexone"
* "Satin Doll"
     Masta Ace's "Saturday Night Live" (intro)
* "New York Times"
     Young MC's "Open up the Door (And Let Me In)"

Fancy Dancer: (Blue Note 1975)
* "Please Set Me at Ease"
     Bahamadia's "Intro to _Kollage_"
     The Roots' "Distortion to Static" (At Ease Mix)

Humphrey, Paul (& the Cool-Aid Chemists)
7" single: (Lizard 1971)
* "Detroit"
     Peanut Butter Wolf's "Ten Minutes Left" (Sound Effects)

America Wake Up: (Blue Thumb 1973)
* "Uncle Willie's Dream"
     A Tribe Called Quest's "What?"

Humphrey, Paul - Manne, Shelly - Bobo, Willie - Bellson, Louis
The Drum Session: (Inner City 1979)
* "Super Mellow"
     Alanis Morrisette's "Hands Clean"
     Beastie Boys' "Shake Your Rump"

Hutcherson, Bobby
San Francsico: (Blue Note 1970)
* "Goin' Down South"
     US3's "Lazy Day"
* "Procession"
     Diamond D ft Busta Rhymes's "This One"
* "Jazz"
     Diamond D ft Busta Rhymes's "This One"
     Mass Influence's "Life to the MC"
     Styles of Beyond's ?
* "Ummh"
     Howie B's "Birth" (Bass, Guitar)
     Ice Cube's "Ghetto Bird"

Montara: (Blue Note 1975)
* "Montara (Vibe and Other Stuff)"
     Down South's "Sittin Here"
     Hoodratz's "Murdered Ova Nuttin'" (Remix)
     K-Otix's "Fallin Down II"
     The Roots' "Montara"
* "Manzanita"
     The Grouch's "Once Upon a Rhyme"

Hyman, Dick
Moog: The Electric Eclectics of Dick Hyman: (Varese 1969)
* "Improvisations in Fourths"
     De la Soul's "Patti Dooke"
* "The Moog and Me"
     Beck's "Sissyneck"
* "Topless Dancers of Corfu"
     Busta Rhymes's "Where We are about to Take It"

Irvine, Weldon
Time Capsule: (Nodlew Music 1973)
* "Deja Vu" (Vocals)
     Blood of Abraham's "I'm Not the Man"
     DJ Food's "Sunvibes"

Spirit Man: (RCA 1975)
* "We Gettin' Down"
     A Tribe Called Quest's "Award Tour"

Jackson, Milt (& the Ray Brown Big Band)
Memphis Jackson: (Impulse 1970)
* "Enchanted Lady"
     De la Soul's "Dinninit"
     Large Professor's "I Juswannachill"
     Pete Rock & CL Smooth's "Carmel City"
     Pete Rock & CL Smooth's "Escapism" (Outro)

Memphis Jackson: (CTI 1969)
* "Enchanted Lady"
     Third Eye's "360"

Sunflower: (CTI 1972)
* "What are You Doing the Rest of Your Life"
     A-Team's "Who Framed the A-Team?"
* "People Make the World Go Round"
     Blackalicious' "Swan Lake"
     De la Soul's "Patti Dooke"
     Heather B's "All Glocks Down"
     Onyx's "Danexniguz"
     Problemz's "Kill the Noise"

Olinga: (CTI 1974)
* "Olinga"
     A Tribe Called Quest's "Award Tour"
     Tek 9's "We're Getting Down"
* "The Metal Melter"
     3rd Bass's "Brooklyn-Queens"

?: (? ?)
* "Funny Little Valentine"
     Mass Influence's "Clown Syndrome"
     Rasco's "Bloodbrothers"

Jackson, Milt and John Coltrane
Bags and Trane: (Atlantic 1961)
* "The Late Late Blues"
     KRS-One's "Brown Skin Woman" (Unreleased Version)

Jackson, Paul
Black Octopus: (? 1978)
* "Tip Toe thru the Ghetto"
     Mark B & Blade's "Building a Rep"

Jackson, Willis
Smoking with Willis: (Cadet 1965)
* "And I Love Her"
     Yesterday's New Quintet's "Elle's Theme"

Willis Jackson Recording Session: (Big Chance 1972)
* "Ain't No Sunshine" (Drums)
     A Tribe Called Quest's "Everything Is Fair"
     Beatnuts' "No Equal"

Jamal, Ahmad
Piano Scene: (Epic 1951)
* "It's Easy to Remember"
     Aceyalone's "Super Human Hip Hop Head"

Tranquility: (Impulse 1968)
* "Say a Little Prayer"
     Wordsworth ft L Fudge, & Mike Zoot's "Freestyle"

At the Top: Poinciana Revisited: (Impulse 1969)
* "Poinciana"
     GangStarr's "Now Your Mine"

Awakening: (ABC 1970)
* "The Awakening"
     Nas's "Street Fight"
     Pete Rock & CL Smooth's "It's on You"
     Shadez of Brooklyn's "Changes"
* "Your My Everything"
     Pete Rock & CL Smooth's "Get on the Mic" (Outro)
* "Wave"
     DJ Krush ft CL Smooth's "Only the Strong Survive" (7th Samurai Remix)
* "Dolphin Dance"
     Common's "Resurrection"
     Jemini the Gifted One's "Story of My Life"
     OC's "Time's Up" (Remix)
* "I Love Music"
     Jeru's "Me or the Papes"
     Nas's "The World Is Yours"

Freeflight: (GRP/Impulse 1971)
* "Poinciana"
     KRS-One's "Stop Frontin"
     Pete Rock & CL Smooth's "Get on the Mic" (Preceding Interlude)
* "Manhattan Reflections"
     Ice T's "Addicted to Danger" (Piano)
     Positive K's "Nightshift" (Remix)

Ahmad Jamal 73': (20th Century 1973)
* "The World Is a Ghetto"
     Alkaholiks' "Feel the Real"
     Fat Joe's "S--t Is Real" (Premier Remix)
* "Children of the Night"
     Das EFX's "Microphone Master" (DJ Spinna Remix)

Jamal Plays Jamal: (20th Century 1974)
* "Swahililand"
     De la Soul's "Stakes Is High" (Remix)
     Diamond D's "Hiatus"
* "Pastures"
     Jay-Z's "Feelin' It"
* "Dialogue"
     Al Tariq's "Everybody's Talkin'"

Jamalca: (20th Century 1974)
* "Misdemeanor"
     Black Moon's "Black Smif-N-Wessun"
     GangStarr's "Solliloquy of Chaos"
     Micranots's "Farward"
     Pete Rock's "Something Funky"
     Project Blowed's "I Don't Know"
* "Theme Bahamas"
     Fabe's "Changer Le Monde"
     Nas's "I Gave You Power"
* "Don't Misunderstand"
     Jeru's "One Day"
* "Ghetto Child"
     GangStarr's "Illest Brother"
     Hieroglyphics' "The Who"

Steppin' out with a Dream: (20th Century Records 1976)
* "Crossfire"
     Dilated Peoples' "Pay Attention"

Intervals: (20th Century 1980)
* "You're Welcome, Stop on By"
     Smif-N-Wessun's "Wipe Your Mouf"

Digital Works: (Atlantic 1985)
* "Poinciana"
     Binary Star's "New Hip Hop"

All of You: (? ?)
* "Star Eyes"
     Aceyalone's "Rappers, Rappers, Rappers, 10 for 12"

James, Bob
One: (CTI 1974)
* "Valley of the Shadows"
     DJ Shadow's "Entropy"
     DJ Shadow's "DJ Shadow's Theme"
     Group Home's "The Realness"
     K-Solo's "Everybody Knows Me"
     Leaders of the New School's "Time Will Tell"
     Sam Sever's "What's That Sound?"
     Sixtoo's "The Canada Project"
     Ugly Duckling's "If You Wanna Know"

* "In the Garden"
     Coolio's "C U When I Get There"
     Dr. Octagon's "I Got to Tell You"
* "Night on Bald Mountain"
     Adam F's "Brand New Funk"
     Eric B & Rakim's "Let the Rhythm Hit 'Em"
     David Shire's "Night on Disco Mountain"(Remake)
     DJ Magic Mike's "Exile Via Freestyle"
     Ministere Amer's "Traitres"

* "Feel Like Making Love"
     Mannish's "Tasha's Room"
     Onyx's "Stik N Muve"
     Papa Chuk's "Trunk of Funk"
     Public Enemy's "Louder than a Bomb" (Remix)
     Youngstas' "Wild Child"

* "Nautilus"
     Alkaholiks' "Daaam!"
     A Tribe Called Quest's "Clap Your Hands"
     Basement Khemist's "Correct Technique"
     Camp Lo's "Black Nostaljack" (Remix)
     DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince's "Jazzy'sGroove"
     DJ Food's "Spiral Dub"
     Dream Warriors' "Voyage Through theMultiverse"
     Eric B & Rakim's "Follow the Leader"
     Eric B & Rakim's "Let the Rhythm Hit 'Em"
     EPMD's "Brothers on My Jock"
     Freestylers' "Warning"
     Geto Boys' "Snitches"
     Ghostface Killah's "Daytona 500"
     Group Home's "Inna Citi Life"
     Ice T's ?
     JCD and the Dawg lb's "Over Pussy"
     Jungle Brothers' "Book of Rhyme Pages"
     Jeru's "My Mind Spray"
     K-Solo's "Everybody Knows Me"
     Keith Murray's "The Rhyme" (Ummah Remix)
     King Sun's "Life of a Big Shot"
     Kruder & Dorfmeister's "Original BedroomRockers"
     Large Professor ft Pete Rock's "The RapWorld"
     Leaders of the New School's "Show Me aHero"
     Lord Shafiyq's "My Mic Is on Fire"
     Lyrical Prophecy's "You Can't Swing This"
     Main Source's "Live at the Barbecue"
     Mary J Blige's "Just Mary"
     Mary J Blige ft Nas & DMX's "Sincerity"
     Mekon's "Phatty's Lunch Box" (Sures--t Mix)
     Mike Zoot's "Scene"
     Naughty by Nature's "Cruddy Clique"
     Nice & Smooth's "No Delayin'"
     Onyx's "Black Vagina Finda"
     Onyx's "Throw Ya Gunz"
     Organized Konfusion's "Stray Bullet"
     Pete Rock & CL Smooth's "Take You There"(Remix)
     Pete Rock & CL Smooth's "The Sun Won'tCome Out"
     Pete Rock & CL Smooth's "What's Next on theMenu?"
     Poison Clan's "Paper Chase"
     Poor Righteous Teachers' "Word Is Bond"
     Public Enemy's "Anti-N----r Machine"
     Puff Daddy ft Busta Rhymes and NotoriousBIG's "Victory" (Remix)
     Queen Mother Rage's "Slippin' into Darkness"
     Red Myers's "Shoplifter"
     The Roots ft Mos Def's "Double Trouble"
     Run-DMC's "Beats to the Rhyme"
     Run-DMC's "Groove to the Sound"
     Salt-N-Pepa's "Doper than Dope"
     Slick Rick's "Children's Story" (Interpolation)
     Soul II Soul's "Jazzie's Groove" (PianoVersion)
     Tame One's "Torture Chamber"
     Threat's "Bust One Fa Me"
     Tim Dog's "I'll Wax Anybody"
     Tim Dog's "Low Down N---a"
     Tim Dog's "Bronx N---a" (170 Mix)
     Ultramagnetic MC's "Ced Gee (Delta ForceOne)"
     Ultramagnetic MC's "Moe Love on the One &Two"
     Ultramagnetic MC's "Raise it Up"

Two: (CTI 1975)
* "Take Me to the Mardi Gras" (Drums)
     2 Live Crew's "Megamixx II"
     2 Live Crew's "Who's F--king Who?"
     Alkaholiks' "Who Dem N----s"
     Awesome II's "Ahooga"
     Beastie Boys' "Hold it Now, Hit It" (Drumroll)
     Biz Markie's "Cool V's Tribute to Scratching"
     Black Rock & Ron's "You Can't Do Me None"
     Caron Wheeler's "Livin' in the Light" (Remix)
     Dan the Automator's "Music to be MurderedBy"
     DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince's "Hip HopDancer's Theme"
     Eric B & Rakim's "Don't Sweat the Technique"(Promo Mix)
     Eric B & Rakim's "Eric B Made My Day"
     Eric B & Rakim's "The Punisher"
     Ed OG's "Feel Like a Nut"
     Ghostface Killah ft Method Man, Raekwon &Superb's "Flowers"
     Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five's"Freelance"
     Gravediggaz's "Pass the Shovel"
     Heavy D's "Nuttin' But Love"
     Ice Cube's "I Wanna Kill Sam"
     Kool G Rap & DJ Polo's "Deathwish"
     Kwame's "Itz Oh Kay"
     Kwame's "Ownlee Eue"
     LL Cool J's "Rock the Bells"
     Naughty by Nature's "Let the Ho's Go"
     Nightmares on Wax's "Coming Down"
     PM Dawn's "Set Adrift on Memory Bliss"
     Poison Clan's "Action"
     Prince Johnny C's "Comin' to Get Ya"
     Pete Rock & CL Smooth's "Lots of Lovin'"(Intro)
     Pete Rock & CL Smooth's "The Sun Won'tCome Out" (Outro)
     Public Enemy's "1 Million Bottlebags"
     Run-DMC's "Peter Piper"
     Slick Rick's "The Moment I Feared"
     Terminator X's "Ain't Got Nuttin'"
     Gina Thompson's "The Things That You Do"(Bad Boy Remix)
     TKA's "Maria"
     UBC's "Harlem $2.50 Pyramid"
     World Class Wreckin' Cru's "Cabbage Patch"
     X-Ecutioners' "Mad Flava"

* "I Feel a Song (In My heart)"
     Daddy O's ?
     King Just's "Pain"
     Miilkbone's "Mindgamez"
* "The Golden Apple"
     Group Home's "Baby Pa"
* "Farandole (L'Arlesienne Suite #2)"
     Company Flow's "Krazy Kings" (RemixHorns)
     DJ Magic Mike's "Class Is in Session"
     DJ Static's "Mr. Fantastic"
     Powerule's "Back"
     Ministere Amer's "Traitres"
     UNKLE's "Lonely Soul"
     Xzibit's "Recycled Assassins"

* "You're as Right as Rain"
     Boogie Down Productions' "Questions and Answers" (Remix)
     Kwest's "Lubrication"
* "Valley of the Shadows"
     Fat Joe's ?

