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Section 8. Movies, Television, Documenteries & Video Games

"I hate purity, I hate goodness! I don't want virtue to exist anywhere. I want everyone corrupt."
     Manic Street Preachers' "Faster"

2001: A Space Odyssey
"My God, it's full of stars"
     Banco De Gaia's "Amber"
     KLF's "What Time Is Love?" (Techno Slam Mix)

55 days at Peking
Title Theme
     Mass Influence's "All Out"

A Bronx Tale
"All right, listen to me. You pull up right where she is, right? You go get out of the car and you lock both doors. . ."
     The Ataris' "Your Boyfriend Sucks"

A Clockwork Orange
"Violence is a dirty horrible thing.". "Funny how the colors of the real world only really seem real when you put them on the screen.", "Pity well little brother, pity well."
     Meat Beat Manifesto's "Helter Skelter"
     Cage's "Agent Orange"

A Rage in Harlem
"I know who the f--k Jesus is."
     Da Lench Mob's "Lord Have Mercy"
"Just don't let me see you shoot no dogs."
     Ice Cube's "Man's Best Friend"
     Ice Cube's "I'm Scared"
"Some people are going to have to die on this one." "As long as it ain't me or Ed, I don't give a s--t"
     Ice Cube's "Who Got the Camera?"

A Streetcar Named Desire
     Manic Street Preachers' "Little Baby Nothing"

"Not bad for you, human/"
     Future Sound of London's "Appendage"
"Everybody on line, looking good."
     Future Sound of London's "Far out Son of a Lung Meet the Rampling of a Mad Man"

Altered States
     DJ Shadow's "What Does Your Soul Look Like? pt4"

American Me
Prison guard dialog
     Ice Cube's "The First Day of School", "Really Doe"

Annie - A New Musical
"The Hard-Knock Life"
     Jay-Z's "The Hard-Knock Life" (Piano, Vocals)

Apocalypse Now
Tiger's roar
     Future Sound of London's "Amoeba"

Austin Powers
"Welcome to my underground Lair"
     Mix Master Mike's "Ill S--t"
"Shall we shag now or shag later", "I shagged her rotten Baby,Yah!"
     Kemo's "Just Shag Alot"

Avenging Disco Godfather
Rudy Ray "Dolemite" Moore dialog
     Queen Latifah's "Mama Gave Birth to the Soul Children"

"Ha ha ha. . . take the picture."
     Prince's "Strange But True"
"Ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight?"
     Natas's "Dance."

"You drive me wild, You fill me with inertia"
     Ursula 1000's "Gambit"

"N----s been talkin mad shit...." - Method Man
     Cash Brown's "Last Man Standing"

Better off Dead
     Common's "A Penny for My Thoughts"

Beverly Hills Cop II
"This Is deep, I'm going deep" - Eddie Murphy
     Boss's "Deeper"

Big Sleep
"Wait a minute, you'd better talk to my mother" - Humphrey Bogart
     Eric B & Rakim's "Paid in Full" (Coldcut Remix)

Billy Liar
"London's a big place? It's a very big place Mr. Shadrach. . ." - Alan Bates
     Saint Etienne's "You're in a Bad Way"

Show theme
     Pheonix Orien's "Birdman"

"Wake up, time to die."
     Pop Will Eat Itself's "Wake up Time to Die"
"Stop right where you are.You know the score pal. If you're not cop, you're little people"
     New Kingdom's "Are You Alive?"
"I'll tell you 'bout my mother!"
     Tricky's "Aftermath"
"Fiery the angels fell. . ."
     Dillinja's "The Angels Fell"
     Goldie's "Saint Angel"
     UNKLE'S "Psyence Fiction"

     K-Dee's "Where's That Cat"
". . . don't be p---y whipped, whip That p---y."
     Fat Joe's "Bet Ya Man Can't (Triz)"

Boyz in tha Hood
"There goes That motherf--k-r who was talkin' s--t the other night."
     Masta Ace's "Late Model Sedan"

Bram Stokers Dracula
"Captains log. . . we picked up 50 boxes, bound for London England. . . a storm that seemed to come from out of nowhere, carrying us out to sea" - Anthony Hopkins
     Eligh's "Lighthouse Blue"

Breakfast at Tiffany's
"I am a very stylish girl" - Audrey Hepburn
     Dimitri's "Une Very Stylish Fille"

Broken Arrow
"Remember Operation Desert Storm?"
     Capone-N-Noreaga's "CNN Channel 10 (Interlude)"

Cabin Boy
"I would have been completely dead had it not been for the shark man!"
     Dr. Octagon's "Halfsharkalligatorhalfman" (Intro)

Car Wash
"Who's car Is that?"
     3rd Bass's "Daddy Rich in the Land of 1210"
"I Know You're Gonna Dig This"
     Cypress Hill's "The Funky Cypress Hill S--t"
"Better to have money and not need it, than to need it and not have it."
     Geto Boys' "I Ain't with Being Broke"
Richard Pryor dialogue
     Beastie Boys' "33% God"
     Capitol Tax's "Can You Dig It"

