Welcome to The official website of the most popular shows on the lycos network!  We are not your average show! Hunter and JD talk about everything from entertainment news, wrestling, world events, and rants that are sure to spark interest! We also love to here from are fans. So feel free to call into the show.

  So now that you know the deal, i bet you want to hear it! It's simple, just click www.talkradio.lycos.com and look for "Hunters Show." feel free to talk about what ever is on your mind!  We want to hear from you on the show, and on the forums! Also, make sure you check out this section often, as it is updated nearly every-day with triva and other things!

Today is wensday, and we are back from our short break. The show is on 5pm eastern time. Make sure you check out www.talkradio.lycos.com and look for "Hunters Show' to listen to us. So make sure you check it out as today promises to be a great show. Also, I have updated the news, and Hunter has added his two cents in "Hunters Rants." Finally, get off your booty and post at the forum, we are happy to talk to you!

Not much going on. The website is starting to roll nice and smooth. The News section has been updated. I have added a weekly poll. Make sure you post your opinion on it! The Show will air on wensday, but if you cant wait to talk to us, goto the forum! Also, if you have any interesting stories or articles, mail them to me here mailto:jdavis8425@msn.com We will read them on the show and give you a shout-out! Things Of The Week and Hunters Rant  should be up in a day two, and I am sure you will enjoy it.

       Once again, thanks for listening, and we hope to hear from you!

    This is the grand opening! Be sure to check out all of the sections to learn more about us! Check back tomorrow to read "JD's Rants" as well as "Hunter's Rants." We go off on anything and everything! Also, be sure to be one of the first to join our forums, and email me HERE if you want to become a moderator! The news section is also updated with plenty of good information! Also, for anyone curious for the backstory of Hunter and JD, make sure to check out the interesting About us!

    Finally,  JD and Hunter will give their "Thing of the Week," coming soon. In this neat section, Hunter and JD will give you a couple things you should check out, such as Mp3s, TV shows, and anything that we find interesting enough to share with you!


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