Three: (CTI 1976)
* "One Mint Julep"
     Organized Konfusion's "P.S. 48"
     Professor X's "Definition of a Sissy"
     Snoop Dogg ft Slick Rick's "Lodi Dodi 98"
* "Women of Ireland"
     Abstract Rude's "Who's Mic Is This?"
* "Storm King" (Intro)
     Anotha Level's "What's That Cha Say?"
     Ed OG's "Feel Like a Nut"
     Grand Daddy IU's "Mass Destruction"
     New Edition's "Hit Me Off"
     NWA's "Alwayz into Somethin'"
     Private Investigators' "Walk On"
     Red Foo & Dre Kroon's "Life Is a Game ofChess"

* "Westchester Lady"
     Adam F's "Circles"
     Bumble BHE's "Wake up from an AmerikkkanDream"
     Dilated Peoples' "Weed vs. Beer"
     DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince's "Here WeGo Again"
     DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince's "A Touch ofJazz"
     Foreplay's "Play Lady Play"
     Low Profile's "No Mercy"
     Massive Attack's "Unfinished Symphony"(Nellee Hooper Remix)
     Sven Van Hees's "Tabla Rasa"

Four: (CTI 1977)
* "El Verano"
     Cocoa Brovaz's "Blown Away"
     Masta Ace's "NY Confidential"
* "Treasure Island"
     Dose One's "As for Bias"
     Sie's "Message from Jupiter"
* "Tappan Zee"
     Arrested Development's "People Everyday"
     Common's "Two Scoops of Raisins"
     Gospel Gangstas' "Vengeance Is Mine"
     Rappin' 4-Tay's "Sucka Free"
     Warren G's "I Shot the Sheriff" (EverydayPeople Remix)

Heads: (CTI 1977)
* "One Loving Night"
     DJ Clue's ?
     Lost Boys' "Beasts from the East"
* "Night Crawler"
     Mic Geronimo's "Wherever You Are"

Touchdown: (Columbia 1978)
* "I Want to Thank You (Very Much)"
     D-Sisve's "Popped"
* "Angela"
     Souls of Mischief's "Cabfare"
* "Carribean Nights"
     Redman's "I Can't Wait"

Lucky Seven: (CTI 1979)
* "Blue Lick"
     Digable Planets' "Jettin'"
     Jedi's "Malka Skai des Commores"
     KRS-One's "Team Players"
* "Look-Alike"
     Edan's "MC's Smoke Crack"
     GangStarr's "The ? Remainz"
     Geto Boys' "Gangsta (Put Me Down)"
     Kwame's "Rhythm"
     Pete Rock's "Play Dis Only at Night"
* "Blue Lick"
     DJ Honda's "Team Players"

Sign of the Times: (Tappan Zee 1981)
* "Sign of the Times"
     De la Soul's "Keepin' the Faith"
     Warren G's "Regulate"

Hands Down: (CBS 1982)
* "Shamboozie"
     Rakim's "Guess Who's Back"

James, Bob & Klugh, Earl
One on One: (Columbia 1979)
* "Love Lips"
     Onyx's "Last Dayz"
* "Winding River"
     Buddah Monk's "Gots Like Come on Thru"

Cool: (Warner Bros 1992)
* "Sponge"
     Nas's "Watch Dem N----s"

James, Gregory Edition
Prophets of Soul: (Dakar 1973)
* "Ain't No Sunshine"
     KRS-One's "Hip Hop vs. Rap"

Jarrett, Keith and DeJohnette, Jack
Ruta and Daitya: (ECM 1973)
* "You Know, You Know"
     DJ Mayonnaise's "Center of the Universe"

Jazz Crusaders, The
Lighthouse '69: (Pacific Jazz 1969)
* "Ruby P'Gonia"
     Da King & I's "Flip Da Scrip" (DJ Premier Remix Saxophone)

Talk That Talk: (Liberty ?)
* "Studewood"
     Diamond D's "Hiatus"
* "Turkish Black"
     ShowBiz & A.G.'s "More than One Way out of the Ghetto"

Jazz Messengers
?: (? ?)
* "At the Cafe Bohemia"
     US3's "Different Rhythms, Different People"

Jenkins, Kenneth
Dba: Success: (Pacific Arts ?)
* "Samba Dis, Samba Dat"
     Common's "Like They Used to Say"

Jerry O
single: (? 1967)
* "(Funky) 4 Corners"
     Peanut Butter Wolf's "Tale of Five Cities" (Drums)

Johnson, J.J.
Man and Boy soundtrack: (Sussex 1971)
* "Rosita"
     Brand Nubian's "Brand Nubian"
* "Pull, Jubal, Pull"
     Rasco's "Me & My Crew"

Willie Dynamite soundtrack (MCA 1974)
* "Parade Strutt" (Drums)
     Massive Attack's "Unfinished Symphony" (Paul Oakenfold Mix)

Jones, Quincy
Soul Bossanova: (Mercury 1962)
* "Soul Bossanova"
     Dream Warriors' "My Definition of a Boombastic Jazz Style"
     Dream Warriors' "U Could Get Arrested"

The Lost Man soundtrack: (Uni 1968)
* "Up Against the Wall"
     GangStarr's "Speak Ya Clout"
* "Main Squeeze"
     Katch 22's "Lifestyles of the Poor & Roughneck"
     Lord Finesse's "Praise the Lord"
     Positive K's "The Shout Out"
* "The Lost Man"
     Lady of Rage's "Some S--t"
* "Slum Creeper"
     Das EFX's "Hold it Down"

Walking in Space: (A&M 1969)
* "Walking in Space"
     Automator's ? (Vocals: "Doors are Locked!")
     Brand Nubian's "Lick Dem Muthaph----s" (Remix)
* "I Never Told You"
     Cage's "And So Kiddies. . ."
* "Oh Happy Day"
     Die Fantastischen Vier's "Frohes Fest"

Gula Matari: (A&M 1970)
* "Gula Matari"
     Beastie Boys' "The Move" (Vocals)
     Grand Puba's "Black Family Day"
     Stak Cheddar's "My Hindu Love"
* "Hummin'"
     All Natural's "Phantoms of the Opera"

Smackwater Jack: (A&M 1971)
* "Hikky Burr"
     Above the Law's "Livin' Like Hustlers"
     Jazzy Grooves' "Ooh Lawd"
     Mr. Dibbs's "Live in Memphis Part 2"
* "Ironside"
     Above the Law's "Murder Rap"
     Above the Law's "Untouchables"
     Boogie Down Productions' "We in There"(Remix)
     Dr. Dre ft RBX, KRS-One, B-Real, & Nas's"East Coast-West Coast Killa"
     Kool Keith's "Lost in Space"
     Lench Mob's "You and Your Heroes"
     OPM's "El Capitan"
     Poor Righteous Teachers' "Rappin' Black"
     Rob Swift's "Dope on Plastic" (Large ProfessorRemix)

$: (Warner Bros 1972)
* "Rubber Ducky"
     D&D Project ft Ill Breed's "Act Up"
* "Snow Creatures"
     Compton's Most Wanted's "Def Wish II"
     Common's "Tricks up My Sleeve"
     GangStarr's "Alongwaytogo"
     Lord Finesse's "_Return of the Funky Man_ Intro"
* "Candy Man"
     Naughty by Nature's "1,2,3"
* "Kitty with the Bent Frame"
     Dr. Octagon's "Girl, Let me Touch You"
     Mobb Deep's "Shook Ones pt II"
     Mobb Deep's "Q.U. - Hectic"
* "The Money Runners"
     Ceasefire's "Caipirinha"
     Chemical Brothers' "Get up on it Like This"
     Major Force's "Return of the Original Art Form"

Hot Rock soundtrack: (Atlantic 1972)
* "Main Title"
     O.G.C.'s "Wild Cowboys in Bucktown"
* "Hot Rock Theme"
     Jurassic 5's "Improvise"
* "Listen to the Melody/Dixie Bag"
     Del's "Phony Phranchise" (Remix)

Ndeda: (Mercury 1972)
* "The Midnight Sun Will Never Set"
     Guru's "Watch What You Say"
* "The Slender Thread"
     Sauce Money ft Jay-Z's "Pre-Game"

You've Got it Bad Girl: (A&M 1973)
* "Summer in the City"
     Aphrodite's "Rincing Quince" (Slider Mix)
     Black Moon's "Reality"
     Dobie's "Basement Rock"
     El Da Sensei's "Where Ya At ?"
     Fu-Schnickens' "Check it Out"
     Joe ft Mystikal's "Stutter" (Remix)
     LL Cool J's "Diggy Down"
     Nightmares on Wax's "Nights Introlude"
     Peanut Butter Wolf's "Run the Line"
     Pharcyde's "Passin' Me By"
     The Roots' "Clones"

* "Sanford and Son Theme (The Streetbeater)"
     Bloodhound Gang's "We are the Knuckleheads"
     Chubb Rock's "The Chubbster"
     Nice & Smooth's "Step by Step"
* "Brown Ballad"
     Mad Skillz's "Unseen World"

Mellow Madness: (A&M 1975)
* "Mellow Madness"
     Boogie Down Productions' "7 Dee Jays"

Body Heat: (Polydor 1976)
* "Body Heat"
     Das EFX's "They Want EFX" (Remix)
     Fesu's "Goosebumps"
     Hoerzu's "Steig Ein"
     Mobb Deep's "Temperature's Rising" (Remix)
     TLC's "Creep" (Untouchable Mix)
     Tupac ft KC and JoJo's "How Do U Want It"

* "Along Came Betty"
     Siah & Yeshua's "Gravity"
     Ghetto Concept's "EZ on the Motion"
* "If I Ever Lose this Heaven"
     De la Soul's "Foolin'"

I Heard That!: (A&M 1976)
* "I Heard That"
     Esham's "You Still Hoe'n?"
     Geto Boys' "I'm Not a Gentleman"
     Kid Sensation's "Maxin' with the E.C.P."
     The Coup's "Funk"
* "There's a Train Leaving"
     Screwball & CNN's "Take it There"

The Wiz Sdtk: (Motown 1978)
* "Ease on Down the Road"
     Big Daddy Kane's "Ain't No Half Steppin'"

The Dude: (A&M 1981)
* "Velas"
     Jodeci's "Get on Up"
     Pijall's "Meista Moneksi"
* "One Hundred Ways"
     MF Doom's "Rhymes Like Dimes"

Roots: The Saga of an American Family: (A&M ?)
* "Oh Lord Come by Here"
     RBX's "Sounds of Reality"

Music from the Adventurers: (Symbolic ?)
* "El Lobo's March" ft Eumir Deodato
     De la Soul's "Hey Love" (Piano)
* "Go Down Dying" ft Antonio Carlos Jobim
     Bjork's "Human Behavior"
* "Coming & Going" ft Ray Brown
     Extra Prolific's "Is it Right"

?: (? ?)
* "Along Came Betty"
     Siah & Yeshua's "Gravity"

Jordan, Clifford
Soul Fountain: (Vortex 1970)
* ?
     Pete Rock & CL Smooth's "Death Becomes You" (Horns)

Glass Bead Game: (Strata East 1973)
* "Maimoun"
     Howie B's "Away Again" (Bass)

Jordan, Duke
Two Loves: (Steeple Chase 1973)
* "Subway Inn"
     Ice Cube's "We Had to Tear this Motherf--ker Up"

Julian, Don
Savage! soundtrack: (Money 1973)
* "Janitzio"
     Warren G's "And You Don't Stop"

Shorty the Pimp: (Southbound 1998)
* "Shorty the Pimp"
     Dru Down's "Pimp of the Year"
     Too Short's "Intro (_Shorty the Pimp_)"

Kaempfert, Bert
Traces of Love: (Polydor 1969)
* "Only a Fool"
     Lil' Kim's "MAFIA Land"

Now: (Decca 1971)
* "Falling Free"
     Swollen Members' "Groundbreaking"
* "In Our Time (A Musical Prayer for Peace)"
     Swollen Members' "Ground Breaking"

6 Plus 6: (Decca 1972)
* "A Tune for Tony"
     Dynospectrum's "Tenfold"

?: (? ?)
* "My Way of Life"
     The Avalanches' "Frontier Psychiatrist"
* "Wonderland By. . ."
     LL Cool J's "Funkadelic Relic"

Kawasaki, Ryo
Juice: (RCA 1977)
* "Bamboo Child"
     Kool G Rap's "It's A Shame" (Remix)

Kenyatta, Robin
Girl from Martinique: (ECM 1973)
* "Girl from Martinique"
     Mumbles ft Cut Chemist & Dark Leaf's "Caution"
* "Thank You Jesus"
     Mumbles ft Cut Chemist & Dark Leaf's "Caution"

Kessel, Barney
Hair Is Beautiful: (Polydor 1969)
* "Frank Mills"
     Wiseguys' "The Sound You Hear"

Khan, Steve
?: (? ?)
* "Darlin Darlin Baby"
     Big Punisher's "I'm Not a Playa"

King, Morgana
New Beginnings: (Paramount 1973)
* "A Song for You"
     Sole's "Bottle of Humans"
* "Like a Seed"
     Atmosphere's "Party for the Fight to Write"

Kingsley, Gershon
First Moog Quartet: (Audio Fidelity 1970)
* "Thunder" (Vocals)
     Luke Vibert's "I Hear the Drummer"

Kirk, Rahsaan Roland
Blacknuss: (Atlantic 1972)
* "Old Rugged Cross"
     Digable Planets' "Borough Check" (Vocals: "Y'all the hippest people in the world")
* "Blacknuss"
     Digable Planets' "Appointment at the Fat Clinic" (12 inch Vocals: "We're gathered. . ."

