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Welcome to the first edition of "JD Rants." I will be talking about the death penalty, why the WWF is in a downward-spiral, and why car accidents are the best way to start a death rumor!
All this and more in this, edition #1 of 'JD Rants.'

 To begin with, alot has been going back and forth about the death penalty as of late, due to the excution of oklahoma city bomber, Timothy Mcveigh. To even add more flames to the fire, Mcveighs's execution was sent to the familys of the victims via closed circuit TV. I personally am not in favor in death penalty. I dont see how taking someones life is going to give you closure. Do people expect that the second he dies, you will be happy again? I say we should make the criminals give back to the community. The most reasobable explanation for what to do wth them is fill up the fledgiling army recruits with prisoners. What better way than to kill two birds with one stone.

 Moving on, I feel that WWF is at a downward-spiral as of late is do to the fact that vinny mac has no motivation. Right now, vince is not trying to outdo any body because there is no competition. Like he said himself, "he owns his competition." But now that the ratings for WWF progaming is all declining, i think maybe this will give vince the kick he needs to start trying harder to put on an entertaining program. But its not all about the "no motivation factor." For some reason, Stephanie Mcmahon is writing story lines. It is a  fact that ever since she has been writing them, the WWF has been faultering. She simply cannot make compelling stories that flow and make sense. We can only hope that Paul Heyman will use his say in the company and take Stephanies place at writing stories... Or at least guide her a little.

 Finally, on a less serious note, I will tell you why a car accident is the best way to start a death rumor! It's really quite simple. No matter who you are,  you can die in a car accident. It is also a way to quickly break the news at what ever time you want........... Want to know more as to why a car accident is the best way to fake a death? Tune in next week!

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