Carlito's Way
Carlito's end monologue.
     Ghostface Killah's "The Soul Controller"
"Oh Carlito, I've heard of you man"
     Ceasefire's "Trickshot"
     Jay-Z's "Brooklyn's Finest"

"You played it for her, you can play it for me. Play it!" - Humphrey Bogart
     Double D & Steinski's "Lesson 1"

     Slug's "Write Now (Multiples No. 4)"

Cheech & Chong: Still Smoking
Weed Intro
     Beatnuts' "Get Funky"

Cleopatra Jones
"You have the right to remain silent. . ."
     Digable Planets' "Black Ego"

"Who the f--k are you?"
     J-Zone's "Who Is J-Zone"

"Oh, man..I just wanna get high and watch.."
     BS 2000's "Go Get Lifted"

Cool Hand Luke
"What we have here is a failure to communicate..."- Strother Martin
     Guns N' Roses' "Civil War"

Crying Freeman
"I control 26,000 men. . . except for dope, we operate in every aspect of organized crime!
And there's one thing I'm sure, Is That drugs steal your mind and destroy your home. . . In the end, it will only lead our country into ruin!!"
     Ghostface Killah's "Fish"

     Method Man's "Judgement Day"

Dark Crystal
     Xzibit's "At the Speed of Life"

Dark Shadows
     Sunz of Man's "Soldiers of Darkness"

Day of the Dead
theme music
     Gorillaz's "M1-A1"

Dead Presidents
". . .you think I need you? You think I need this s--t?"
     Diamond D's "J.D.'s Revenge"

sound effects
     Aphex Twin's "Bucephalus Bouncing Ball"

Deep Cover
"Oh David, you shouldn't have done that. . ."
     De la Soul's "3 Days Later"
"You grew balls you have to wear them. . ."
     MC Eiht's "Def Wish III"

"You sure do got a purdy mouth. . ."
     Esthero's "Breath from Another"

Demoliton Man
Cop Dialog
     Bone Thugs-N-Harmony's "Die Die Die"

Devil's Advocate
     Rasco's "Intro to Time Waits for No Man"

Diamonds Are Forever
"Diamonds Are Forever"
     K-Otix's "Do You Wanna Be an MC?"

Die Hard
"See if there's a black and white who can do a drive by."
     Ice Cube's "Who Got the Camera?"

Die Hard 2: Die Harder
"I don't f--kin' believe this. How can the same s--t happen to the same guy twice?"
     Positive K's "I Got a Man"

Dirty Harry
"Well do you, punk?" - Clint Eastwood
     Double D & Steinski's "Lesson 2"
     Herbalizer's "The Real Killer part 2"

Disney's Alice in Wonderland
"What a funny little house."
     Masta Ace's "Slaughtahouse"

Disney's Robin Hood
"You know something Robin?. . ."
     Ice Cube's "Robbin' Hood (Cause it Ain't All Good)"
     Hampton the Hampster's "The Hampsterdance Song"

Disney's the Jungle Book
"Well now, what do we have here?" - Baloo
     The Coup's "Fat Cats, Bigga Fish"

Do the Right Thing
Black-Hating Dialog
     Ice Cube's "Turn Off the Radio"
"Move your stupid ass, OK. . ." Rosie Perez
     Kid Frost's "Come Together"

Dolemite Is President
"If I had nuts on the wall. . ." - Dolemite
     Dr. Dre's "Deez Nuts"

Don't Be a Menace to South Central When Drinking Your Juice in the Hood
"I hate you N----s. . ."
     Brand Nubian's "Black on Black Crime" (Interlude)

Doors, The
"And he said, all things must first wear terrifying and monstrous masks. . ."
     PM Dawn's "Beyond Infinite Connections"
"Is everybody in? Is everybody in? Is everybody in? The ceremony's about to begin. . ."
     PM Dawn's "Intro to 'Jesus Wept'"

Dr. Strangelove
     Crystal Method's ?

Dresser, The
"227 Lears, and I can't remember the first line."
     Manic Street Preachers' "PCP"

Duck Soup
"I could dance with you till the cows come home. On second thought I'd rather dance with the cows till you came home." - Groucho Marx
     Double D & Steinski's "Lesson 3"

Enter the Dragon
"The battle with the guards was magnificent. Your skill Is extra-ordinary."
     GZA's ?