The Case of the 3-sided Dream in Audio Color: (Atlantic 1975)
* "Freaks for the Festival"
     Beastie Boys' "Finger Lickin' Good" (Vocal: "look at it ,look at it ah uh")

Klemmer, John
Blowin' Gold: (Chess 1969)
* "Children of the Earth Flames"
     Beastie Boys' "The Update"
* "Free Soul"
     Akinyele's "Exercise"
     Ed OG's "Less than Zero"
     InI's "Life I Live"
     Kurious's "Leave Ya' with This"
     MC Lyte's "Lil Paul"
     Rondo & Crazy Rak's "No Justice No Peace"

Eruption: (Cadet Concept 1970)
* "Gardens of Uranus"
     Hieroglyphics' "No Nuts"

Constant Throb: (Impulse 1971)
* "Constant Throb"
     Abstract Rude's "Blast Off N2 Infinity"
     Chino XL ft Ras Kass's "Rriiiioottt!!!"

Waterfalls: (MCA 1972)
* "Prelude I"
     Del's "You're in Shambles" (Sax)
* "Waterfall I"
     Ghetto Concept's "EZ on the Motion" (Sax, Bass)

Magic and Movement: (Impulse 1973)
* "The Tree of Forbidden Fruit"
     Micranots' "All Live"

Intensity: (Impulse 1973)
* "Love Song to Catherine"
     Black Moon's "S--t Iz Real"

Fresh Feathers: (ABC 1974)
* "Humbling Love"
     Atmosphere's "God's Bathroom Floor"

Touch: (MCA 1975)
* "Touch"
     Scientifik's "Downlow Ho"

Barefoot Ballet: (MCA 1976)
* "Barefoot Ballet"
     Ras Kass's "The Evil That Men Do"

Klugh, Earl
Living Inside Your Love: (Blue Note 1977)
* "Living inside Your Love"
     Ja Rule's ?
     Tupac's "Pain"

Koffman, Moe
Museum Pieces: (Janus 1977)
* "Days Gone By Egyptology"
     Jill Scott's "Slowly Surely"

Kynard, Charles
Wa-Tu-Wa-Zui (Beautiful People): (Prestige 1971)
* "Something"
     ShowBiz & A.G.'s "Silence of the Lambs" (Kid Capri Intro Remix)
* "Winter's Child"
     Funkdoobiest's "This Is It (Interlude)"

Charles Kynard: (Mainstream 1971)
* "She"
     Blackalicious' "Deep in the Jungle"

Your Mama Don't Dance: (Mainstream 1973)
* "Momma Jive"
     Black Sheep's "Gimme the Finga" (Keys)

L.A. Boppers
L.A. Boppers: (Mercury 1980)
* "You Did it Good"
     DITC's "All Love"

Make Mine Bop!: (MCA 1982)
* "Christy"
     Canibus's "Get Retarded"

Lamond, Don & His Orchestra
Off Beat: (Command 1962)
* "It Don't Mean a Thing If it Ain't Got That Swing"
     Beatnuts ft Tony Touch's "Cocotaso"

Lateef, Yusef
The Complete Yusef Lateef: (Atlantic 1967)
* "In the Evening"
     Pharcyde's "Hey You"

Latitude 42 30 Longitude 83: (Atlantic 1969)
* "Eastern Market"
     MF Doom's "Who You Think I Am?" (Flute)

Suite 16: (Atlantic 1970)
* "Passacaglia"
     Sole's "Bottle of Humans (Remix)"
* "Folia"
     Sole's "Silence (Poor Me Pt.7)"

The Gentle Giant: (Embryo 1972)
* "Loveland Lullabye" (Flute)
     Psyche Continuum's "Metaphorensics"
     Sixtoo's "Courtyard Courtship"

10 Years Hence: Recorded Live at the Keystone Korner, S.F.: (Atlantic 1975)
* "Samba de Amor (Fantasy)" (Drums)
     Asia Born's "Send 'Em"
     Beastie Boys' "Alright Hear This"

Lawrence, Azar
People Moving: (Prestige 1976)
* "Kickin' Back"
     Organized Konfusion's "Let's Organize"

Laws, Hubert
Crying Song: (CTI 1969)
* "Cymbaline"
     Aceyalone ft Abstract Rude's "The Masquerade Is Over"
     Original Flavor's "All That"

Afro Classic: (CTI 1970)
* "Passacaglia in C Minor"
     Goodie Mob's "Dirty South"
     Fantastic 4's "You're in the Wrong Place"

The Rite of Spring: (CTI 1971)
* "The Rite of Spring"
     Large Professor ft Nas's "One"
     Nas ft Large Professsor's "One + One"
     People Under the Stairs "Intro to _The Next Step_"
     Swollen Members' "Consumption"

Then There Was Light: (CTI 1974)
* "Reconcilation"
     Nonce's "Mixtapes"

The Chicago Theme: (CTI 1975)
* "I Had a Dream"
     MOP's "Downtown Swinga (Pt 2)"
* "Going Home"
     MOP's "Dedication"

San Francisco Concert: (CTI 1975)
* "Modadji"
     Souls of Mischief's "Anything Could Happen"

Romeo & Juliet: (CBS 1976)
* "Undecided"
     Del tha Funkee Homosapien's "Money for Sex"
* "Tryin' to Get the Feeling Again"
     Boogiemonsters ft Bahamadia's "Say Word?"
     Onyx's "Shout"
     Ras Kass's "Drama"

?: (? ?)
* "What a Night"
     LL Cool J's "Mr. Smith"
* "It Happens Everyday"
     Aceyalone's "Deep and Wide"

Laws, Ronnie
Pressure Sensitive: (Blue Note 1975)
* "Tell Me Something Good"
     Beastie Boys' "Shake Your Rump"
* "Nothing to Lose"
     Lifer's Group's "One Life to Live"
* "Tidal Wave"
     A Tribe Called Quest's "The Love"
     Black Moon's "Who Got the Props?"
     Organized Konfusion's "Stress" (Remix horns)
     Private Investigators' "Shy Country Girl"
     Quasimoto's "Loop Digga"
     Rob Swift's "Introduction"
     Usher's "Think of You"

Blue Note Live at the Roxy: (Blue Note 1977)
* "Captain Midnight"
     Ministere Amer's "Au Dessus des Lois"

Solid Ground: (Liberty 1981)
* "Just as You Are"
     Nine's "Make or Take"

Legrand, Michel
The Concert Legrand: (RCA 1975)
* "Sweet Gingerbread Man"
     MOP's "Breakin the Rules"
* "The Saddest Thing of All"
     OC ft Freddie Foxx's "M.U.G."

Le Jazz Grand: (Gryphon 1978)
* "La Pasionara"
     United Future Organization's "Loud Minority" (Horns)

Levy, O'Donel
Breeding of the Mind: (Groove Merchant 1973)
* "We've Only Just begun"
     Pete Rock & CL Smooth's "Mecca and the Soul Brother"

Dawn of a New Day: (Groove Merchant 1974)
* "Dawn of a New day"
     Main Source's "Fakin' the funk" (Guitar)
* "I Wanna Be Where You Are"
     Pete Rock & CL Smooth's "Good Life"
     Sharpshooters' "Pork Pie Stride"
* "People Make the World Go Round"
     Blackalicious' "Swan Lake"

Lewis, Ramsey
Country Meets the Blues: (Argo 1962)
* "Memphis in June"
     Sunz of Man ft Iam's "La Saga"

Goin' Latin: (Cadet 1966)
* "Hey, Mrs. Jones"
     Daddy-O's "You Can Be a Daddy, but Never Daddy-O"

Up Pops Ramsey Lewis: (Cadet 1967)
* "Jade East" (Drums)
     Chubb Rock's "Jade East"
     Pete Nice & Daddy Rich's "Blowin' Smoke"
     Yaggfu Front's "Lookin for a Contract" (Remix)
* "The Look of Love"
     Dan-e-o's "Dear Hip Hop"
* "Respect"
     Wiseguys' "Ooh La La" (Horns)

Maiden Voyage: (Cadet 1968)
* "The Mighty Quinn (Quinn the Eskimo)"
     Leaders of the New School's "Another Case of the PTA"
     Pharcyde's "Officer"
* "Les Fleur"
     Black Sheep's "Similak Child"
     Blood of Abraham's "Stabbed by the Steeple"
     GangStarr's "Jazz Music"
     Masta Ace's "Saturday Nite Live" (Remix)
     Mic Geronimo's "Hemmin' Heads"

Mother Nature's Son: (Cadet 1969)
* "Julia"
     All Natural's "50 Years" (Piano)
     Da King & I's "Mr. All That"
     UMC's "It's Gonna Last"
* "Cry Baby Cry"
     B.U.M.S.'s "Outro"
     Dynospectrum's "Appearing Live"
     ShowBiz & A.G.'s "Catchin' Wreck" (Piano)

The Piano Player: (Cadet 1969)
* "A Rainy Day in Centerville"
     Real Live's "Crime Is Money"

Them Changes: (Cadet 1970)
* "Them Changes"
     Deee-Lite's "Fuddy Duddy Judge"

Back to the Roots: (Cadet 1971)
* "Fool on the Hill"
     Public Enemy's "Livin' in a Zoo"

Upendo Ni Pamoja: (CBS 1972)
* "Collage"
     Da King & I's "Flip Da Scrip"
     Group Home's "Livin' Proof"
     Hard 2 Obtain's "Ghetto Diamond" (Remix)
     Souls of Mischief's "Make Your Mind Up"
     SWV ft Foxxy Brown's "Release SomeTension"

* "Concierto De Aranjuez"
     The Coup's "Liberation of Lonzo Williams"
* "Slipping into Darkness"
     Honda ft Sean Black's "F-k Dat"
     Jay-Z's "Murdergram"
     Passage and the Bomarr Monk's "Extinction"
* "People Make the World Go Round"
     Sage Francis, Sole, and Adeem's "I'm Afraid"

Funky Serenity: (Columbia 1973)
* "Dreams"
     A Tribe Called Quest's "Electric Relaxation"
     A Tribe Called Quest ft Jay-Z and Faith Evans's "Stressed Out" (Hustle Mix)
     A Tribe Called Quest ft Busta Rhymes's "One Two S--t" (Bass)
     Beck's "Debra" (Interpolation)
     Ty's "Mind Made Up"
* "My Love for You"
     Jamal-Ski's "Poom, Poom" (Remix)
     Musiq Soulchild's "Girl Next Door"
     Scientifik's "Jungles of Da East"
* "If Loving You Is Wrong, I Don't Want to Be Right"
     Fugees' "Fu-Gee-La"
     Saukrates's "Check for Me"

Sun Goddess: (CBS 1974)
* "Sun Goddess"
     Detroits Most Wanted's "All about Ya Yo"(Vocal Interpolation)
     E-40's "Hope I Don't Go Back" (VocalInterpolation)
     Mos Def's "Mr. N---a" (Vocal Interpolation)
     Mr. Complex's "Visualize"
     Pete Rock & CL Smooth's "Escapism"

* "Hot Dawgit"
     Def Jef's "Black to the Future" (Remix)
     Paris's "Long Hot Summer"
     Public Enemy's "Yo' N---a"
* "Tambura"
     Adeem's "Out of Office Experience"
     Cannibal Ox's "Battle for Asgard"
     Detroits Most Wanted's "A.P.B"
     Mr. Complex's "Visualize"
     Oddjobs' "Great Minds"
     The Coup's "F--k a Perm"

Solar Wind: (Columbia 1974)
* "Summer Breeze"
     Jurassic 5's "Concrete Schoolyard" (Bass)
* "Hummingbird"
     Sha Key's "Soulville"

Peacing it All Together: (RCA 1970)
* "Sausalito"
     Rob Swift ft Gudtyme's "The Earth's a Turntable"

One Fine Morning: (Evolution 1971)
* "Love of a Woman"
     Peanut Butter Wolf's "Tale of Five Cities"

Lindh, Björn Jäson
Ramadan: (CTI/Metronome 1971)
* "Daphnia"
     Jurassic 5's "Lesson 6" (Flute)

Cous Cous: (Metronome 1972)
* "Abdo"
     Buck 65, Sole, Circus, Sixtoo, and cosmic lovef--k's "Holy S--t!"
     Sixtoo's "Propaganda"

Sissel: (Metronome 1973)
* "Your Own House"
     Aceyalone's "Makeba"
     Attica Blues' "Contemplating Jazz"
     Beastie Boys' ?

