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The 'Hunter Show' has has evolved so much over its one year span. From its first variation of 'The DX show,' which was featured on the now defunct 'givemetalk,' and always played backseat to the now also dead, RockBottomShow. Feeling  discouraged from dwidling fans Hunter was reciving, he searched for something fresh. He saw the now once popular wrestling show on 'givemetalk,' 'The Rock Bottom Show,' had split up. Hunter had an idea! Now that the host of 'Rock Bottom Show' could not make a show due to the "great WCW controversey,"(which made The Rock Bottom, the laughing stock of givemetalk), Hunter decided what better way to regain fans than to pick up the infamous Jordan(JD).

 It really payed off as his shows popularity was through the roof! Hunter and Jordan put out a show every week and interviewed many famous wrestlers! The fans were loving every minute of it. They were ready to take it to a whole new level of MP3 with the fallen plan of www.manaonline.com. The plan unfortunately never materialzed. But the Hunter and JD kept moving on, great show after great show, great interview after great interview. The DX show looked to be going no way but up, that is until...........
A very petty squabble broke out between the two, a falling out took place. The team of Hunter and Jordan were off of speaking terms. Jordan and his past co-host of the 'rock bottom show' made up, and tried to regain the magic they once had.... But it flopped miserbly. Not sure of where to go next, JD and Hunter took time off to regroup, They got back together to once again do the 'DX show.' But there was trouble! Givemetalk owner had gone bankrupt!
 But Hunter had found a new realm to broadcast, Lycos! JD and Hunter have been broadcasting with them to this day. Every show they put out is a new experience, and a whole new way to laugh and be entertained. You will never find another show like the 'Hunter Show'f\JD. They have an unmatched chemistry, and a great humor that puts them head and shoulders above all other broadcaster.