     Depeche Mode's "Interlude 3"

Escape from New York
     Insane Clown Posse's "Intro (_Bizaar_)"
ambient sounds
     Future Sound of London's "Appendage"

The Exorcist
     Cypress Hill's "Stoned Raiders"

Faster Pussycat
"Kill, Kill"
     Quasimoto's "Welcome to Violence"

Ferris Beuler's Day Off
     Chameleon's "Links"
     Gravediggaz's "1-800-SUICIDE"
"I'd said it before and I'll say it again. Life moves pretty fast. . ."
     Chameleon's "Links"

First Blood
"You don't seem to want to accept the fact That you're dealing with an expert. . ." Col. Troutman (Richard Crenna)
     PMD's "Intro to Business Is Business"

Fist of Fury
     Beastie Boys' "Time to Get Ill"
     Dilated Peoples' "Work the Angles"
     Mix Master Mike's "Terrorwrist (Beneath the Under)"

Fiddler on the Roof
* "Sunrise Sunset"
     JAMS's "Rockman Rock (Parts 2 & 3)"

The Firm
". . . I know you'll do your best to protect the firm."
     Nas's "Affirmative Action" (Remix)

Fist of the Northstar
     Jeru's "Intro" (Quote)

Five Deadly Venoms
Number 2 practiced the snake style.
     ODB's "Snakes"
"Just the name alone fills men with loathing. . ."
     Wu-Tang Clan's "Intro (Shaolin Finger Jab)"
"The toad style is immensely strong. . .it is almost invincible."
     Wu-Tang Clan's "Mystery of Chessboxin'"

Five Heartbeats
     De la Soul's "Patti Dooke"
". . . I can't do this anymore."
     Common's "I Used to Love H.E.R."

Flash Gordon
Female voice
     Company Flow's "Info Kill"

Foxy Brown
". . . I'm a Black man, and I can't sing and I can't dance. . ."
     Diamond D's "MC Iz My Ambition"

     Big Punisher's "Intro"

Full Metal Jacket
"Me love you long time." prostitue dialog.
     2 Live Crew's "Me So Horny"
     Killarmy's "War Face"

"They are just animals anyway, so let them lose their souls"
     Public Enemy's "1 Million Bottlebags"
     Dr. Dre's "Ghetto Fabulous"
     En Vogue's "I Love You More"

     Pharoahe Monch's "Simon Says"
     Pharoahe Monch's "Simon Says" (Remix)

Gomer Pyle Show
"Surprise, surprise, surprise. . ."
     Pink Floyd's, "Nobody Home"

"Hey you guys!"
     Benefit's "Midget"
     DJ Spinna ft Joc Max's "Joc Max Preface"

"Courage, Spirit and Honor"
     D-Nice's "Glory"

"Murder was the only way everybody stayed in line. . . you got out of line, you got whacked, everybody knew the rules . . ."
     Compton's Most Wanted's "Def Wish II"
     Herbalizer's "The Real Killer part 2"
     Ice Cube's "U Ain't Gonna Take My Life"
"Those schmuks working their 9 - 5 jobs, they were dead"
     Cash Brown's "Last Man Standing"

The Graduate
"Would you like me to seduce you? Is That what you're trying to tell me?" - Anne Bancroft
     George Michael's "Too Funky"

Hang 'em High
"When you hang a man you better look at him."
     KAM's "Hang 'Um High"

Harlem Nights
     Rodney O & Joe Cooley's "Why Must I Be Like That"
     Rodney O & Joe Cooley's "Back in a Minute"
     Notorious BIG's "Come On"
     Public Enemy's "So Whatcha Gone Do Now?"
"I have got a girl who's p---y Is so good, if you threw it up in the air, it would turn into sunshine."
     Naughty by Nature's "Sunshine"

Heart of Darkness
"There were too many of us, we had access to too much much money. too much equipment. . . and little by little we went insane." - Francis Ford Coppolla
     UNKLE's ?

Herb Garden
"I'll say the magic word. . . Herbedacious"
     KLF's "What Time Is Love?" (Echo and the Bunnymen Mix)

     Natas's "Hellraiser"

Hill Street Blues
     Hi-Tech's ?

Hobbit, The
"Bless my soul", "Hullo, what's this?" Bilbo Baggins dialog
     Company Flow's "Population Control"

     Ice T's "The Tower"

Halloween 4
     Twiztid's "Whatthef--k!?!?"

Hollywood Shuffle
"What's all this noise?" - Batty Bat
     NWA's "Quiet on tha Set"
"Now look, I don't wanna bust your bubble, but you ain't never gonna make it at the acting thang. I have seen you on TV and I'm tellin you now. Hey man I saw that cameo you did on TV that other night, it sucked Bobby, give it up, you'll never be a step to Fletch. . . Donald, Tiny, it's been a long time. Yeah what a ten years? Man we even watch you on TV and the movies. I always knew you was goin make man, didn't I always say that? Sure did." Robert Townsend as Bobby
     MC Ren's "Hounddogz"
"Please, please give me my activator."
     Poison Clan's "Jeri Curl"

House of Games
     Saint Etienne's "Etienne Gonna Die"

I Dream of Jeannie
     DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince's "Girls Ain't Nothin' but Trouble"
     Immortal Rap Master's "I Dream of DJs"

Island of Lost Souls
"He who breaks the law must go to the house of pain!"
     House of Pain's ?