Lindup, David
Small Band Jazz: (Bruton 1979)
* "African Assignment"
     Dilated Peoples ft the 'Liks "Heavy Rotation"

Lorber, Jeff Fusion
Water Sign: (Arista 1979)
* "Rain Dance"
     Erykah Badu's "On and On" (Live version)
     Lil' Kim's "Crush on You"
     SWV ft Lil' Caesar's "Love Like This"

Galaxian: (Arista 1980)
* "Night Love"
     Jay-Z's "Who You Wit?"
     Jay-Z's "Who You Wit? II"

Soft Space: (Inner City ?)
* "Curtains"
     Brothers Like Outlaw's "The Struggle Continues"

Los Admiradores
Bongos, Flutes, Guitars: (Command 1960)
* "Golden Earings"
     45 King's "98 Degrees (Beats of the Month, January)"

Loussier, Jacques
?: (? ?)
* "Pulsion"
     Eminem's "Kill You"

Lynne, Gloria
Let it Be Me: (? ?)
* "Let it Be Me"
     Heltah Skeltah's "Great Uknown"

Lytle, Johnny
People & Love: (Milestone 1972)
* "Family"
     Organized Konfusion's "The Equinox" (Vibes)

Done it Again: (Pacific ?)
* "Jungle Child"
     Pete Rock & CL Smooth's "Wig Out"

MacDonald, Ralph
Sound of a Drum: (Marlin 1976)
* "Jam on the Groove" (Drums)
     Del's "Money for Sex"
     Double D & Steinski's "Lesson 3"
     Chi-Ali's "Jump to the Rhythm"
     ESP's "Give Me the Night"
     Stetsasonic's "Go Brooklyn 3"

Mahavishnu Orchestra (with John McLaughlin)
Inner Mounting Flame: (Columbia 1971)
* "You Know, You Know" (Guitar)
     Black Sheep's "Similak Child"
     Blahzay Blahzay's "Intro"
     MC Serch's "Hits the Head"
* "Meeting of the Spirits"
     Aceyalone's "The Hunt"
     Jurassic 5's "Lesson 6"

Birds of Fire: (CBS 1973)
* "Miles Beyond"
     A Tribe Called Quest's "Same Ol' Thing"
* "Resolution"
     Dilated Peoples' "Work the Angles" (Remix)
* "Birds of Fire"
     Aceyalone's "The Hunt"

Visions of the Emerald Beyond: (Columbia 1974)
* "Earth Ship"
     Rae & Christian's "Not Just Anybody"

Inner Worlds: (Columbia 1975)
* "Miles Out"
     Alkaholiks' "The Next Level"
* "Planetary Citizen"
     Jaz's "Nation Divided"
     Massive Attack's "Unfinished Symphony" (Vocals)
     Schoolly D's "Black Education"
     Slick Rick's "Kit (What's the Scoop)" (Vocals)
     Stetsasonic's "So Let the Fun Begin"

Mance, Junior
I Believe to My Soul: (Atlantic 1966)
* "Time and a Place"
     D-Nice's "To tha Rescue"
* "I Believe to My Soul"
     Defari's "Behold My Life"

With a Lotta Help from My Friends: (Atlantic 1970)
* "Thank You (Falletinme Be Mice Elf Agin)" (Drums)
     A Tribe Called Quest's "Push it Along"
     Ugly Duckling's "I Did it Like This"
* "Don't Cha Hear Me Calling to Ya"
     Cypress Hill's "Hits from the Bong" (T-Ray's Mix)
     Kurious's "Baby Bust It"
     Zhigge's "Rakin' in the Dough"

Mangione, Chuck
Together: (Mercury 1973)
* "Hill Where the Lord Hides"
     DJ Shadow's "The Number Song" (Cut Chemist Remix)

Land of Make Believe: (Phonogram 1973)
* "El Gato Triste"
     Nas's "Suspect"

Feels So Good: (A&M 1977)
* "Hide & Seek"
     Eins Zwo's "Hey DJ"

Children of Sanchez: (A&M 1978)
* "Children of Sanchez Overture"
     P Diddy & the Family's "Back for Good Now"

Mangione, Gap
Diana in the Autumn Wind: (Grc 1969)
* "Diana in the Autumn Wind"
     Slum Village's "Fall-n-Love"

Mann, Herbie
At the Village Gate: (Atlantic 1961)
* "Summertime"
     Sublime's "Doin' Time"

Latin Man: (Columbia 1966)
* "Bijou"
     Pharcyde's "Pack the Pipe"

Today!: (Atlantic 1966)
* "Today"
     Pharcyde's "Otha Fish"

Memphis Underground: (Atlantic 1969)
* "Memphis Underground"
     3rd Bass's "Kick 'em in the Grill"
     Ice Cube's "Check Yo Self"
     Salt-N-Pepa's "Shoop"

Push Push: (Embryo 1971)
* "Push Push"
     Digable Planets' "Nickel Bags"
* "Spirit in the Dark"
     Funky Aztec's "Straight up Loco"

Manne, Shelly
The Three and the Two: (Contemporary 1954)
* "Flip"
     Jurassic 5's "Jurass Finish First"

Mannekind: (Mainstream 1972)
* "Infinity"
     Jeru's "Come Clean"

Marcus, Wade
New Era: (Cotillion 1971)
* "Spinning Wheel" (Drums)
     Jungle Brothers' "On the Road Again"
     Positive K's "Shakin'"

Marsalis, Wynton
J Mood: (CBS 1986)
* "Skain's Domain"
     Soho's "Hot Music"

Masekela, Hugh
The Promise of a Future: (Uni 1968)
* "Grazing in the Grass"
     Nice & Smooth's "1,2, and 1 More Makes 3"
     The Scofflaws' "Grazzin in the Grass"
* "Almost Seedless"
     Rumpletilskinz's "Attitudes"

Home is Where the Music Is: (Blue Thumb 1972)
* "Part of a Whole"
     Lootpack's "Crate Diggin'"

I Am Not Afraid: (Blue Thumb 1974)
* "Been Such a Long Time"
     Grouch ft PSC's "Symbolism"

?: (? ?)
* "Child of the Earth"
     PM Dawn's "To Serenade a Rainbow"

Matthews, David
Dune: (CTI 1977)
* "Pt II: Sandworms"
     Eclipse's "My Position"
     Large Professor's "Mad Scientist"

Maupin, Benny
The Jewel in the Lotus: (ECM 1974)
* "The Jewel in the Lotus"
     KRS-One's "'P' Is Still Free" (Spacey Sound)
* "Winds of Change"
     Artifacts' "Return to the Wrongside"

Slow Traffic to the Right: (Mercury 1977)
* "You Know the Deal"
     Lone Catalysts' "Showtime"
     Mr. Roam's "Price of Living"

McCann, Les
Much Les: (Alantic 1968)
* "Roberta"
     Afu-Ra's "Whirlwind Through Cities"
     Black Sheep's "Let's Get Cozy"
     E Bros's "Funky Piano"
* "Benjamin"
     2 Bal 2 Neg's "Interlude"
     Iam's "C'est Donc a Nos Vies"
     Mobb Deep's "Right Back at You"

Comment: (Atlantic 1969)
* "Baby Baby"
     Musab's "Love Beat"

Invitation to Openness: (Atlantic 1971)
* "The Lovers"
     Freestyle Fellowship's "Everything's Everything"
     Dynospectrum's "Introspectrum"
* "Beaux J. Poo Boo"
     Freestyle Fellowship's "Everything's Everything"

Talk to the People: (Atlantic 1972)
* "North Carolina" (Drums)
     A Tribe Called Quest's "The Infamous DateRape"
     A Tribe Called Quest's "After Hours"
     Black Sheep's "To Whom it May Concern"
     Bulldog Breaks' "Funk Is a Four Letter Word"
     Prince Paul's "You Got Shot"
     Smif-N-Wessun's "Let's Git it On"
     Souls of Mischief's "What a Way to Go Out"

* "Talk to the People"
     Pete Rock & CL Smooth's "Anger in the Nation" (Intro)
* "What's Going On"
     Kool G Rap's "Erase Racism"
     YZ's "Second to Nobody"

Live at Montreux: (Atlantic 1972)
* "What's Going On"
     Pharcyde's "Bulls--t"

Layers: (Atlantic 1973)
* "Sometimes I Cry"
     Massive Attack's "Teardrops"
     Slick Rick's "Behind Bars" (Remix)
* "Anticipation"
     AZ's "Rather Unique"
* "The Dunbar High School Marching Band"
     Ed OG's "Streets of the Ghetto"
     Lord Finesse's "Save That S--t"
     Lords of the Underground's "Sleep for Dinner"
* "The Harlem Buck Dance Strut"
     Ahmad ft Ras Kass & Saafir's "Come Widdit"
     Ice T's "Soul on Ice"
     MC Shan's "Go for Yours ('Cause I'm GonnaGet Mine)"
     Pete Rock & CL Smooth's "The MainIngrediant"
     Ras Kass ft Saafir, & Ahmad's "Come Widdit"

* "Interlude"
     Sixtoo's "Dysfunctional Family Song"
* "Before I Rest"
     De la Soul's "Long Island Degrees"

Another Beginning: (Atlantic 1974)
* "Go on and Cry"
     Cella Dwellas' "Good Dwellas"
     Dream Warriors' "California Dreaming"
     Funkmaster Flex ft Erick Sermon's "Freestyle"
     Lords of the Underground's "No Pain"
     Warren G's "Runnin' wit' No Breaks"(Interpolation)

* "The Morning Song"
     Capitol Tax's "The Masha"

Hustle to Survive: (Atlantic 1975)
* "Hustle to Survive"
     Defari's "People's Choice"?

Music Lets Me Be: (ABC 1977)
* "Beyond Yesterday"
     GangStarr's "Itz a Set Up"
* "Valantra"
     Notorious BIG's "Ten Crack Commandments"
     SWV ft Puff Daddy's "Someone"

McCoy, Freddie
Gimme Some!: (Cobblestone ?)
* "Gimmie Some"
     Pete Rock & CL Smooth's "For Pete's Sake"

McDaniels, Eugene
Headless Heroes of the Apocalypse: (Atlantic 1971)
* "Jagger the Dagger"
     A Tribe Called Quest's "Interludes fromPeople's Instinctive Travels"
     Beatnuts' "Third of the Trio" (Vocals)
     Down South's "Tractors, Rakes, & Hoes"
     Gravediggaz's "Nowhere to Run, Nowhere toHide"
     Masta Ace's "Jeep A-s N----h" (Dusted Mix)
     Non Phixion's "Full Monty"
     Organized Konfusion's "Black Sunday"

* "Headless Heroes"
     Beastie Boys' "Get it Together" (Vocals)
     Pete Rock & CL Smooth's "Soul Brother #1"
* "Supermarket Blues"
     Jungle Brothers' "I'm in Love with Indica"
     Quasimoto's "Loop Digga"
* "Freedom Death Dance"
     Organized Konfusion's "Black Sunday"
     Pete Rock & CL Smooth's "Act Like You Know"
     UGK's "Pocket Full of Stones"

Natural Juices: (Ode 1975)
* "Feel Like Makin' Love"
     Jamal-Ski's "Night Rider"

McDuff, Brother Jack
Tobacco Road: (Atlantic 1967)
* "The Shadow of Your Smile"
     De la Soul's "Ego Trippin'" (LA Jay Remix)
     Da King & I's "Ghetto Instinct"

Do it Now!: (Atlantic 1967)
* "Strolling Blues"
     ShowBiz & A.G.'s "Party Groove"

Getting Our Thing Together: (Prestige 1968)
* "Hold it for a Minute"
     Diamond D's "Feel the Vibe"

Gin and Orange: (Cadet 1969)
* "Electric SurfBoard"
     Pete Rock & CL Smooth's "One in a Million"

The Natural Thing: (Cadet ?)
* "Rock Candy"
     Flavor Unit's "Roll Wit tha Flava"

Moon Rappin': (Blue Note 1970)
* "Oblighetto"
     A Tribe Called Quest's "Scenario"
     Black Moon's "Son Get Wreck"
     Ugly Duckling's "Oasis"

To Seek a New Home: (Blue Note 1970)
* "Hunk of Funk"
     Black Sheep's "Hoes We Knows"
     Casual's ? (Drums)
     Fatboy Slim's "Give Po 'Man a Break"
     Tone Toni Tone's "I Couldn't Keep it to Myself"

Who Knows What Tomorrow's Gonna Bring?: (Blue Note 1971)
* "Classic Funke"
     A Tribe Called Quest's "Go Ahead in the Rain"

The Heatin' System: (Cadet 1972)
* "Pressure Gauge"
     Dream Warriors' "Follow Me Not"

Sophisticated Funk: (Cadet 1976)
* "Electric Surf Board"
     Microphone Prince's "Trunk of Funk" (Marley Marl Remix)

McGriff, Jimmy
The Worm: (Solid State 1968)
* "The Worm" (Drums)
     Chemical Brothers' "Chemical Beats"
     Commodore 64's "K-Minus"
     Motion Man's "93 Swing"
     United Future Organization's "Doopsylalolic"
* "Blue Juice"
     Black Sheep's "Pass the 40"
     King T's "Time to Get Out"

A Thing to Come By: (Solid State 1969)
* "Charlotte"
     Latryx's "Burnt Pride" (Bass)

Electric Funk: (Blue Note 1970)
* "Back on Track"
     OC's "Ma Dukes"
     Walkin' Large's "Reachin' (For My People)"

Groove Grease: (? 1971)
* "The Bird"
     Cypress Hill's "Hole in the Head"
     KRS-One's "Hip Hop vs. Rap"

The Funkiest Little Band in the Land: (Blue Note 1974)
* "Dig it On"
     A Tribe Called Quest's "God Lives Through" (Horns)

Red Beans: (Groove Merchant 1976)
* "Love is My Life"
     Onyx's "Purse Snatchaz"
     Westside Connection's "Do You Like Criminals?" (Interpolation)

Soul Sugar: (Capitol ?)
* "Dig it On"
     A Tribe Called Quest's "God Lives Through" (Horns)

McGriff, Jimmy & Parker, Junior
Dudes Doin' Business: (Capitol 1969)
* "It Aint Whatcha Got"
     Ice Cube's "Look Who's Burnin'"
     Ice Cube's "Who Got the Camera?"
* "Workin'"
     Del's "Pissin' on Your Steps"

Jimmy Mcgriff & Junior Parker: (United Artist ?)
* "Don't Throw your Love on me so Strong"
     Ugly Duckling's "Introduckling" (Vocals: "Everybody say.")

