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Hunters Rants

The other day I was watching MTV and all of a sudden.....bam! A new Mariah
Carey video came on. I started to watch it, but the song just plain sucked.
But rather than paying attention to the song I was paying more attention to
how slutty Mariah Carey is now. I mean in ever video she comes out in she is
wearing less and less and always wearing cuchie-cutter shorts, plus she
looves to show off her long legs. Hey dont get me wrong, the girl is hot but
what really bugs me is the fact that so many people say that Mariah has a
higher then thou attitude...and they are right! I mean shes dressing all
slutty, and it just really gets on my nerves because I know the girl is a
bitch. I watched her interviews and she talks like she is better than
everyone else. Well this girl has been around for maybe close to 12 years or
more now and shes still making videos? Does anyone really like Mariah
anymore? Its the age of Britney and Christina and the pop-princesses. Not
snobby old bitches.

This has been a rant by Hunter.