Jacobs Ladder
"if your frightened of dying. . ."
     UNKLE's "Rabbit in Your Headlights"

Jerky Boys
"Massage Therapy" ("Why don't you throw a real good f--kin' beatin' on me?")
     Commodore 64's "Straight Outta CompUSA"

"Check yourself, Q!" Tupac Shakur
     Ice Cube's "Check Yo Self"
"Hey Q"
     Pharcyde's "Hey You"

The Killer
     Raekwon's "Striving for Perfection"
     Raekwon's "Incarcerated Scarfaces"

King of New York
     Fat Joe's "King NY"
     Tupac's "Death Around the Corner"

La Bamba
"What do you think, the whole f--kin world revolves around you?"
     PM Dawn's "So on and So On"

"Do you think you can upset the order of the universe and not pay the price?" "We meant no wrong; we did it for lilly." - Tom Cruise
     Eligh's "Dark Suite"
"I hold the world in my grasp, and yet this girl distracts me. It has been an eternity since I felt such desire. What am I to do?" - Tim Curry
     Eligh's "Intrusive Lady"

The Mack
     Wu-Tang Clan's "Conditioner"
"Once I got a b---h, I got a b---h. . ."
     Raekwon's ?

Magnum, P.I.
     Cam'Ron's "357"

Magnum Force
     Sister Souljah's "The Final Solution - Slavery's Back in Effect"

Mario Brothers video game
     Cocoa Brovaz's "Super Brooklyn"

Master Killer
". . . you want to fight? Fight with me, one to one, man to man."
     Method Man's "Intro to Tical"
     Method Man's "Meth vs. Chef"
"There are only 35 chambers, there Is no 36th." "I know that, but I want to create a new chamber."
     ODB's "Intro to 36 Chambers: The Dirty Version"
Intro (flutes) and first demo scene
     Method Man's "Tical (Intro)"
"Skills worthy of the general. . . One to one man to man"
     Raekwon's "Meth vs. Chef"

Medusa Touch, The
Richard Burton's speech
     Manic Street Preachers' "Ready for Drowning"

Menace 2 Society
     Cru's "Hoe 2 Society" (interpolation)

Message to Love - Isle of Wight 1970
     Oasis's "F--kin' in the Bushes"

Mississippi Burning
     Compton's Most Wanted's "Def Wish"
     Leftfield's "Not Forgotten"
     Public Enemy's "Whole Lotta Love Goin' on in the Middle of Hell"

Mo' Better Blues
     The Roots' "Act Won (Things Fall Apart)"

"Nobody saw us. nobody gave a f--k..the more we make, the more we take from other people."
     AZ's "Mo Money, Mo Murder"

Mr. Ed
     Beastie Boys' "Time to Get Ill"

Mystery of Chessboxin'
"The sky Is high, the ground Is low, but my water technique Is hard to beat."
     Ghostface Killah's "Poisonious Darts"

Never Say Never Again
"If this gets out, it'll cause worlwide panic!"
     Bumble BHE's "If this Gets Out (It'll Cause Worldwide Panic)"

Nightmare on Elm Street
     Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince's "A Nightmare on My Street"
     Fat Boys' "Are You Ready for Freddy"

North by Northwest
Music by Bernard Herrmann
     Commodore 64's "Sissy MC's"

Omega Man
"We shall cleanse the world."
     Revolting Cocks' "We Shall Cleanse the World"

Outer Limits
     Arsonists' "Halloween (Part Two) - Season of the Witch"

     G.O.D.'s "20th Century Slave"

Petey Wheatstraw
"The devil's son in law."
     Esham's "Knockin Em Dead"

Peeping Tom
"I'm Helen Stephens and I'm having a party. . ." - Anna Massey
     Saint Etienne's "Railway Jam"

     Master P's "Pass Me Da Green"
     Mobb Deep's "G.O.D. Pt 3"

     Jedi Mind Tricks' "Speech Cobras"
     Oddjobs' "Exception to the Rule"

Pink Flamingos
     The Avalanches' "Frontier Psychiatrist"

Planet of the Apes
"Beware the beast man, for he is the devil's pawn. . ."
     Paris's "The Devil Made Me Do It"

"Adagio for Strings" by Samuel Barber
     Puff Daddy's "I'll Be Missing You"

Poltergiest 2
"They're back."
     Compton's Most Wanted's "Straight Checkin' 'Em"

"He needs me.."
     Company Flow's "Linda Tripp"

ambient sounds
     Future Sound of London's "Liquid Insects"
     Future Sound of London's "Egypt"
"There's something out there waiting for us, and it ain't no man."
     Ice Cube's "The Predator"

Predator 2
"The last person in the world you want to f--k with."
     Ice Cube's "The Wrong N---a to F--k Wit"
". . . the creature activated a self destruct device. . ."
     Ice Cube's "The Predator"
newscaster dialog
     Sister Souljah's "The Final Solution - Slavery's Back in Effect"

Prince of Darkness
"This Is not a dream. . ."
     DJ Shadow's "Transmission 1"
     DJ Shadow's "Transmission 2"
     DJ Shadow's "Transmission 3"

Prospero's Books
Child singing
     Emergency Broadcast Network's "3:7:8"

Pulp Fiction
Samuel L. Jackson dialog.
     Cypress Hill's "Make a Move"
Robbery dialogue
     Fun Lovin' Criminals' "Scooby Snacks"