McRae, Carmen
For Once in My Life: (Atlantic 1967)
* "The Look of Love"
     King T's "Supern---a"

Mingus, Charles
The Charles Mingus Quintet + Max Roach: (Debut 1955)
* "A Foggy Day"
     Heavy D's "Here Comes the Heavster"

Ah Um: (Columbia 1959)
* "Fables of Faubus"
     T-Love's "What's My Name"

Mingus Revisited: (EmArcy 1960)
* "Chazz Fingers (Mingus Fingus 2)"
     Organized Konfusion's "Stress"

Oh Yeah: (Atlantic 1961)
* "Charles Mingus Interviewed by Nesuhi. . ."
     Papa's Culture's "Top 40"

Mingus, Mingus, Mingus, Mingus, Mingus: (Impulse 1963)
* "II BS"
     GangStarr's "I'm the Man"

Best of Charles Mingus: (Atlantic 1970)
* "Hog Callin' Blues"
     3rd Bass's "Derelicts of Dialect"

Charles Mingus Presents Charles Mingus: (Barnaby 1977)
* "Original Faubus Fables"
     Pumpkinhead's "Dynamic"
     Pumpkinhead's "Dynamic" (Remix)

Mitchell, Blue
Heads Up!: (Blue Note 1968)
* "Good Humour Man"
     ADOR's "Let it All Hang Out" (Remix)
     UMC's "One to Grow On"
     UMC's "Swing into the Area"

Bantu Village: (Blue Note 1969)
* "Flat Backing"
     Akinyele ft Kool G Rap's "Break a B---h Neck" (Unreleased)
     Del's "No Need for Alarm"
     Lucien's "From a Town Called Paris"

The Thing to Do: (Blue Note ?)
* "The Thing to Do"
     Leaders of the New School's "Teachers, Don't Teach Us Nonsense"

Blues' Blues: (Mainstream 1972)
* "Granite and Concrete"
     Hard 2 Obtain's "LI Groove" (Remix)
     Skoolbeats' "Concrete"

Stratosonic Nuances: (RCA 1975)
* "Melody 4 Thelma"
     DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince's "Ain't No Place Like Home"
     Organized Konfusion's "3-2-1"

?: (? ?)
* "Harmony of the Underworld"
     Shyheim's "Here Come the Hits"

Modern Jazz Quartet
Concorde: (Prestige 1955)
* "All of You"
     JEHST "Trilogy"

Pyramid: (Atlantic 1959)
* "Django"
     Jeru's "Can't Stop the Prophet" (Pete Rock Remix)
     Fugees' "Ready or Not" (Django Remix)

The Comedy: (Atlantic 1962)
* "Spanish Steps"
     MOP's "New Jack City"

Blues at Carneige Hall: (Atlantic 1966)
* "Ralph's New Blues"
     Pete Rock & CL Smooth's "In the Flesh" (Dedi intro)
     Sadat X's "Escape from New York"

Plastic Dreams: (Atlantic 1971)
* "England's Carol"
     Buck 65's "Wildlife Pt. 1"

Three Windows: (Atlantic 1987)
* "Django"
     High & Mighty's "The Meaning"

Monk, Thelonious
'Round Midnight: (Definitive 1947)
* "In Walked Bud"
     LMNO's "Streetwise"

Plays Duke Ellington: (Riverside 1955)
* "Black and Tan Fantasy"
     Wu-Tang Clan's "Shame on a N---a"

Misterioso: (Columbia 1958)
* "Light Blue"
     GangStarr's "Jazz Thing" (First, short Piano bar)

Straight, No Chaser: (Columbia 1966)
* "Straight, No Chaser"
     US3's "I Go to Work"

Montenegro, Hugo
Music from the Good, the Bad, the Ugly. . .: (RCA 1968)
* "Aces High"
     Almighty RSO's "Hellbound"
     Leaders of the New School's "Sobb Story" (Intro)

Lady in Cement soundtrack: (20th Century 1968)
* "Again"
     Beatnuts' "Rik's Joint"

Moog Power: (RCA 1969)
* "Dizzy"
     Busta Rhymes's "Ill Vibes"
     Large Professor's "Listen (Blast Off)"
     LL Cool J's "Summer Luv"
     Pete Rock & CL Smooth's "Carmel City"
     Reflection Eternal's "Good Mourning"
     Ugly Duckling's "Dizzy" (Vocals)

* "Moog Power"
     Malcolm McLaren's "Buffalo Gals"
* "MacArthur Park"
     Ursula 1000's "Chase Sequence #3"

Montgomery, Wes
Willow Weep for Me: (Verve 1965)
* "Willow Weep for Me"
     Sisqo's "Thong Song"

Tequila: (Verve 1966)
* "Bumpin' on Sunset"
     Typical Cats' "12 Cliche"

California Dreaming: (? 1966)
* "Sunny"
     Masterminds' "I'm Talented"
     Smooth's "You've Been Played"

Day in the Life: (A&M 1967)
* "Angel"
     ShowBiz & A.G.'s "Next Level"

Road Song: (CTI 1968)
* "Yesterday"
     Group Home's "Intro"

Down Here on the Ground: (A&M 1968)
* "Up and at It"
     Greyboy's "On the Down Low"

Moody, James
Sax & Flute Man: (Paula 1973)
* "First Thing in the Morning"
     Extra Prolific's "Brown Sugar" (Domino Remix)

Morgan, Lee
Sidewinder: (Blue Note 1963)
* "The Sidewinder"
     UMC's "Kraftworks"

The Sixth Sense: (Blue Note 1969)
* "Anti-Climax"
     Onyx's "B--hasn---z"

Live at the Lighthouse: (Blue Note 1970)
* "Absolutions"
     A Tribe Called Quest's "Oh My God"

Morris, Byron and Unity
Blow Thru Your Mind: (EPI 1973)
* "Kitty Bey"
     Tim 'Love' Lee's "Again, Son!" (Bass)

Morris, Ramon
Sweet Sister Funk: (Groove Merchant 1974)
* "People Make the World Go Around"
     Blackalicious' "Swan Lake"

?: (? ?)
* "Don't Ask Me"
     Big Punisher's "You Came Up"

When I Die: (Buddah 1969)
* "When I Die"
     Digable Planets' "The May 4th Movement Starring Doodlebug"
     Organized Konfusion's "Stray Bullet"
* "Soft Shell"
     DJ Krush ft DJ Shadow's "Duality"
     DJ Shadow's "Mutual Slump"
     GangStarr's "Credit is Due"
     Lord Finesse's ?
     Nonce's ?
* "You Aint Lookin' in the Right Place Baby"
     Sound Providers' "No Time" (Guitar)

Mouzon, Alphonse
Funky Snakefoot: (Blue Note 1974)
* "Funky Snakefoot"
     Beastie Boys' "Shake Your Rump" (Drums)

Virtue: (MPS 1977)
* "Poobli"
     Black Sheep's "Who's Next?"

Muhammed, Idris
Power of Soul: (Kudu 1974)
* "Loran's Dance"
     Beastie Boys' "To All the Girls"
     Zimbabwe Legit's "Legitimate Mix"
     Fatboy Slim's "The Weekend Starts Here"
     Private Investigators' "Who Am I? (God)"
     Various Blends' "Crazee Madeo Styles"

Turn this Mutha Out: (Kudu 1977)
* "Crab Apple"
     DJ Honda ft Syndicate's "Every Now andThen"
     Ghostface Killah's "Daytona 500"
     Grand Puba ft Mary J Blige's "Check it Out"(Remix)
     Jeru's "Mind Spray"
     K-Solo's "Renee, Renee"
     Kwest's "Blase Blase"
     Run-DMC's "Beats to the Rhyme"
     Schoolly D's "Black Jesus"
     Shyheim's "Napsack"
     Syndicate's "Every Now and Then"
     Tupac's "Crooked Ass N----a's"

* "Say What"
     EPMD's "Crossover"
     Live Squad's "Game of Survival" (Gangsta Funk Mix)
     LL Cool J's "Jealous"
     Nas's "Dr. Knockboot"
     The Coup's "Funk"

Nakamura, Teruo and the Rising Sun
Manhattan Special: (Polydor 1977)
* "Firefly"
     PM Dawn's "Filthy Rich (I Don't Wanna Be)"

Nestico, Sammy
Dark Orchid: (Palo Alto 1982)
* "Shoreline Drive"
     Fat Joe's "A Bronx Tale"
     Mix Master Mike's "Gang Tackle"

Newman, David "Fathead"
Concrete Jungle: (Prestige 1978)
* "Dance of the Honey Bee"
     Lootpack's "Questions"

Nordine, Ken
Colors: (Philips 1966)
* "Orange"
     Super Furry Animals' "Mountain People (Live)"

?: (? ?)
* "Sound Museum"
     Papa's Culture's "Top 40"

Novi Singers
Five, Four, Three: (Polskie Nagrania 1974)
* "Five, Four, Three"
     Handsome Boy Modeling School's "Magnetizing"

Oliphant, Grassella
The Grass Is Greener: (Atco 1968)
* "Get out of My Life, Woman"
     Biz Markie's "I'm Singin'"
     Cypress Hill's "What Goes Around, Comes Around Kid"

Oliver, David
Mind Mag: (Mercury 1978)
* "Take my Emptiness"
     Blackalicious' "Making Progress"

Ousley, Harold
?: (? ?)
* "Pretty Please"
     Def Squad's "Full Cooperation"

Overton Berry Ensemble
?: (? ?)
* "Superstar"
     Bulldog Breaks' "Fresh Squeeze"

Parker, Charlie
Bird Symbols: (Charlie Parker 1962)
* "Night in Tunisia"
     GangStarr's "Manifest"
     Nice & Smooth's "Down the Line"

?: (? ?)
* "Cool Blues"
     Down South's "Southern Comfort"

Pass, Joe
Virtuoso #2: (Pablo 1976)
* "Giant Steps"
     Q-Tip's "Let's Ride"

Guitar Interludes: (Discovery 1978)
* "A Time for Us"
     El the Sensei's "Keep it Live"

Pastorius, Jaco
Jaco Pastorius: (Epic 1976)
* "Portrait of Tracy"
     SWV's "Rain"
* "Come On, Come Over"
     KRS-One's "Rappaz R N Danja" (Intro)
* "Opus Pocus"
     Shyheim's "On and On" (Premier's Remix)

Patton, Big John
Understanding: (Blue Note 1968)
* "Alfie's Theme"
     US3's "It's Like That"

Paul, Billy
Ebony Woman: (Epic 1970)
* "Let's Fall in Love All Over"
     GangStarr's "Moment of Truth"

360 Degrees of Billy Paul: (Columbia 1972)
* "Am I Black Enough for You?"
     Schoolly D's "Am I Black Enough for You?"

War of the Gods: (Philadelphia International 1973)
* "War of the Gods"
     DJ Shadow's "What Does Your Soul Look Like, Pt 2" (Vocals)

Got My Head on Straight: (Columbia 1975)
* "Enlightenment"
     Xzibit's "Enemies and Friends"

Payne, John Band
The Razor's Edge: (Arista 1977)
* "Sounds from the Sea's Edge"
     Lootpack's "Episodes"

?: (? ?)
* "New Space"
     O.G.C.'s "Danjer"
* "Past Days"
     O.G.C.'s "Elite Fleet"
     O.G.C.'s "Flappin'"

Peacock, Annette
Perfect Dreams: Perfect Release: (Tomato 1979)
* "Survival"
     J-Live's "Braggin' Writes"
     Madd Rapper ft Busta Rhymes's "Bongo Break"

Pearson, Duke
Introducing the Duke Pearson Big Band: (Blue Note 1968)
* "Ground Hog"
     De la Soul's "Long Island Wildin'"

Perrey, Jean Jacques
Moog Indigo: (Vanguard 1970)
* "E.V.A."
     Artifacts' "Lower the Boom"
     A Tribe Called Quest's "Same Ol' Thing"
     Dr. Octagon's "3000"
     DJ Spooky's "Galactic Funk"
     Erick Sermon's "Freak Out"
     GangStarr's "Just to Get a Rep"
     House of Pain's "Fed Up" (Remix)
     Ice T's "The Lane"
     Lord Finesse's "Game Plan"
     Monstarrs' "Hit 'em High" (Remix)
     O.G.C.'s "No Fear"
     OPM's "El Capitan"
     Youngstas' "It'z Natural"
     Young Black Teenagers "Blowin' Up the Spot"

Person, Houston
Sweet Buns & Barbeque: (Prestige 1973)
* "Down Here on the Ground"
     Jurassic 5's "Unified Rebellion"

Phillips, Esther
From a Whisper to a Scream: (Kudu 1971)
* "Home Is Where the Hatred is"
     Ahmad ft Ras Kass & Saafir's "Come Widdit"
     Hard Knocks' "Young Guns"
* "That's All Right with Me"
     Faith's "Heaven Only Knows"
     Jeru's "Whatever"
     LL Cool J's "Pink Cookies in a Plastic Bag" (Remix)
     Mobb Deep's "Give up the Goods (Just Step)"

What a Difference a Day Makes: (Kudu 1975)
* "Hurtin' House"
     Private Investigators' "Mom Dukes"

Phillips, Sonny
I Concentrate on You: (Muse 1977)
* "Free Like the Wind"
     Black Sheep's "B.B.S."

?: (? ?)
* "Goin' Home"
     Pete Rock's "It's about That Time"

Pieces of a Dream
We are One: (Elektra 1980)
* "Mt. Airy Groove" (Drums)
     BBC's "Down by Law"
     Geto Boys' "Size Ain't S--t"
     Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five's "It's a Shame"
     Kool G Rap ft DJ Polo's "Trilogy of Terror"
     Tracey Lee's "The Theme"

Dust Yourself Off: (Fantasy 1975)
* "Bouncy Lady"
     DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince's "Brand NewFunk"
     Jeru's "Ain't the Devil Happy"
     King T's "Take You Home"
     Kings of Pressure's "You Know How to ReachUs"
     Salt-N-Pepa's "Solo Power (Let's Get Paid)"

Accept No Substitutes: (Fantasy 1976)
* "Let's Dance"
     DJ Quik's "N----z Still Trippin'"
     West Street Mob's "Let's Dance (Make Your Body Move)"
* "I'm Mad"
     West Coast Rap All Stars' "We're All in the Same Gang" (Guitar)

Joyous: (Fantasy 1977)
* "Joyous"
     Janet Jackson's "FreeXone"
     Donald D's "Car Chase"
     Double XX Posse's "Executive Class"
     LL Cool J's "To Da Break of Dawn"
     Raazda Rukkuz's "Loco Impact"

* "Sassafras Girl"
     Redman's ?