Putney Swope
"How, when, are things gonna happen, man?"
     Commodore 64's "Putney Swipe"
"Got to have soul!"
     De la Soul's "The Magic Number"

Reanimator, The
"Is Mr. Kane Loose in the hospital?"
     Big Daddy Kane's "It's a Big Daddy Thing"

Rhyme & Reason
     Brand Nubian's "The Ghetto" (Interlude)

Rising Tide
"Next Thursday you're invited to watch Rising Tide's live coverage of a gala tribute in salute to Ronald Reagan. Host Haley Barbour joins special guest lady Margaret Thatcher in celebrating the former president's 83 birthday. Tickets are 1000 Dollars a plate but you can see the event free on GOP TV." - Late Licence - United States of Television
     Manic Street Preachers' "IfWhiteAmericaToldTheTruthForOneDayItsWorldWouldFallApart"

The River Wild
"Where are you? There you are. How does it feel- to know you only have a few seconds to live?"
     Diamond D's "5 Fingas of Death"

Rocky 4
"You can't win" "I must break you."
     Big Punisher's "Super Lyrical"

     Sister Souljah's "Slavery's Back in Effect"

"F--k you man!"
     Esham's "4 All the Suicidalists"
"Whattaya lookin' at? You're all a bunch of f--king a----les. . ."
     Buc Fifty's "Bad Man"
"Who do I trust? Me that's who."
     Ice Cube's "Don't Trust 'Em"
"Where'd you get the beauty scar, tough guy? Eating p---y?"
     Kid Rock's "TV Dinner"
"I should have told you a LONG time ago. . ."
     Raekwon's "Only Built 4 Cuban Linx"
Various Al Pacino dialogs
     Geto Boys' "Assassins"
     Geto Boys' "Trigga Happy N---a"
     Geto Boys' "Scarface"
     Geto Boys' "B-lls and My Word"
     Geto Boys' "City Under Siege"
     Geto Boys' "Do it Like a G.O."
     Geto Boys' "F--k 'Em"
     Geto Boys' "Read These Nikes"
     Geto Boys' "Snitches"
     Geto Boys' "The Problem"
     PMD's "Business Is Business"
     Three Six Mafia's "Wat Wit' Us"
     Masta Ace's "Boom Bashin'"
"The time has come. We gotta expand. . . the whole operation, distribution, New York, Chicago, L.A.We gotta set our own mark, and enforce it."- Tony
     Kool G Rap ft Nas's "Fast Life"
"Manalo, shoot this piece of s--t" - Tony "No, Noo, Noooo!"- Frank
     Common's "Stolen Moments Pt III"
"Who do I trust? Me!" - Tony
     Public Enemy's "Welcome to the Terrordome" (Vocal Interpolation)
"I stayed loyal to you. I made what I could outside, but I never turned on you Frank. Never!" - Tony
     PMD's "Business Is Business"
"Don't f--k wit me!"
     Kool Moe Dee's "The Don"
     Compton's Most Wanted's "Def Wish"
     Compton's Most Wanted's "Def Wish II"
     Ice Cube's "F--k 'Em"
     Insane Clown Posse's "What is a Juggalo?"
     Scarface's "Born Killer"

Schindlers List
opening prayer
     Wu-Tang Killa Bee's "Neva Again"

School Days
     Public Enemy's "So Whatcha Gone Do Now?"

"There are 7 deadly sins. . ."
     Ice T's "Intro (7th Deadly Sin)"

Shaolin Arts of Snake and Crane
"Your technique. . . it's very strange."
     Bloke's "It's a New One"

Shaolin Executioner
"Tiger style."
     Wu-Tang Clan's "Wu-Tang Clan Ain't Nothin' to F--k wit'"

Shaolin Temple Strikes Back
"Attention soldiers. Kill every one of them."
     Sunz of Man's "Soldiers of Darkness"

Shaolin vs. Lama
"Allow me to demenstrate the skill of shaolin. . . Shadowboxing"
     GZA's "Shadowboxin"
"Was That the wu-tang school medal you used against me?"
     Raekwon's "Guillotine (Swordz)"

Shaolin vs. Wu-tang
"The game of chess Is like a Sword fight. . ."
     Wu-Tang Clan's "Da Mystery of Chessboxin'"
"It's our secret, Never teach the wu-tang"
     Method Man's "Method Man (Outro)"
"If what you say Is true, The shaolin and the Wu-tang could be Dangerous."
     Wu-Tang Clan's ?
"Shaolin Shadowboxing, and the Wu-tang sword Style"
     Wu-Tang Clan's ?

She's Gotta Have It
     Compton's Most Wanted's "Who's Is It? Give it Up"

The Shining
     Atmosphere's "Aspiring Sociopath"

Shogun Assassin
     Genius's ?
"People said there brains were infected by devils"
     Cage's "Agent Orange"

Short Time
"What kind of a Cop Killer are You?!" Dabney Coleman
     Ice Cube's "Say Hi to the Bad Guy"

Silence of the Lambs
"And you don't know what pain is!"
     Pete Nice & Daddy Rich's "Rat Bastard"

Smurf Song
     Tony Gigaloo's "Smurf Rock"

Snake and Crane Styles of the Shaolin Temple
"Damn you, Seems you need a Lesson. . ."
     Frosted Marshmallow Feet Breaks' ?