Get to the Feeling: (Fantasy 1978)
* "Celebrate the Good Things"
     Soul II Soul's "Jazzie's Groove" (Horns)

Future Now: (Fantasy 1979)
* "Thoughts of Old Flames"
     Big Daddy Kane's "Give it to Me"
     Questionmark Asylum's "Hey Look Away Now"
     Rakim's "Remember That"
     Under Ground Kings' "It's Supposed to Bubble"

?: (? ?)
* "Thanks for Everything"
     Miles Davis's "Chocolate Chip"
* "Foxy Lady"
     Whistle's "Buggin'"

Plumeri, Terry
?: (Airborne 1975)
* ?
     Aceyalone's "Grandfather Clock"

Ponder, Jimmy
While My Guitar Gently Weeps: (Cadet 1973)
* "While My Guitar Gently Weeps"
     De la Soul's "I Am I Be" (Guitar)

Illusions: (ABC Impulse 1976)
* "Jennifer"
     Common's "Invocation"

Ponty, Jean-Luc
Individual Choice: (Atlantic ?)
* "Computer Incantations for World Peace"
     Baltimore's Basement Boys' "Love, Love, Love"

Cosmic Messenger: (Atlantic 1978)
* "Ethereal Mood"
     Oddjobs's "Fun"

Poole, Gus
Soul Revolution: (Novasonic 1970)
* "Hallelujah, Amen, Alright"
     Beck's "The New Pollution"

Powell, Bud
?: (? ?)
* "Collard Greens and Black Eyed Peas"
     Violent Femmes' "Blister in the Sun" (Interpolation)

Purdie, Bernard "Pretty"
Soul Drums: (Direction 1968)
* "Soul Drums" (Drums)
     Bootman's "Stone Fox"
     Beck's "Devils Haircut"

Shaft: (Prestige 1973)
* "Changes"
     Zhigge's "Rakin' in the Dough" (Remix)

Master Drummers Vol I: (Luv N' Haight 1995)
* "Purdie and Music"
     Sharpshooters' "Still Cookin'"

Soul Is. . . Pretty Purdie: (Fly 1972)
* "Song for Aretha"
     Beck's "Hotwax"
     Hard 2 Obtain's "Outro"

?: (? ?)
* "Funky Donkey"
     Latryx's "Burnt Pride" (Drums)

Purim, Flora
Open Your Eyes You Can Fly: (Milestone 1976)
* "Open Your Eyes You Can Fly"
     Bomb the Bass's "Bug Powder Dust" (Bass)

Puthli, Asha
Asha Puthli: (CBS 1974)
* "I Dig Love"
     Aboriginals' "Q&A"

Quebec, Ike
Bossa Nova Soul Samba: (Blue Note 1962)
* "Shu Shu Valley"
     Black Sheep's "Pass the 40"

R. A. M. P. (Roy Ayers Music Project)
Come into My Knowledge: (Blue Thumb 1977)
* "Come into Knowledge"
     Mad Skillz's "Doin' Time in the Cypha"
* "Daylight"
     A Tribe Called Quest's "Bonita Applebaum"
* "Everybody Loves the Sunshine"
     Brainsick Mob's "Mixmaster"
     Isolationists' "Outro"
     PM Dawn's "So on and So On"

Randi, Don
Love Theme From Romeo and Juliet: (? ?)
* "The Fox"
     Black Star's "Respiration"

Ranelin, Phil
Vibes from Tribe: (Tribe 1975)
* "Vibes from the Tribe"
     Lord Sear's "Alcoholic Vibes"

Return to Forever
No Mystery: (Polydor 1975)
* "Flight of the Newborn"
     Eric B & Rakim's ?
* "Sofistifunk"
     Eric B and Rakim's "Move the Crowd" (Interpolation)

Rich, Buddy
Mercy, Mercy: (World Pacific 1968)
* "Channel 1 Suite"
     Cinematic Orchestra's "Channel 1 Suite"
     ShowBiz & A.G.'s "Silence of the Lambs" (Remix)

Big Swing Face: (? ?)
* "The Beat Goes On"
     The All Seeing I's ?

Ritenour, Lee
First Course: (Epic 1976)
* "Caterpillar"
     Ugly Duckling's "Fresh Mode"

Rivers, Sam
Crystals: (Impulse 1974)
* "Tranquility"
     Del's "Don't Forget"
     Lord Finesse's "F--k 'Em"

Roberts, Howard Quartet
H.R. Is a Dirty Guitar Player: (Capitol 1963)
* "Dirty Old Bossa Nova"
     A Tribe Called Quest's "The Jam"
* "Turista"
     InI's "Props" (Pete Rock remix)

Spinning Wheel: (Capitol 1970)
* "More Today than Yesterday"
     People Under the Stairs' "We'll Be There"

Antelope Freeway: (Impulse 1971)
* "Roadwork"
     A Tribe Called Quest's "Keep it Moving, K.I.M."

Rollins, Sonny
Sonny Rollins with the Modern Jazz Quartet: (Prestige 1953)
* "Mambo Bounce"
     Digable Planets' "Time & Space"

A Night at the Village Vanguard, Vol. 2: (Blue Note 1957)
* "Softly, As in a Morning Sunrise"
     Amon Tobin's "Stoney Street"

Sonny Rollins' Next Album: (Fantasy 1972)
* "Playin' in the Yard"
     Casual ft Del's "A Little Something"

Russ, Eddie
Fresh Out: (Jazzmasters 1974)
* "Hill Where the Lord Hides"
     Pharcyde's "Passin' Me By"
* "The Lope Song"
     Young Disciples' "Apparantly Nothing (Soul River)"
* "All But Blind"
     J-Live's "Them that's Not"

Russel, Gene
Talk to My Lady: (Black Jazz 1973)
* "Get Down"
     Bulldog Breaks' "The Get Down"
     Chubb Rock's "Pop Nuff S--t"
     Death in Vegas's "All That Glitters"
     House of Pain's "Who's the Man?"
     Ice Cube's "We Had to Tear this Motherf--kerUp"

Rypdal, Terje
What Comes After: (ECM 1974)
* "Bend It"
     DJ Mayonnaise's "Words of Wisdom"
* "What Comes After"
     So-Called Artists' "Sideshow"

After the Rain: (ECM 1976)
* "Kjare Maren"
     Non-Prophets' "Majority Rule"

Sakamoto, Kyu
7" single: (Capitol 1963)
* "Sukiyaki"
     4 P.M.'s "Sukiyaki" (Remake)
     Slick Rick's "Lodi Dodi" (Vocal Interpolation)
     Snoop Dogg's "Lodi Dodi" (Vocal Interpolation)

Sample, Joe
Rainbow Seeker: (ABC 1978)
* "In All My Wildest Dreams"
     Anthony Hamilton and Terri Ellison's "I Will Go"
     Arrested Development's "Africa's Inside Me"
     De la Soul's "WRMS's Dedication to the Bitty"
     Tupac's "Dear Mama"
* "Melodies of Love"
     Roce's "Plus D' Feeling"
* "Fly with the Wings of Love"
     Mad Skillz's "VA in the house"
* "Rainbow Seeker"
     Jamal-Ski's "Jump, Spread Out"

Sancious, David & Tone
Transformation (The Speed of Love): (CBS 1976)
* "Piktor's Metamorphosis"
     Diamond D's "Flowin'"

Sanders, Pharaoh
Karma: (ABC 1969)
* "The Creator has a Master Plan"
     Future Sound's "Lady/What's a Bro to Do"

Thembi: (Impulse 1970)
* "Thembi"
     Circle of Power's ?
     KMD's "It Sounded Like a Rock"
     Poetess' "Of the Essence"
     Sole & Moodswing9's "Banquet of Sarcasm"
* "Astral Traveling"
     Peanut Butter Wolf's ?
     Photek's "Rings around Saturn"

Santamaria, Mongo
Soul Bag: (Columbia 1968)
* "Cold Sweat"
     Ultramagnetic MC's "Feelin' It"

Feelin' Alright: (Atlantic 1970)
* "Heighty Hi"
     Pete Rock & CL Smooth's "Straighten it Out" (Intro)

Sebastion, San Strings
?: (WB ?)
* "Doorways I Haven't Found"
     Hive's "Ultrasonic Sound"

Sebesky, Don
The Distant Galaxy: (Verve 1969)
* "Cosmic Force"
     Jurassic 5's "Concrete Schoolyard Intro"
* "The Distant Galaxy"
     Black Moon's "Warzone"
     Rakim's "When I'm Flowin'"
* "Soul Lady"
     Dilated Peoples' "Service"

Scott, Raymond
Powerhouse, Vol. 1: (Columbia 1949)
* "Powerhouse"
     Soul Coughing's "Bus to Beelzebub"
* "The Penguin"
     Soul Coughing's "Disseminated"

Scott, Tom
The Honeysuckle Breeze: (Impulse 1968)
* "Today"
     Down South's "Open Sesame"
     Pete Rock & CL Smooth's "T.R.O.Y."
     Raazda Rukkuz's "Da Chronic Asthmatics"
     Slick Rick's "It's a Boy" (Remix)
* "Never My Love"
     Ed OG's "Skinny Dip"
     Pete Rock & CL Smooth's "It's on You"
* "Deliver Me"
     Justice System's "Dedication to Bambaataa" (Diamond D Remix)
     Pete Rock & CL Smooth's "T.R.O.Y." (Remix)
* "Honeysuckle Breeze"
     People Under the Stairs' "Youth Explosion"
* "Naima"
     Lord Finesse's "Speak Ya Peace"

Rural Still Life: (Impulse 1968)
* "Rural Still Life #26"
     Casual's "Me-O-Mi-O"
     Main Source's "Merrick Blvd"

Tom Scott & the LA Express: (Ode 1974)
* "Sneakin' in the Back" (Drums)
     3 Deep's "You Better Think"
     Boss's "Born Gangsta"
     Brand Nubian's "Hold On"
     Candy Dulfer's "For the Love of You"
     Common's "Soul by the Pound"
     Deee-Lite's "I Won't Give Up"
     DJ Magic Mike's "Just Cruisin'"
     Dream Warriors' "Voyage Through theMultiverse"
     Goldie's "Inner City Life" (Baby Boy's Edit)
     Insane Poetry's "One Careless Moment"
     Jungle Brothers' "All I Think About Is You"
     Kid Frost's "East Side Story"
     Kool G Rap's "Erase Racism"
     MC Ren's "Same Old S--t"
     Lords of the Underground's "Lord Jazz Hit MeOne Time" (Sax)
     Massive Attack's "Blue Lines"
     MC Lyte's "Who's House"
     Mellow Man Ace's "Silly Rabbit"
     Nightmares on Wax's "Playtime"
     NWA's "Alwayz into Somethin'"
     NWA's "Sa Prize, Pt 2"
     Queen Mother Rage's "Mental Erection"
     Lionel Ritchie's "Do it to Me"
     P-King's "Wicked and Nasty"
     Paris's "One Time fo' Ya Mind"
     Rough House Survivors' "So! Survivors WeCan Rhyme"
     Sister Souljah's "My God Is a Powerful God"
     Special Ed's "5 Men and a Mic"
     Tupac's "Souljah's Story"
     WC & the Maad Circle's "U Don't Work, UDon't Eat"
     Wu-Tang Clan's "Bells of War"
     X-Clan's "Foreplay"
     Xzibit's "Hit & Run"

Semper, George
Makin' Waves: (Riverside 1968)
* "Get out of My Life, Woman" (Drums)
     Beatnuts' "Off the Books"

Sete, Bola
Working on a Groovy Thing: (Paramount 1972)
* "Bettina"
     A Tribe Called Quest's "8 Million Stories" (Bassline)
     Lovage's "Koala's Lament"

Shades of Brown
?: (? ?)
* "Girl I'm Coming"
     D-Nice's "No, No, No"

Shepp, Archie
Attica Blues: (Impulse 1972)
* "Attica Blues"
     Galliano's "Jus' Reach"

Shire, David
The Taking of Pelham 123 soundtrack: (? 1974)
* "The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3"
     Mix Master Mike's "Suprize Packidge" (Automator Remix)
     ShowBiz & A.G.'s "Hard to Kill" (skit)
     Xzibit's "Los Angeles Times"

Saturday Night Fever soundtrack: (RSO 1977)
* "Salsation"
     Tony Touch ft Doo Wop & Pain's "The Return of the Diaz Bros."

Silver, Horace
Song for My Father: (Blue Note 1964)
* "Song for My Father"
     US3's "Eleven Long Years"

?: (? ?)
* "Filthy McNasty"
     US3's "Make Tracks"

Simone, Nina
Pastel Blues: (Philips 1965)
* "Strange Fruit"
     Cinematic Orchestra's "Durian" (Vocals)

Broadway, Blues, and Ballads: (Philips 1967)
* "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood"
     Mood's "Karma"

Vol. 2-Essential: (BMG/RCA 1967)
* "Angel of the Morning"
     Shaggy's "Angel"

Singers Unlimited
A Capella II: (Basf 1974)
* "Clair"
     Slum Village's "Players"

?: (Polygram ?)
* "Sweet Georgia Brown"
     A Tribe Called Quest's "Start it Up"

Smith, Jimmy
Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolfe: (Verve 1964)
* "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolfe (Part 2)"
     GangStarr's "No More Mr. Nice Guy" (Fed up Mix)

In a Plain Brown Wrapper: (Verve 1971)
* "Number One"
     DJ Shadow's "In/Flux" (Drums)

Root Down, Jimmy Smith Live!: (Verve 1972)
* "Root Down (And Get It)"
     3rd Bass's "Steppin' to the A.M." (Remix)
     Beastie Boys' "Root Down"

Black Smith: (Pride 1973)
* "I'm Gonna Love You Just a Little More, Babe"
     A Tribe Called Quest's "Push it Along"
     Beastie Boys' "Professor Booty"
     Kool G Rap's "Edge of Sanity"

Smith, Jimmy & Montgomery, Wes
The Dynamic Duo: (Verve 1966)
* "Baby it's Cold Outside"
     De la Soul's "Skip to My Loop"

Futher Adventures of. . .: (Verve ?)
* "Mellow Mood"
     Quasimoto's "Low Class Conspiracy"

Smith, Lonnie
Finger Lickin' Good: (Blue Note 1967)
* "In the Beginning"
     D12 ft Eminem's "S--t on You"

Think!: (Blue Note 1968)
* "The Call of the Wild"
     United Future Organization's "Loud Minority" (Horns)

Turning Point: (Blue Note 1969)
* "People Sure Act Funny"
     Brand Nubian's "Steady Bootleggin'"
* "Turning Point"
     Run-DMC's "Get Open"

Drives: (Blue Note 1970)
* "Spinning Wheel" (Drums)
     Apache's "Gangsta B---h"
     A Tribe Called Quest's "Can I Kick It?"
     A Tribe Called Quest's "Buggin' Out"
     Big Daddy Kane's "W.G.O.N.R.S."
     Beatnuts' "Psycho Dwarf"
     Black Moon's "Black Smif-N-Wessun"
     Black Moon's "Enta Da Stage"
     Erick Sermon's "Hostile"
     Erick Sermon's "Lil Crazy"
     Grand Puba's "Amazing"
     Hard 2 Obtain's "Ghetto Diamond"
     LL Cool J's "Stand by Your Man"
     Lords of the Underground's "Check It" (Remix)
     Masta Ace's "Freestyle?"
     Nine's "Whutcha Want?"
     Private Investigators' "Who Am I? (God)"
     Private Investigators' "Damn it Feels Good"
     Private Investigators' "A If U Listen"
     Ras Kass's "As it Is in Heaven"
     Run-DMC's "Come on Everybody"
     ShowBiz & A.G.'s "Silence of the Lambs"
     Wu-Tang Clan's "Wu-Tang: 7th Camber"
     Yaggfu Front's "Mr. Hook"
     Youngstas' "Wild Child"

Smith, Lonnie Liston
Cosmic Funk: (RCA 1974)
* "Sais"
     Tycoon To$h's "Economic Animal in Concrete Jungle"

Expansions: (Flying Dutchman 1975)
* "Expansions"
     Stetsasonic's "Talkin' All That Jazz"
     Q-Bert's ?

Visions of a New World: (Flying Dutchman 1975)
* "Devika (Goddess)"
     Digable Planets' "Pacifics"

Renaissance: (RCA 1976)
* "Space Lady"
     Da Lench Mob's "Ankle Blues"
     Gospel Gangstas' "Tears of a Black Man"
     Caron Wheeler's "Blue"

Dreams of Tomorrow: (Doctor Jazz 1979)
* "Garden of Peace"
     Jay-Z's "Dead Presidents"
     Jay-Z's "Dead Presidents II"
     OC's "You and Yours"

Love is the Answer: (Columbia 1980)
* "The Enchantress"
     Guru ft MOP and Stikken Moov's "Life"
     Poor Righteous Teachers' "My Three Wives (Shakyla Pt. III)"
* "Bridge Through Time"
     Conscious Daughters' "We Roll Deep"

Sparks, Melvin
Melvin Sparks: (Westbound 1975)
* "If You Want My Love"
     Hard 2 Obtain's "LI Groove"

Spencer, Leon
Where I'm Coming From: (Prestige 1972)
* "Where I'm Coming From"
     Blackalicious' "Attica Black"

Steig, Jeremy
Legwork: (Capitol 1967)
* "Howling for Judy"
     Beastie Boys' "Sure Shot" (Intro Flute)

?: (? ?)
* "Hopscotch"
     Brothers Like Outlaw's "Hidden Jewels of Rap"

Stock, David
?: (? ?)
* "Smoke House"
     MC Serch's "Hits the Head"

Stone Alliance
Stone Alliance: (PM 1978)
* "Sweetie Pie"
     Leaders of the New School's "What's Next?" (Remix)
     MC Lyte's "Can I Get Some Dap"
     Original Flavor's ?

Summers, Bill & Summers Heat
Jam the Box: (MCA 1981)
* "We Call it the Box"
     Young MC's "Pick up the Pace"

Szabo, Gabor
The Wind, Sky and Diamonds: (Impulse 1967)
* "San Francisco Nights"
     People Under the Stairs' "San Francisco Knights"

High Contrast: (Blue Thumb 1971)
* "If You Don't Want My Love"
     Live Poets' "Third Person"
* "Breezin'"
     Bulldog Breaks' "Kimba Zoo"

Mizrab: (CTI 1972)
* "Concerto #2"
     Yeshua Da Poed's "Directions" (Intro)

Thomas, Joe
Feelin's from Within: (Groove Merchant 1976)
* "Venus"
     Beck's "The New Pollution"
* "Polarizer"
     DITC's "Way of Life"
     High & Mighty's "B-Boy Document 1999"

Thomas, Leon
The Leon Thomas Album: (Flying Dutchman 1970)
* "I Am"
     Jurassic 5's "Lesson 6"

Gold Sunrise on Magic Mountain: (Mega 1971)
* "Na Na"
     Jurassic 5's "Lesson 6"

Thompson, Don
Fanny Brown: (Brunswik 1977)
* "Just Plain Funk"
     DJ Shadow's "Entropy"
* "Fanny Brown"
     D-Nice's "No, No, No"

Thompson, Lucky
Concert-Friday the 13th-Cook County Jail: (Groove Merchant 1974)
* "Green Dolphin' Street"
     A Tribe Called Quest's "Jazz (We've Got)"

Three Sounds
Soul Symphony: (Blue Note 1969)
* "Repeat After Me"
     Main Source's "Vamos a Rapair"

Three Pieces
Vibes of Truth: (Fantasy 1975)
* "Backed up Against the Wall"
     Da Lench Mob's "Freedom Got an AK" (intro)

Tjader, Cal
Los Ritmo Caliente: (Fantasy 1954)
* "Cubano Chant"
     De la Soul's "Watch Out"

Breeze from the East: (Verve 1963)
* "Black Orchid"
     Supernatural's "Buddha Blessed It"

?: (Verve 1964)
* "Soul Sauce"
     Grand Puba's "Back Stabbers"

Soul Burst: (Verve 1966)
* "The Bilbao Song"
     Pharcyde's "Groupie Therapy" (Vibes)

Hip Vibrations: (Verve 1967)
* "Django"
     Davina ft Raekwon's "So Good"
     Guru's "Lifesaver"
     Thirstin Howl III's "John They're Stealing pt. II"

Plugs In: (Skye 1969)
* "Morning Mist"
     Alkaholiks' "Daaam!" (Buckwild remix)
* "Lady Madonna"
     Slick Rick's "It's a Boy" (Remix)
* "Spooky"
     Onyx's "Vernoica"

Solar Heat: (Skye 1969)
* "Never My Love"
     Grand Puba's "I Like It"

Sounds out Burt Bacharach: (Skye 1969)
* "Walk on By"
     GangStarr's "Full Clip"
     House of Pain's "Word is Bond"
* "A Message to Michael"
     Criminal Scientifik's "Yeah Daddy"

The Prophet: (Verve 1969)
* "Aquarius"
     A Tribe Called Quest's "Interludes from _Midnight Marauders_"

Live at the Funky Quarters: (Fantasy 1970)
* "Cubano Chant"
     De la Soul's "Watch Out" (Vibes)

Here: (Galaxy 1979)
* "Morning" (Live)
     Nice & Smooth's "Cash in My Hands" (Remix)

Agua-Dulce: (Fantasy 1991)
* "Morning"
     Beatnuts' "Fluid"
     OC's "What I Represent"

Tolonen, Jukka
Crossection: (Janus 1976)
* "Northern Lights"
     Blackalicious' "Trouble (Eve of Destruction)"
     DJ Vadim's "The Piano Song"

Towner, Ralph
Solstice: (ECM 1975)
* "Oceanus"
     Nobody's "Outbreak"
* "Visitation"
     Nobody's "Prologue"

Short Trip to Space: (Marlin 1977)
* "Southside"
     PM Dawn's "No Further Damage"

Turrentine, Stanley
Always Something There: (Blue Note 1968)
* "Little Green Apples"
     Akinyele's "Ak Ha Ha! Ak Hoo Hoo?"
     Boogie Down Productions' "We in There" (Remix)

Salt Song: (CTI 1971)
* "Gibraltar"
     Kurious's "Jorge of the Projects"

Cherry: (CTI 1972)
* "Sister Sanctified" (Drums)
     3rd Bass's "Soul in the Hole"
     Above the Law's "Murder Rap"
     Boogie Down Productions' "My Philosophy"
     BWP's "Wanted"
     Everlast's "Pass it On"
     Gospel Gangstas' "Tears of a Black Man"
     Ice Cube's "What They Hittin' Foe?"
     Ice Cube's "Look Who's Burnin'"
     Material's "Cucumber Slumber"
     Mellow Man Ace's "Hip Hop Creature"
     Ministere Amer's "Au Dessus des Lois"
     Young Black Teenagers' "Soul Wide Open"

Don't Mess with Mr. T: (CTI 1973)
* "Too Blue"
     Aceyalone's "All Balls Dont Bounce"

The Man with the Sad Face: (Fantasy 1976)
* "The Man with the Sad Face"
     Das EFX's "If Only"
* "Love Hangover"
     Peanut Butter Wolf's "Elastic"

Everybody Come on Out: (Fantasy 1976)
* "Hope That We Can Be Together Soon"
     Chi-Ali's "Age Ain't Nuttin' but a #"

Tyner, McCoy
Sama Lyuca: (Milestone 1974)
* "Sama Lyuca"
     Sixtoo's "Lacking Precipitation"

Trident: (Milestone 1975)
* "Impressions"
     Black Sheep's "The Choice Is Yours" (Bassline)

Upchurch, Philip
Darkness, Darkness: (Blue Thumb 1973)
* "Fire & Rain"
     Casual's "Get Off It"
* "Sweet Chariot"
     Ugly Duckling's "Lay it on Me"

Urbaniak, Michael
The Beginning: (Catalyst 1973)
* "Ekim"
     A Tribe Called Quest's "Buggin' Out"
     A Tribe Called Quest's "Stir it Up (Steve Biko)"
* "Sound Pieces"
     A Tribe Called Quest's "Motivators"

Tribute to Komeda: (MPS 1976)
* "Tribute to Komeda"
     Big Red ft Diamond D's "Created a monster" (Bass)

?: (? ?)
* "Atma-Tomorrow"
     Beastie Boys' "The Scoop"

Vick, Harold
Don't Look Back: (Strata-East 197?)
* "Stop And Cop"
     Big Kwam's "Verbalize (DJ Spinna Remix)"

Vitous, Miroslav
Mountain in the Clouds: (Atco 1969)
* "Cerecka"
     Jeru's "Intro (Life)"

Lights Out: San Francisco: (Blue Thumb 1972)
* "Cleo's Back"
     UMC's "Swing into the Area"

Walker, David
On Love: (Ode 1976)
* "On Love"
     A Tribe Called Quest's "God Lives Through"

?: (Ode ?)
* "Never Can Say Goodbye"
     DJ Shadow's "In/Flux" (Bass)

Walker, Jr. & the All Stars
Anthology: (Motown 1974)
* "Shotgun"
     Cypress Hill's "Hand on the Pump"
     Spanish Fly's "Shotgun"

Walton Jr., Cedar
Firm Roots: (Muse 1976)
* "I'm Not Sure"
     Cormega's "Sex, Drugs, B---hes, and Money"

Animation: (CBS 1978)
* "Jacob's Ladder"
     Beastie Boys' "The Scoop"

Wanderly, Walter
Rain Forest: (Verve 1966)
* "Summer Samba"
     De la Soul's "Supa Emcees"

Washington, Grover, Jr.
Inner City Blues: (Kudu 1971)
* "Mercy, Mercy Me"
     Funkdoobiest's "What the Deal?"
     Jungle Brothers' "Behind the Bush"
* "Inner City Blues"
     Xzibit's "Eyes May Shine"

All the Kings Horses: (CTI 1972)
* "All the Kings Horses"
     Killah Priest's "Information"
* "Loverman"
     Kool G Rap's "Edge of Sanity"
     Smoothe da Hustla's "F--k What Ya Heard"

Soul Box: (Kudu 1973)
* "Aubrey"
     Souls of Mischief's "Step to my Girl"

Mister Magic: (Kudu 1975)
* "Black Frost"
     3rd Bass's "Monte Hall"
     Big Daddy Kane's "Show n' Prove"
     Nas's "Life's a B---h"
     Organized Konfusion's "The Rough Side of Town"
     Too Short's "So You Want to Be a Gangster?"
* "Mister Magic" (Intro)
     Coolio's "Bring Back Somethin fo da Hood"
     DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince's "A Touch ofJazz"
     DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince's "Code Red"
     Heavy D's "You Ain't Heard Nuttin' Yet"
     Kris Kross's "I'm Real"
     Kris Kross's "Sound of My Hood"
     Red Myers's "Shoplifter" (Organ)
     Salt-N-Pepa's "My Mike Sounds Nice"
     Soul IV Real's "Candy Rain" (Remix)
     Steady B's "Journey Through. . ."
     Stereo MCs' "Lost in Musíc"
     Stonebridge's "Jazzy John's Freestyle Dub"
     X-Clan's "A.D.A.M."