Soldier's Story
"The Black Race Can't Afford You No More"
     Public Enemy's "Move!"

So I Married An Axe Murderer
"You know what let's scratch. Scratch. Scratch? Scratch. Yeah, come on. Let's do a little scratching. Yeah, there you go. Scratch."
     DJ Krash Slaughta ft DJ Icue's "This Thing Called Scratchin"

Sound of Music
"The Lonely Goatherd"
     JAMS's "Next"
"Do Re Mi"
     Souls of Mischief's "A Name I Call Myself"
     Polygon Window's "Supremacy II"

Star Trek V
"I couldn't help but notice your pain. . ."
     Tupac's "Pain"

Star Wars
"The Little People Work" track
     Jurassic 5's "Lesson 6"
"The tracks go off in this direction. . ."
     DJ Shadow's "Hindsight"
"Rebel Base" by Admiral Akbar
     Public Enemy's "Hazy Shade of Criminal"
"If we're goin' in, we're goin' in full throttle - that'll keep those fighters of our back"
     Ultramagnetic MC's ?
Transporter sound effect
     KLF's "What Time Is Love?" (Echo and the Bunnymen Mix)
"I suppose you're programmed for etiquette and protocol." "Protocol? Why, it's my primary function."
     7L & Esoteric's "Protocol"
     Walkmen's "Fortruss"

Gun shots and running
     RBX's "Drama (Interlude)"

"This Is it!"
     Funkdoobiest's "This Is It" (Interlude)
"..Is That an art form? I don't know, I'm not an art critic.." Transit guy dialogue
     Q-Bert's "Demolition Pumpkin Squeeze"
"..and the artist says to me..'I kill you, mom!'" Art patron dialogue
     Q-Bert's "Demolition Pumpkin Squeeze"

Sudden Impact
End Theme
     Fat Joe's "I'm Tryin' to Tell 'Em"

Super Metroid
End Theme
     Fugees' "Nappy Heads"

     Snoop Dogg's "Bath Tub" (Vocal Interpolation)

Superman 3
"What's the big deal? We all sell out everyday. Might as well end up on the winning team." - Richard Pryor
     Paris's "House N----rs Bleed Too"

     Wu-Tang Killa Bee's ?

Sweet Sweetback's Badasssss Song
"C'mon Feet"
     Eric B & Rakim's "Kick Along"

Taxi Driver
     The Clash's "Red Angel Dragnet"
"Listen up you f--kers, you screwheads. Here Is a man who would not take it anymore, here Is. . ."
     Xzibit's "Intro to At the Speed of Life"
     Emergency Broadcast Network's "Station Identification"
     Giant's "Hidden Crates"

     Paris's "Guerillas in the Mist"

Texas Chainsaw Massacre
     Insane Clown Posse's "The Dead One"

The Heretic: Exorcist 2
"Come, fly the teeth of the wind, share my wings."
     Future Sound of London's "Dirty Shadows"

The Usual Suspects
"What are you saying?" "I'm sayin' he'll flip ya." "He'll what?" "Flip ya."
     Maylay Sparks's "Unusual Styles"
"The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist."
     Ghostface Killah's "The Soul Controller"

That'll Be the Day
"She made a pie from Jenkins' ear, and washed it down with a bottle of beer." - David Essex
     Saint Etienne's "Avenue"

The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3
"The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3" score by David Shire
     II Tone Comitee's "The Taking of the Underground 1 2 3"

They Live!
". . . what's the threat? We all sell out everyday. Might as well be on the winning team."
     Paris's "House N----rs Bleed Too" (Interpolation)

Three the Hard Way
     Pete Rock's "Tru Master"

"So we'll smoke the pipe and they'll be no lies between us."
     Funkdoobiest's "Tomahawk Bang"

TJ Hooker
     ODB's "I Can't Wait"

Trading Places
     Common's "A Penny for My Thoughts"

Transformers: The Movie
"I fear these wounds are fatal"
     Cannibal Ox's "Pain Killers"

Truck Turner
     Foxxy Brown's "Outro"

To Have and Have Not
"Put your lips together and blow." - Lauren Bacall
     Double D & Steinski's "Lesson 3"

Twilight Zone
     Souls of Mischief's "That's When Ya Lost" (Horns)

Twin Peaks
     Moby's "Go"
"It Is happening again."
     DJ Shadow's "Transmission 3"

Under the Cherry Moon
     Biz Markie's "This Is Something for the Radio"

"I want him dead. . ."
     Kool G Rap's "On the Run"
     Tupac's "Death Around the Corner"
     Kool Moe Dee's "The Don"
"You got nothin', you got nothing!"
     Poison Clan's "You Get's Nothin'"

Urban Legend
     Insane Clown Posse's "Intro (_Bizaar_)"

Vampire Hunter D
     Company Flow's "Silence"

War of the Worlds
"We take you to the Hotel Martinette in Brooklyn. . ." - Orson Welles
     Double D & Steinski's "Lesson 2"
"The Eve of the War"
     Arsonists' "Blaze" (String and Whistling Sound)
     Twiztid's "The World"

The Warriors
"Warriors, come out and play. . ."
     Craig Mack's "Flava In Ya Ear" (Remix)
     Tha Eastsidaz's "I Luv It"
     Wu-Tang Clan's ?
"Now there ain't but 20,000 police in the whole town. . . can you dig it?"
     Wyclef Jean's "Diallo"
     Fat Joe's "Ganabanging Interlude"
"Send the word!" - Cyrus
     Jurassic 5's "Contact"
"And for that group out there. . ."
     Renegade Soundwave's "Ozone Breakdown"
"Can you dig it?"
     Pop Will Eat Itself's "Can U Dig It?"

What's Love Got to Do With It?
     K-Dee's "Make the Music"

Which Way Is Up?
Richard Pryor dialog
     Organized Konfusion's "Who Stole My Last Piece of Chicken?"

Wild Ones
Vocals from Marlon Brando.
     Digital Jesus' "Menali Encounter"

Wild Style
"This Is how the story goes"
     GangStarr's "Just to Get a Rep"
"Here's a little story That must be told"
     GangStarr's "DJ Premier in Deep Concentration"
"Yo, I don't hang out with those dudes. . . I'd paint 3 of those murals for some of That ass. . ."
     Beastie Boys' "Professor Booty"
"C'mon, 8, everybody c'mon, 7, c'mon now, 6, 5 . . ."
     Beck's "High 5 (Rock the Catskills)"
"A to tha K? A to tha Mutha F--kin' Z"
     Cypress Hill's ?
"Shut the f--k up Chico, man"
     Beastie Boys' "Intro to Prof. Booty"
"Rap music. . . you know, 'everybody say ho!'", "Hooo!", "I'll give you my card. . ."
     Styles of Beyond's ?
"Stop f--kin' around and be a man. . ."
     Nas's "Intro" (Illmatic w/ break beat)

World of Drunken Master
"You're drinking too much of that wine of yours!" "Hey, you know what this is?" "Sweet Premium Wine!"
     KMD's "Sweet Premium Wine"

Young Guns
"Oh S---! We into it now boys"
     Public Enemy's "Whole Lotta Love Goin' on in the Middle of Hell"
Intro dialog.
     Warren G's "Regulate"

Young Guns 2
"Now when I go for my gun, you start shootin'. . ."
     Compton's Most Wanted's "Def Wish"


A Very Brady Sequel
"More Spaghetti Mr. Martin?", "Alice, what kind of mushrooms did you put in this sauce?"
     Mix Master Mike's "Sektor Three"

All in the Family
"There it Is, In Black & White" - Archie Bunker
     3rd Bass's "Product of the Environment"
"Bacon Souffle!" - Jean Stapleton, "I ain't gonna eat none of that." - Carroll O'Connor
     3rd Bass's "Green Eggs and Swine"

"I don't know what's next, that's why I need you to leave! I'm very busy trying to discover new styles!" - Pablo Picasso
     Heiroglyphics' "Oakland Blackouts"

Battlestar Galactica
"Yeah, yeah. What is it now?"
     Deltron 3030's "Positive Contact"

TV Theme
     Kartoon Krew's "Batman"

     Ali Vegas's "From the Ghetto"

Bionic Man
"Birth of the Bionic Man"
     Boca 45's "Steady Rocking" (Vocals: "A shimmering shape suddenly appears out of thin air. . .")
     DJ Spooky ft Kool Keith's "Object Unknown" (Kutmasta Kurt Remix)
     J-Live's "Vampire Hunter J" (Vocals: "A shimmering shape suddenly appears out of thin air. . .")

Bugs Bunny
"What's up, doc?"
     KLF's "One Love Nation"

Doctor Who
     Pink Floyd's "One of These Days"
     Sprawlic Stream's "Stranger Things"
     Timelords' "Doctorin' the TARDIS"

Electric Company, The
Songs from the Electric Company's "Sign Song"
     Beatnuts' "Off the Books"

Eternal Champions Video Game
Character Biography
     Fugees' "Eternal"

Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids
     Fatboy Slim's "Praise You"
     Ludacris ft LL Cool J & Keith Murray's "Fatty Girl"
     Nice & Smooth's "Early to Rise"
     Tony Gigaloo's "Smurf Rock"

Get a Life
     Handsome Boy Modeling School's "Look at this Face (Oh My God They're Gorgeous)"
     Handsome Boy Modeling School's "Modeling Sucks"

Good Times
TV theme song
     Ghostface Killah's "Goodtimes"

Green Acres
     Beastie Boys' "Time to Get Ill"

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe
"I have the power!"
     Snap's "The Power" (Remix)

Hulk, The
     Killarmy's "Wake Up"

In Living Color
David Allen Grier Dialog
     Ice Cube's "Who Got the Camera?"
Damon Wayans dialog
     Common's "A Penny for My Thoughts"

Inspecter Gadget
     Doug E Fresh's "The Show" (Interpolation)

Iron Man
     Ghostface Killah's "Supreme Clientele Intro"
     Ghostface Killah's "Supreme Clientele Outro"

It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown
     PM Dawn's "Intro to 'Jesus Wept'"

     Esham's "Game of Death"

Knight Rider
     Busta Rhymes's "Turn it Up (Remix)/Fire it Up"
     Timbaland & Magoo ft Mad Skills's "Clock Strikes" (Remix)
     Wyclef Jean's ?