Feels So Good: (Kudu 1975)
* "Feels So Good"
     Coolio's "Sticky Fingaz"
     Guru's "Slicker than Most"
* "Moonstreams"
     DMX's "Slippin'"
* "Knucklehead" (Intro) (Strings)
     Brand Nubian's "Probable Cause"
     Ed OG's "Life of a Kid in the Ghetto"
     Indelibles' "Collude/Intrude"
     K-Solo's "Fugitive"
     King T ft Ice Cube's "Like a Funky Piano"
     MC Don & EZ Ed's "Party Rocker"
     Omniscence's "Amazin'" (3 Boyz from NewarkKa-Ka Lak Mix)
     Paris's "Bring it to Ya"
     Penthouse Players Clique's "Jus 2 Kep YoAttenchun"
     Poison Clan's "Poison Freestyle"
     Queen Latifah's ?
     WC's "Call it What You Want"
     Zhane's "Hey Mr. DJ" (Remix)

* "Hydra"
     Artifacts' "Wrong Side of the Tracks"
     A Tribe Called Quest's "Check the Rhyme"
     Big Daddy Kane's "Daddy's Home"
     Black Moon's "How Many MC's?"
     Cypress Hill's "Stoned Raiders"
     Ed OG's "Stop (Think for a Moment)"
     EPMD's "Underground"
     Fat Joe's "Success" (Premier Remix)
     Grand Daddy IU's "The U Is Smooth"
     Illegal's "If U Want It"
     Joya's "I Like"
     King T's "Jay Fay Dray"
     Len's "Big Meanie"
     Lench Mob's "All on My Nut Sac"
     LL Cool J's "Papa Luv It"
     Masta Ace's "A Walk thru the Valley"
     Mic Geronimo's "S--t's Real"
     Notorious BIG's "One More Chance"
     Chante Moore's "This Time"
     Prince Markie Dee's "Crunch Time"
     Red Hot Lover Tone's "4 My Peeps" (Remix)
     Redman's "Winicumuhround"
     Red Hot Lover Tone's "Need Some Help fromMy Peeps"
     Tim Dog's "Goin Wild in the Penile"
     Trends of Culture's ?
     Yaggfu Front's "Where'd You Get Your BoBo's?"
     Wreckx-N-Effect's "Wreckx Shop" (Remix)

A Secret Place: (Kudu 1976)
* "A Secret Place"
     Extra Prolific's "First Sermon"
* "Dolphin Dance"
     Kanser's "5 MC's Away"

Live at the Bijou: (Kudu 1977)
* "Lock it in the Pocket"
     Das EFX's "Dedicated"
     GangStarr's "Words from the Nutcracker" (Intro)
     GangStarr's "Flip the Script" (Piano, Drums)
     Lootpack's "Questions" (Remix)

Reed Seed: (Motown 1979)
* "Loran's Dance"
     A Tribe Called Quest's "Push it Along"
     Original Flavor's ?
* "Marcas Beach"
     King T's "Down A-s Loc"
     Siah & Yeshua's "The Visualz"

Paradise: (Elektra 1979)
* "Paradise"
     DJ Honda's "5 Seconds"
     Nicole Renèe's "Strawberry"

Winelight: (Elektra 1980)
* "Just the Two of Us" ft Bill Withers
     Babu's "Sucker DJs"
     Daddy Lord C's "Freaky Flow"
     Eminem's "Just the Two of Us" (VocalInterpolation)
     Funkdoobiest's "The Anthem"
     Ram Squad's "Keep it Real"
     Nice & Smooth's "No Bones"
     Smif-N-Wessun's "Wreckonize"
     Tupac's "Cause I Had 2"
     Tupac's "Happy Home"
     Will Smith's "Just the Two of Us"

* "In the Name of Love"
     Shok Therapy's "Padlock"

?: (? ?)
* "Maracas Beach"
     Rocca's "Le Hip Hop Mon Royaume"

Weather Report
Weather Report: (? ?)
* "Orange Lady"
     Swollen Members' "Shatterproof"

I Sing the Body Electric: (Columbia 1972)
* "Crystal"
     Sole ft L'Roneous & Dose One's "Molehill and Mountain"
* "Second Sunday in August"
     Defari's "Bottom Line" (Screeching Sound)
* "Vertical Invader"
     A Tribe Called Quest's "Mr. Muhammad" (Vocals)

Sweetnighter: (Columbia 1973)
* "125nd Street Congress" (Drums)
     Bulldog Breaks' "Crossing 125th Street"
     Chubb Rock's "Regiments of Steel"
     Def Jef's "Phunky Az P---k"
     Pharcyde's "Passin' Me By"
     People Under the Stairs' "Secret Bonus Track ftEddie Van Halen"
     Organized Konfusion's "Roosevelt Franklin"

* "Non-Stop Home" (Drums)
     DJ Food's "Nevermore (Sleep Dyad 2)"
     Lord Finesse's "Party over Here"
     Organized Konfusion's "Releasing Hypnotical Gases"
* "Manolete"
     Global Plowtations's "Subterranean Service"
     Presage's "Why"

Mysterious Traveller: (Columbia 1974)
* "American Tango" (Drums)
     Beyond's "The Otherwise"
     Brand Nubian's "Black and Blue"
     Diamond D's "KISS (Keep it Simple, Stupid)"
     Musab's "Blackthorn Rose"
     Musab's "Love Beat"
     OC's "Can't Go Wrong"
     Sole's "Dear Elpee"
* "Mysterious Traveller" (Piano)
     Bald Head Slick's "Ill Kid Intro"
     Bas Blasta's "Dangerous"
     Kool G Rap's "4, 5, 6"
     Rasco's "Suckas Don't Respect It"
     T-Love's "I'm Comin'"

* "Scarlet Woman"
     GangStarr's "Intro (The First Step)"
* "Cucumber Slumber"
     GangStarr's "Speak Ya Clout" (Jeru's Verse)

Black Market: (Columbia 1976)
* "Elegant People"
     Portishead's "Strangers"
* "Barbary Coast"
     Freestyle Fellowship's "Jupiter's Journey" (Bass)

Mr. Gone: (Columbia 1978)
* "Young and Fine"
     A Tribe Called Quest's "Butter"
* "River People"
     Apollo ft Fluid Motion's "Interstellar Hydroponics"

Weber, Eberhard
The Colours of Chloe: (ECM 1974)
* "No motion picture"
     DJ Spinna's "The Experience"

Weston, Randy
Blue Moses: (CTI 1972)
* "Ganawa (Blue Moses)"
     Souls of Mischief's "Sho for Real"
* "Marrakesh Blues"
     Ugly Duckling's "If You Wanna Know"

White, Lenny
Venusian Summer: (Nemperor 1975)
* "Mating Drive"
     Souls of Mischief's "Medication"

White, Michael
Pneuma: (Impulse! 1972)
* "The Blessing Song"
     Aceyalone's "The Guidelines"

White's, Micheal Magic Music Company
Go with the Flow: (ABC 1974)
* "Go with the Flow"
     Common's "Can I Borrow a Dollar" (Drums)
* "In the Silence"
     Herbalizer's "It's Just for You"
* "Spaceslide"
     Jurassic 5's "Lesson 6"

Wilkens, Jack
Windows: (Mainstream 1973)
* "Red Clay"
     A Tribe Called Quest's "Sucka N---a"

Williams, Buster
Pinnacle: (Muse 1976)
* "The Hump"
     A Tribe Called Quest's "Mr. Incognito"
     Fugees' "Nappy Heads" (Remix)
     People Under the Stairs' "Zignaflyinblow"

Crystal Reflections: (Muse 1976)
* "Vibrations"
     Artifacts' "What Goes On?"
     Big L's "Put it On"

Williams, James
?: (? ?)
* "Stretchin"
     Digable Planets' "Rebirth of Slick (Cool Like Dat)"

Williams, Joe
Presenting. . . with Thad Jones & the Mel Lewis Jazz Orchestra: (Solid State 1966)
* "Get out of My Life"
     Big Daddy Kane's "Very Special"(Underground Mix)
     Biz Markie's "Funk Is Back"
     Doug E Fresh's "Bounce"
     Double XX Posse's "Ruffneck"
     Funkdoobiest's "I'm S--ttin' on 'Em"
     Jill Scott's "Brotha"
     Kool G Rap's "Ill Street Blues"
     Main Source's "How My Man Went Down inthe Game"
     Pete Nice's "Outta My Way Baby"
     Queen Latifah's "Latifah's Had it up 2 Here"(Remix)
     Shabazz the Disciple's "Party with a Tec"
     Skoolbeats' "Outta My Way"
     UMC's "Woman Be Out"

Williams, K. & Co.
?: (? ?)
* "Sweet Music. . ."
     Too Short's "I Want to Be Free"

Williams, Tony
Million Dollar Legs: (Columbia 1976)
* "What You Do to Me"
     Naughty by Nature's "World Go Round"

Willis, Larry
Inner Crisis: (Groove Merchant 1974)
* "153rd Street Theme"
     Chi-Ali's "Check My Record"

Wilson, Al
Show and Tell: (RRR 1973)
* "Moonlightin'"
     Leaders of the New School's "PTA"

Wilson, Daly Big Band
The Exciting: (Festival 1979)
* "Dirty Feet"
     Mobb Deep's "Shook Ones pt II" (Drums)

Wilson, Gerald Orchestra
California Soul: (World Pacific 1968)
* "California Soul"
     ADOR's "Let it All Hang Out"

Wilson, Nancy
Nancy Wilson & Cannonball Adderley: (Capitol 1962)
* "Never Will I Marry"
     OC's "Word Life"
     Project Blowed's "Interludes"

Today, Tommorow, Forever: (Capitol 1964)
* "Tonight May Have to Last Me All My Life"
     The Avalanches' "Tonight May Have to Last Me All My Life"

Tender Loving Care: (Capitol 1966)
* "Tender Loving Care"
     Group Home's "Supa Star"

Wilson, Reuben
On Broadway: (Blue Note 1968)
* "Ronnie's Bonnie"
     Skoolbeats' "Give the Poor Man a Break"
     US3's "I Got it Goin' On"

Blue Mode: (Blue Note 1969)
* "Orange Peel"
     Commodore 64's "K-Minus"

Set Us Free: (Blue Note 1971)
* "Sho' Nuff Melon"
     Dream Warriors' "I Wouldn't Wanna Be Ya"
* "We're in Love"
     Nas's "Memory Lane"

Sweet Life: (Groove Merchant 1974)
* "Inner City Blues"
     A Tribe Called Quest's "Youthful Expression"

Got to Get the Own: (Cadet 1975)
* "Got to Get the Own"
     MC Duke's "Gotta Get Your Own"

Yokokura, Yutaka
Love Light: (Alfa 1978)
* "Evening Star"
     Rasco's "Hey Love"

Young, Larry
Fuel: (Arista 1975)
* "Turn off the Lights"
     Slum Village's "Fat Cat Song"

Young-Holt Unlimited (Trio)
Soulful Strut: (Brunswick 1968)
* "Who's Making Love"
     De la Soul's ?
* "Please Sunrise, Please"
     Fat Joe's "Shorty Got a Fat Ass"
* "Soulful Strut"
     2 Live Crew's "Coolin'"
     Beastie Boys' "Some Dumb Cop Gave Me TwoTickets Already"
     Midnight Starr's "Summertime"
     Nice & Smooth's "Step by Step" (Intro)
     Pete Rock & CL Smooth's "One in a Million"

* "Little Green Apples"
     GangStarr's "What I'm Here 4"
* "Ain't There Something Money Can't Buy"
     GangStarr's "Love Sick"

Just a Melody: (Brunswick 1969)
* "Light My Fire"
     Above the Law's "Untouchables"
     Chubb Rock's "I'm the Man"
     Da King & I's "Let's Take a Trip"
     De la Soul's "A Roller Skating Jam Named'Saturdays'"
     DJ Magic Mike's "Murder in the FirstDegree"

Wack Wack: (Brunswick ?)
* "Strangers in the Night"
     Crooklyn Dodgers' "Crooklyn Dodgers, Part 2"
* "Wack-Wack"
     Tim 'Love' Lee's "Wack Wack"

Mellow Dreamin: (Atlantic/Cotillion 1970)
* "The Creeper"
     Dr. Octagon's "Dr. Octagon"
     DJ Shadow's ?
     Grand Daddy IU's "We Got the Gatz"
     ShowBiz & A.G.'s "Diggin' in the Crates"
* "There'll Be a Greater Day"
     ShowBiz & A.G.'s "Diggin' in the Crates" (Piano)

Born Again: (Cotillion 1971)
* "Wah Wah Man"
     Finitribe's "101 Sonic Shuffle"
     Lord Finesse's ?
     Primal Scream's "Higher than the Sun"
     ShowBiz & A.G.'s "Hard to Kill" (IntroDrums)
     Ugly Duckling's "Pick up Lines"

* "Queen of the Nile"
     Eric B & Rakim's "Don't Sweat the Technique" (Bass)
     Poor Righteous Teachers' "Shakiyla"

Oh Girl: (Atlantic 1973)
* "Yes We Can Can"
     Pharcyde's "Ya Mama" (Remix)
* "Bumpin' on Young Street"
     Da King & I's "What's up Doc"
     Miles Davis's "Chocolate Chip"
     Pete Rock & CL Smooth's "Check it Out"

Plays Superfly: (Paula 1973)
* "People Make the World Go Round"
     Compton's Most Wanted's "Raised in Compton"

Zawinul, Joe
Money in the Pocket: (Atco 1966)
* "Money in the Pocket"
     Cypress Hill's "Break 'em off Some"

Zawinul: (Atlantic 1971)
* "Double Image"
     Sebutones's "The Masked Man"

?: (? ?)
* "Baby That's What I Need"
     Arrested Development's "Kneelin' at My Altar"

Zeitlen, Denny
Expansion: (Arch 1973)
* "Deja Vu"
     J-Live's "Ghetto Vampire"

sha la la