Night Court
Theme by Jack Elliot
     Cam'Ron ft Big Punisher, Mase and Charlie Baltimore's "Horse and Carriage" (Remix)

Price Is Right, The
     Lord Digga's "My Flows Is Tight"

episode 1 "Booby Trap" dialog
     Styles of Beyond's "2000 Fold"

Scooby Doo
     MF Doom's "Hey"
     Lord Finnese's "You Know What I'm About"

"The little man knows all" - Kramer
     Benefit's "Midget"

South Park
"No, You hear me? You go to Hell!" - Mr. Garrison
     DJ Jazzy Jeff ft Eminem & Pauly Yams's "When to Stand Up"

Spiderman cartoon
     Timbaland ft Missy Elliot & Magoo's "Here We Come"

Star Trek
     The Avalanches' "A Little Journey"

Theme Song
     7L & Esoteric's "Be Alert"
     Warren G's "Transformers"

Video Diaries (UK TV show)
"I eat too much to die. . . and. . . not enough to."
     Manic Street Preachers' "4 St 7 lbs"

Video Games:

Donkey Kong
     DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince's "Human Video Game" (Interpolation)

sound effects
     UNKLE's "Guns Blazing (Drums of Death Part 1)"

Jetpack video game
     Commodore 64's "Straight Outta CompUSA"

Robotron: 2084
sound effects
     Aphex Twin's "Come to Daddy" (Mummy Mix)

Soul Blade
Music, Vocals
     Eminem ft Masta Ace's "Hellbound"

     Arsonists' "Pyromaniax"

Wiz Electronics Store TV Comercial
* "Nobody Beats the Wiz"
     Biz Markie's "Nobody Beats the Biz" (Vocal Interpolation)


An American Trilogy
"Battle Hymn of the Republic" by Elvis Presley
     Manic Street Preachers' "Black Garden"
"Dixie" by Elvis Presley
     Manic Street Preachers' "Elvis Impersonater"

Eyes on the Prize - "We Ain't Afraid of Your Jails" a PBS Documentry
"Riots, Melees, and Disturbances of the Peace" by Ben West
     Ice Cube's "We Had to Tear this Motherf--ker Up"
     Slick Rick's "Behind Bars" (Warren G Remix)

Minnesota Public Radio
musical signature
     Handsome Boy Modeling School's "Look at this Face (Oh My God They're Gorgeous)" (Violins)

Pimps, Pros, Hookers, and their Johns
"You can buy her, you can buy her. . . This one's here, this one's here, this one's here and this one's here. . . It Is New York, everything's for sale. . . Two dollars you rub her t-ts, three dollars you rub her ass, five dollars you can play with her p---y, or you can lick her t-ts. Choice Is yours"
     Manic Street Preachers' "Yes"

Roger & Me
"He just wanted us to call him 'Captain Da.' He said, 'You can call me Dada,' whatever that means."
     DJ Shadow's "Mashin' on the Motorway"

Spoken Word:

Cleaver, Eldridge
Dig - Recorded at Syracuse
     Blackalicious' "Attica Black"

Burroughs, William
"Nova Express Chapter 8" - "This Is war to extermination. Fight cell by cell through bodies and minds slaves of the earth. . . Come out storm the studio"
     Blood of Abraham ft Kool Keith's "Omegatron"

It's Ok To Say No!
"Never let anyone touch your private areas. . . Your private areas are the parts covered by your bathing suit"
     Company Flow's "Bad Touch Example"


Abba Eban
address Before United Nations Security Council, June 6 1967
". . . to Jerusalem"
     MC Paul Barman's "Enter Panman"

Alex Haley
Alex Haley Tells the Story of His Search for Roots
"The incredibly frustating, the incredibly difficult search for," & "Now I began another search"
     Livesciences ft DJ Plus One's "Heavens Mirror"

Kennedy, John F.
     GangStarr's "Above the Clouds"

Kennedy, John F. - Presidential Inaugural Address, January 20, 1961
"Ask not what your country can do for you..."
     Living Colour's "Cult of Personality"

Roosevelt, Franklin Delano - First Presidential Inaugural Address, March 4, 1933
"The only thing we have to fear is fear itself."
     Living Colour's "Cult of Personality"

Malcolm X
"...speak right down to Earth in a language that everyone here can easily understand."
     Living Colour's "Cult of Personality"

Malcom X Grass Roots Speech, Detroit Michigan 1963
"We all agree. . ."
     Stop the Violence Movement's "Self-Destruction"

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